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  1. It blows my mind that the law enforcement brain trust of Minneapolis doesn't understand the putting the pig in cuffs takes the wind out of the riots and serves the purpose of protecting him from mob justice. ETA: Im in favor of the mob justice
  2. All of your questions are based on the false assumption that our choice is a Trump/Biden choice. It doesn't have to be that way. If, by 8/17 it is clear that irrespective of primary outcomes Joe has no path to the White House then we have a chance that they will actually nominate a candidate that isn't as unpalatable as Joe is to progressives.
  3. https://ivn.us/posts/dnc-to-court-we-are-a-private-corporation-with-no-obligation-to-follow-our-rules Primaries don't mean poo if the DNC doesn't want them to.
  4. I mean Minneapolis has tried and convicted a cop for a killing in recent years they gave this guy 12.5 years for killing her oh wait...
  5. If only there was a secure place with guards we could put people who kill others...
  6. You're right. It happened. But don't expect everyone to support your shitty candidate. You've been told time and again what it would take to earn some of the progressive votes your boy (or any D candidate for that matter) is going to need. Ignore it and face the music when you give the asshat 4 more years.
  7. Inimicus

    Joe Biden

    I dropped out of my senior year of high school TWICE and got accepted to UNCG without even so much as a GED. A&T told me to go fug myself and they were offering minority scholarships to white kids. UNCG has got a top notch mental health counseling program but outside of that... sheeeeesh
  8. Due to his pale complexion it was obvious that he wasn't concealing a weapon and so they didn't need to be afraid and kill him. When its a darker skinned person they cant tell if they have one of those black pistols so its better to assume they do
  9. Trump is going to get 4 more because the shitty liberals are going to put Joe on the ticket. Congrats. You guys played right into MAGA's hands Of the what? 20+ candidates, you picked the one who is actually the most closely aligned with Trump and stands the least chance of energizing turnout.
  10. Inimicus

    Joe Biden

    The utter lack of self-awareness ITT is actually quite amazing. Claiming the one ethnic group that's most like to get treated like white folk and claiming to understand the African American experience... /smgdh
  11. Probably because there is a measure of hope that one or both McMichaels will do time. Pigs never go to prison for killing black people.
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