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  1. Inimicus

    I just took a boat down the amazon river

    Somebody ban Jangler for the love of all that's holy. I havent seen him add anything but music video spam to a thread in years.
  2. Inimicus

    The pretend government of America

    You say poo like this and then fail to recognize the implicit bias that prevents people of certain races and genders from having the opportunities to develop support for those skills, ideas, etc. Pretending like allowing those "untouchables" to participate is erasing decades of oppression somehow equates to a level playing field is just intentional ignorance
  3. Thank you. I was somewhat leery of all of this "boomer" talk and never could quite understand how it translated into the presumptive negative that was being pushed on this forum. But I read this post and heard my fathers voice in my head. Thanks for finally making me understand what rodeo and GJBC have been saying for months now.
  4. Never thought Joe was POTUS material anyway.
  5. 3 He knew that the DOJ (that he was working for) would not indict a sitting POTUS and his mission was to investigate and refer.
  6. Inimicus

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Ive put it down 3 times just short of halfway.
  7. Inimicus

    Trumpers, Please Explain This

    This is never going to get an answer. I dont think anyone still on that particular bandwagon is incapable of responding without whatabouting or posting memes.
  8. Inimicus

    New Router recommendations

    This was my first thought as well
  9. Inimicus

    Border wall shutdown

    Whats Trumps inauguration day crowd have to do with anything?
  10. No more so than Trump could have done anything he wanted in his first two years. Its not like Obama or Trump had a veto proof congress.
  11. You do realize that Pres != Monarch? Running on a platform to achieve certain things and struggling to see them through is not the same as empty promises or boogyman politics.
  12. What this has devolved into...
  13. Its funny how nobody voted for Trump...
  14. Inimicus

    Nipsey Hussle has died

    Or ya know maybe the OP was smart enough to know that some knucklehead would come along and make a comment that was insensitive at best and racist at worst and it was always going to end up in this forum. Until the mods make it abundantly clear that the coded language of closet racists is not welcome on this site, threads about young black men getting dead are always going to end up here.
  15. Inimicus

    Deadwood: The Movie (2019)

    Listening to Al Swearengen cursing is like listening to Shakespeare. The dialog in Deadwood is only rivaled by the masterful efforts of the Cohen Bros. Its what makes the show. And lets face it... Ian McShane says cocksucker like Sam Jackson says mother fuger.