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  1. The folks that would bitch about the taxes if they won the lottery are showing out ITT.
  2. Ill vote for him. Hopefully twice. But he doesn't get the nomination sitting out of the general is just childish and stupid and proves you dont give a damn about anyone or anything but yourself and your wants.
  3. What would you call actively working against the best interests of the the country?
  4. The single most important issue facing the American people is getting Trump out of the oval office full stop. Wealth inequality, healthcare, reproductive rights, gender identity issues, SCOTUS are all secondary and tertiary concerns, we MUST stem the tide that is sweeping our country domesticly and internationally by removing the greatest enemy our nation has ever faced. fuging campaign for your candidate in the primaries and convince as many folks as you can that your "guy" is the one. Maybe (s)he will make the ballot. But in the end voting for anything but the Democratic nomination in the general election is an act of treason. Playing the petulant child that takes their toys home when they don't get their way is just that, childish. And honestly if you cant understand why that is, you're no better than the numbskulls that supports our current president.
  5. Looking for some suggestions for a gaming rig. The MoBo/CPU/Ram is 4.5ish years old You have 1400 bucks dont need : Case Monitors HDD/SDD PS Video card is GeForce GTX 1070 System is currently air cooled No need to account for streaming
  6. You may not need a degree to work in fast food but anyone who claims its easy stress free work exposes the fact that they have never done it.
  7. Very satisfying. David Milch is/was a GOD. Right up there with the Cohen Bros for writing dialog.
  8. Just watched the final episode. Damned fine TV. I remember when it happened but this series showed me just how much I didnt know.
  9. I agree that the folks who its being said to are odious and not worthy of sharing my oxygen but the KYS poo is too much.
  10. @LinvilleGorge Polis signed into law a couple of months ago our participation in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. And with the states still that have pending legislation it could be in effect for the 2020 election. Might not be able to count on the rest us to enable your tossing away a vote. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Popular_Vote_Interstate_Compact
  11. Somewhere between Lost and Six Feet Under. Wasnt horrible but wasnt near as epic as I had hoped. Not hating on it at all but not signing a stupid online petition either.
  12. Its not the worst music Ive ever heard. And by that I mean its not half bad.
  13. Oh BrBa is #2 behind 6FU if Im expanding the scope beyond HBO. Thats my HBO list
  14. Six Feet Under GOT Deadwood The wire (minus season 2) Leftovers Not in that order necessarily (even though 6FU is near perfect)
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