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  1. This is the one that scares me. If China comes down hard on HK and the UNSC decides to do more than wag their finger it could get real ugly real fast.
  2. I think it’s context. A week ago a dude did this and killed people. This asshole did it to frighten people on the back of that.
  3. If that account posts this same article and attempts to leverage it to turn a tragedy committed for unknown reasons into a both sides political act of terrorism then yeah they are going to have a bad time as well.
  4. Are you everyone? By attacking you they are attacking you not everyone
  5. First off... FUCK Clinton! Full stop. She was a piece of poo candidate and had zero credibility in seeking the office. She was part of a political dynasty and as such as a candidate that was no more deserving of the office than Ted Kennedy. BUT there was one person in the world, just one, who was less deserving of the office. If your best play is comparing your "president" to a failed and incompetent Clinton you've already lost...
  6. This may be the saddest thing Ive read in a long time
  7. I cant believe that you cant differentiate between someone saying you a using a tactic used by fascists and them calling you one. Same as the dude a couple days ago who got called out for making a racist comment and when called on it said that people were calling him a racist.
  8. Now dont go changing what you said. You made this about a WHITE person in a drug neighborhood standing out enough for a cop to be suspicious. Justify how that's not rife with racist overtones.
  9. Care to list the types of neighborhoods where White-boy-Bob would stand out enough for cops to assume he is there to buy drugs and have reason to stop him?
  10. The people who are going to vote for Trump in 2020 don't care if he can spell policies much less what his are/aren't. They've been sucked into his cult of personality and nothing else matters.
  11. OK. good stuff. So you're not making a point about peoples right to say things but rather an argument against the obligation of elected officials to hear/acknowledge those things that are being said. And, if I can infer from your comments this morning, who they have an "obligation" to listen to
  12. So, because I can be dense sometimes let me state what I'm hearing your position to be and please correct me where I'm wrong. You're asserting that its not only not a suppression of free speech but its acceptable for politicians and heads of government run agencies to block the voice of dissent in what has become one of, if not the primary, mode of communication. 'Cause that's what I'm hearing in what you're saying
  13. Not sure if you're being sincere or intentionally obtuse. Twitter IS the new town square. A fact I personally hate but can no longer deny. Its the de facto means by which politicians communicate to their base and as such its a public forum where citizens are allowed to speak their truth to the powers that be. Stifling a voice in that arena is a suppression of what the framers held to be the single most important right.
  14. Not denying that. I agree she represents her district. But as a federal employee she is working for me and in a role that should not enjoy the ability to silence my voice when I have praise or criticism of the job she is doing.
  15. So you represents the people of Co on the Homeland Security committee? Without a Co representative on that committee does that mean the other members are not concerned with my state? Of course not that means the members are working for me and just because I'm not from their district doesn't mean they should be able to hide from me.
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