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  1. I know its stating the obvious at this point but... This dickweed never passed or possibly even took a civics course
  2. Would it matter as much if you knew what version they burned? I mean if you're a NKJV kinda Christian it shouldn't bother you if they were burning that heathen NIV bible. I mean they could have been CEBs or GNTs and Lord knows we would all be better off is those and the nearly dozen other versions of the divine word of God were erased from the planet. Amiright? Here's a hint for you. Its a fuging book and nothing more.
  3. Followed by these badasses Temple of Shadows is a GREAT album
  4. Came up on my prog Pandora station. Totally loved these dudes back in the day
  5. The more I learn about James Baldwin the more I respect and admire him. https://www.vox.com/21318825/james-baldwin-america-eddie-glaude-jr
  6. Dont waste your time dude. He is a blow hard douche-bag that has convinced himself he is special but he is really just a Haw River neck-beard failson.
  7. Id LOVE to see Trump in front of a jury. The thing folks like you seem to not internalize is its not partisan politics to me. If it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama, Biden, Clinton (either of them), or Carter (although I pretty much think he is a saint) committed crimes then lock them the fug up. And that's the exact same standard of proof Id apply to Trump or Bush (either of them).
  8. So drag her in front of a jury and if she is convicted throw her in jail too.
  9. I'm sooooo sorry (not really) that I kept you waiting while I ate dinner and actually read your article and the linked studies. So countless to you is 7? OK good to know. As @332nd has already pointed out those studies neither back up the article you posted from the journalistic titan of the River Cities Reader nor do they assert that masks dont keep you from spreading a disease you don't know you have. Try harder.
  10. Countless? As in beyond counting? Post links to 12 of them. Not a blog post about a blog post about an article about a study but the actual study. And before you tell me to Google it myself YOU made the above assertion. Back it up.
  11. If we just want football with no agendas then lets also get rid of the anthem, fly overs, Play 60, cancer awareness, prayers before the games, memorial/honorific stickers on helmets, support the troops month, and all of the other bullshit. Bitching about politics/agendas in football only when the subject doesn't align with your ideals is pretty much peak hypocrisy.
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