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  1. You're not going to be able to key on anyone in this offense. I believe all 3 of our top receivers had equal amount of targets. Against the Raiders Teddy's decision making at finding the open receiver was sharp. But what stood out the most for me was his pocket awareness and ability to feel and invade pressure while keeping his eyes downfield. I think this offense will shock alot of people with its ability to put points on the board.
  2. This 2020 offense is better than the 2017 team that made the playoffs with starting receivers Devin Funchess and the great Russell Shepard featuring Kaelin Klay and Brenton Bersin. Along with Matt Kalil and Amini Silatolu starting several games across the Oline. If we had a stout defense we definitely could compete for the NFC South division title this season.
  3. Moton is a good young quality starting right tackle. I think Teddy Bridgewater proves the doubters wrong this season and shows he's a starting Qb in this league. To early to tell but I like the Okung and Miller signings on the offensive line. I think that group will be vastly better than last season.
  4. Well of course you have to pay players. But in the terms of talent, it's there.
  5. All this talk about rebuild, there's only one side of the ball that really needs to be rebuilt, that's the defense. The weapons we have on offense are young and talented. It was the defense that was old and not producing. We've gotten younger there this offseason and the combination of inexperience and lack of talent will bite us this season. But this is not the 2010 Panthers were we were depleted of talent on both sides of the ball. And we definitely will not be picking #1 in the draft.
  6. So would the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, many teams have not been to 1 Super bowl in the last 25 years forget 2.
  7. We're far from a well oiled machine yet. But as for week 1 goes I can't think of a better opening day offensive performance by the Panthers recently.
  8. Yea I agree snap judgement by me. Just frustration because I knew the offense would move the ball on the Raiders and was hoping the defense would offer some resistance
  9. Hiring Norv was the nail in coffin for Ron, if he would have gotten an innovative coordinator that could open up the offense that would have been key. Norv was just an upgraded version of Mike Shula.
  10. Yes I didn't say 2019 defense was good just that they could get to the Qb at times and force mistakes. But when that didn't happen it was about what we saw Sunday.
  11. But we also forced about three turnovers and one was returned back for a Td.
  12. The 2019 Panthers would have gotten blown out if they played defense as bad we did against the Raiders. Even know 2019 defense was bad and couldn't stop the run, they could get to the Qb and force some mistakes. We wouldn't have been able to go blow for blow with the Raiders last season.
  13. Teddy looked about as sharp as expected considering no preseason etc. And I felt very comfortable with his decision making so I'm that far. I don't care about arm strength and all the other bs people are throwing against the wall, there's Qb's in the hall of fame that didn't have the biggest arm strength.
  14. Teddy looked very sharp felt good every time he dropped back he was going to make a good decision with the football and most importantly keep the chains moving.
  15. These folks big mad, they're lucky we don't have a defense that's their only saving grace this season.
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