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  1. Inimicus

    Recommend a lawn mower

    If you just need it for the stuff you cant get on your rider or you have 1/2 acre or less consider a battery powered one. I picked up a Ryobi from HD last year and love it. Admittedly I have a very small yard but I get the whole thing on 75% of a battery and it has proven to be remarkably powerful. I picked it up when we bought the house and the yard was ankle deep grass that it handled without an issue.
  2. Inimicus

    Anthem (the Game! Not the book!)

    Been playing on and off all weekend (prob 20ish hours since Friday) and have had none of the problems that I seen other suffer from. The only thing I can knock it for ATM is the crazy load screens and for some mysterious reason one of the guys I play with takes literally 3x as long to zone into areas on a PC with comparable specs to mine. Its been worth the cash for me. Great game that I hope Bioware can continue to provide content for and fix the stuff that plaguing folks like carpanfan96
  3. Ive watched it twice now. Solid film dude. Well done on all fronts. I could nit pick on some of the technical issues but that would take away from my appreciation of the heart of the film. Your message in regards to racial hierarchies and the implicit imbalance of power along side of a story of fundamental right and wrong was a well told analog for the problems the country faced then and now. Congrats on all fronts and huzzah for achieving at such an incredible level.
  4. Inimicus

    Put in an offer for a house....

    Its the right call. Hope your wedding day and all of those that come after are happy.
  5. Inimicus

    Shits gettin real now

    I'm in my 50s and I bet anyone in my age group grew up around people who used the n-word not because they hated anyone but just because that's what they were taught was the appropriate label for folks with an abundance of melanin. Point being that there was a time where that word, even in polite society, was acceptable and didn't carry the weight it does now. Likewise there may have been a time where you used Lib as a casual shorthand and it wasnt the loaded term it has become over the last couple of years. The n-word is all about context and who is using it just as Lib has become (at least in this venue).
  6. Inimicus

    Shits gettin real now

    That's a remarkably apt analogy.
  7. Inimicus

    Strict ID laws don't stop voters

    Implement Vote Form Home nationwide. In the mid terms Colorado had a 76% participation rate among registered voters. https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/politics/colorado-had-nation-s-second-highest-voter-turnout-rate-in-2018-midterm-election https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/5/23/17383400/vote-by-mail-home-california-alaska-nebraska
  8. Inimicus

    Dating Sucks!

    Been married too long to ever even think about dating again. If I ever found myself single again Id just find a hooker I liked and be done with it.
  9. Inimicus

    VA Gov. Ralph Northam...

    Pretty sure he is laughing for the same reason I am 'cause you're a dumbass
  10. Inimicus

    MAGA tax return season is upon us

    damn you @Fryfan for making me take Arsen's side in an argument.
  11. Inimicus

    MAGA tax return season is upon us

    There is plenty to knock Arsen over, but calling him out on his kids is pretty fuging stupid and petty.
  12. Inimicus

    Actually not a bad idea.

    PSA This is your brain on cognitive dissonance "you guys"... fuging LOL I make a post on how the OP is poo and this asshat somehow twists it into me being anti-gun. welcome to the company of E Cat and Fat Alice. You are literally fuging stupid.
  13. Inimicus

    Actually not a bad idea.

    Are you drinking tonight? Trying to say this or that gun is poo has nothing to do with the fact that you can walk in to a store and buy one without LE involvement.
  14. Inimicus

    Actually not a bad idea.

    Bushmaster 5.56 https://www.ganderoutdoors.com/bushmaster-carbon-15-centerfire-rifle-package-248423.html Im not sure if you're trying to defend the notion that there are plenty of controls in place or just reeeeeeeee pro guns. Fact of the matter is that long guns are exempt from much/any LE scrutiny. And FWIW dont confuse me with some anti-gun nut job. My arsenal has been detailed on this forum before and I will continue to exercise my rights to buy and bear arms as long as the 2nd stands. But dont confuse me with the assholes that dont understand the changing nature of the USA and how the rights enacted two centuries ago might need to be revisited.
  15. Inimicus

    Welcome To The Gutter

    Jesus fuging Christ...