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  1. And they had him as a backup guard, with Daryl Williams starting at the most pivotal position on the Oline left tackle. Yea I think the clock is ticking on this regime, hate to see it.
  2. Falcons should be running all there mouths they wrecked our offensive line today.
  3. Yea been one of Rons biggest supporters, but they way this team has come out today in a must win game, it may be time to turn the corner.
  4. What if we win, and Ron goes to 6-2 on the season with his backup undrafted Qb is he still on the huddle hotseat?
  5. I nominate KB_fan she's knowledgeable, objective, and a great fan.
  6. Nah we don't need anymore biased mods there's already enough as it is.
  7. Didn't he threaten to leave the huddle and start his own message board, upset with Igo posting Greg Olsens praise of Kyle Allen.
  8. Allen played well despite being under constant pressure, Paradis and Williams blocking will make any Qb struggle.
  9. Bruce Irvin was one of the few players that came to play Sunday along with McCaffrey he can say whatever he wants. Alot of players showed no heart in that game, he was not one of them.
  10. Could anybody explain to me the reasoning for the offensive line shuffle at the beginning of the game? Why did they have Daryl Williams starting at Right tackle?
  11. We just lack imagination on offense, our receivers are no worst or better than the 49ers. Our Dline could have dominated their Oline just as bad. But Kyle Shanahan made us pay with screens and misdirections that slowed our pass rush down after getting gashed. We had nothing like that going on with our offense. It was quite startling the difference in imagination between the two offenses both faced with aggressive pass rushes.
  12. One of Rivera's supporters as well. But yea we were totally out-schemed in this contest. No way should the 49ers offense been able to have their way like this. Just out-coached, I feel this is a break it or break it year for the staff, want to see how this team responds next week after this embarrassing loss.
  13. Williams already giving up sacks geez. Dude has zero balance to play tackle.
  14. I actually think the Saints are on upset alert this week. The Bears and Jaguars offense are not much to write home about. This Cardinals team reminds me of the 2011 Panthers, a terrible defense but a young dynamic duel threat Qb leading a fun explosive offense. They mat not win, but they should test this Saints defense more than they have been the last few weeks.
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