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  1. Use the search before starting a thread...
  2. Inimicus

    Greg Olsen is awesome

    Godspeed to your cousin. She is a warrior and I hope she exceeds all expectations in her recovery. Greg is cool too.
  3. Inimicus

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    There used to be a core group of posters that kept the shitposting at bay by posting quality content, hell even Igo posted a gameday photos thread that was worth while. Any more its a few folks trying to contribute meaningful content ( @Mr. Scot, @Saca312, hell even @Broku) but they are quickly either shouted down or the content turns to politics and head right into the shithole. I honestly think the answer is MORE moderation and a firmer hand when conversations devolve into name calling and race-baiting.
  4. Inimicus

    CNN sues

    Didnt read the article I see. There is well established legal precedence for how the arbitrary denial of a member of the press is in fact a violation of the first amendment. Further unless the Secret Service has credible proof that Im a danger to the POTS they have to issue me credentials.
  5. Inimicus

    CNN sues

    Even if Accosta is a pompous jackass Is that all the justification you need to forgive the WH violating his rights? I guess he was right when he said you wouldn't turn on him if he committed murder in plain view.
  6. Inimicus

    My million dollar idea

    If you want to "throw the door open" then the GOP needs to reclaim its party from the radical/religious fugtards that have taken over. We need to take a step towards the center, and we need to stop promoting the tribalism that has become the litmus test for whether or not you're a "true" Republican. Most importantly we need to loudly and publicly rebuke, damn, and even impeach the racists that have co-opted our party.
  7. Inimicus

    My million dollar idea

    I am and I do. But your suggestion is victim blaming. Its like saying to minorities "If you don't like the shitty way we are treating you then its your fault for not joining us and fixing our shitty ways".
  8. Inimicus

    My million dollar idea

    So you're saying the way to fix the Klan is just to get some PoC & Jews under hoods?
  9. Inimicus

    Dotard can’t handle a little rain

    That's a world leader The rain wasn't rain, it was bullets... Tears
  10. Inimicus

    My million dollar idea

    No I'm not but I'm trying to give the shitstain the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Inimicus

    My million dollar idea

    The republican party has be taken over by what was a fringe group under the GOP big top. Ever since McCain let himself get railed into putting Palin on the ticket the GOP has been a surrogate for the Christian Right - and by Christian Right I mean increasingly the group that pushes ideals like "The war on Christmas", "Its OK to be white", and "Black people can be racists too". Im not saying that Sarah brought those ideals to the party, but rather that she opened the door to them becoming an increasing part of the GOP platform. Ive been a GOP voter since I first registered to cast my very first vote for Ronnie's first term. Since then Ive cast the overwhelming majority of my votes for GOP candidates. People who stood for smaller government, states rights, and emphasizing the value of the Republic and the communities voice to form it. But this thread is at best a misguided attempt to appeal to minorities and at worst a blatant attempt to disguise overt racism as a hand up. @Saha you have exposed yourself as a racist. You may not want to lynch some n****rs just to prove you're superior. But you're content to cling to outdated modes of thinking that divide our Republic and hold some of our brothers and sisters down.
  12. Inimicus

    My million dollar idea

    Somebody got into the bottle...
  13. Ive got nothing against the OP. I was giving him a hard time about a played out joke and stopped well short of where I would have gone with RL buddies. The intent was not to belittle in any way beyond the way you give a guy at a party a hard time over a malaprop. The only commenting Ive done about the tone and content of the Huddle was directly related to how toxic the TB has become and how it needs a good house cleaning. Legit thread for sure. Carry on with it.
  14. I bet you clown on the "Wazzzzzzup?" commercials too while your buddies roll their eyes.
  15. People who say/type it as Superb Owl should be castrated and not allowed to procreate.