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  1. All we will hear by the national media is how dominant 49ers D-line is, when its the Panthers D-line which leads the league in sacks. I say our opportunist defense forces a few turnovers, Kyle Allen has a clean game no fumbles, we get our running game back on track and Panthers win 24-10 score.
  2. Rivera's a smart coach he'll follow the path that produces wins, don't see him messing up any momentum outside of that. Definitely don't see him following the path laid out by folks who thinks he sucks as a coach and the only reason he's every won a game is because of one player.
  3. The Falcons are in the worst cap situation in the league they have to start dumping some contracts. More to come on the horizon.
  4. This is why the Patriots win Super Bowl after Super Bowl they are not complacent, they spot a weakness and immediately try to plug that hole. You have some guys on this message board talking about why do the Panthers need a veteran receiver? They need one in case Moore are Samuel have to miss time our only option then is Jarius Wright and guys brought on for special teams.
  5. The Panthers have won 4 in a row and if the playoffs started today would currently be out. The NFC is stacked this year so with our 2 early losses there is really no margin for error. The NFC East looks like a 2 team race between Dallas and Philly with only the divisional winner making it in. Washington and the Giants are going no where fast. Washington will have a new head coach next season and Gettlemagic hasn't quite worked so well for the G-men yet. NFC North has the Packers and Vikings rolling. They play against the NFC East and AFC West this year so it's not too many games left on their schedule were the Packers and Vikings won't be the more talented team. The Bears and Detroit can be dangerous opponents but I don't see either one making a run this season. The NFC West is the best division in the NFC with every team .500 or better, even the Cardinals which is looking like a better win each week, (Panthers gave them their worst loss of the season). The NFC West teams are going to beat up on each other don't know how that shakes out but I don't think they get 3 teams from the division into the playoffs. The NFC South is a two team race with the Saints and the Panthers battle of the backups. The Panthers are 1-1 against NFC West teams while the Saints are 0-1. Good thing for the Panthers all of our toughest games will be on the road and we should favored in most home games. If we could steal a game or two on the road I see 10 wins being the magic number for getting a wildcard spot. The NFL is the quintessential week to week league though, so what is down can be up. Alot more games to play, just hope the Panthers keep this mojo going and take it to the 49ers next week.
  6. It means I don't think Jimmy G can beat us. It means they are not juggernaut some of this board have suggested. Any more questions?
  7. I think Olsen favors having a healthy Newton back, Olsen has been Cam's favorite receiver since he was drafted. He did mention the coaching staff was going to have a tough decision to make when Cam is healthy. The dilemma will be if the Panthers keep winning its going to be extremely difficult to pull Allen at that point.
  8. Literally no one in this thread has suggested Olsen and Newton are are at odds with one another. How many voices you hearing in your head today?
  9. Hope Hurney does make a move, we're one injury away from the wide receiver position being a huge problem. Especially if this team has hopes of making some noise this season.
  10. Shut down the 49ers running game and they are very beatable.
  11. The 2001 amd 2010 seasons ultimately led to us drafting two of our most iconic players Peppers and Newton. Who were each the cornerstones of a rebuilding process that led to our only two Super Bowl appearences. So I now have a nuance view of those two dreadful seasons.
  12. Too bad we don't always get what we want. We're going to beat the Niners in their own stadium with Allen at Qb. And as the man himself once said, too bad they don't make band-aid for feelings.
  13. Well I doubt we'll see Allen lose 3 fumbles in a single game as well. (don't quote me). Also if we don't lose the turnover battle against the Rams we win that game. Looking at the way this team has performed over 6 weeks I would say we're more unlucky to be 4-2 than lucky. This defense is not an mirage, Jameis had only thrown 2 picks leading up to our game and had the number passer rating in the NFL against the blitz. Deshawn Watson whose probably the 2nd hottest qb in league right now behind Russell Wilson was made to look pedestrian.
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