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  1. It doesn't correlate to points, but it would be better if we could get the plays in sooner, so we don't have to waste timeouts.
  2. Top Scoring Teams 1. Saints 36.0 Fast Pace Rank (25) 2. Chiefs 35.0 Fast Pace Rank (17) 3. Rams 34.6 Fast Pace Rank (19) 4. Bengals 30.6 Fast Pace Rank (14) 5. Steelers 28.6 Fast Pace Rank (9) 6. Buccaneers 28.0 Fast Pace Rank (16) 7. Bears 27.8 Fast Pace Rank (30) 8. Chargers 27.4 Fast Pace Rank (31) 9. Falcons 26.6 Fast Pace rank (10) 10. Patriots 26.6 Fast Pace Rank (7) 11. Ravens 26.4 Fast Pace Rank (2) 12. Panthers 26.0 Fast Pace Rank (28) This stats doesn't correlate to points, scoring is still far more effected with how you execute once the ball has been snap as opposed to how fast it's snapped.
  3. Jim Caldwell took over a well oiled machine in 2009 that was essentially Peyton Manning and Toney Dungys team, went to the Super bowl in 09 and lost, 2010 they lost in the wildcard round, the next season without Manning the Colts finished 2-14 and were the worst team in football. Bobby Ross was a pretty decent coach for the Chargers in the 90's led them to the the playoffs 3 out the 5 years he was there and a Super bowl appearance in 1994 before running into an all-time great 49ers squad. After going 8-8 in '96 he was canned for Kevin Gilbride who subsequently went 4-12 in 1997 and then followed that up next with an 5-11 season. 2002 Bill Callahan like Jim Caldwell took over a powerhouse team constructed by his predecessor Jon Gruden, who he had the unfortunate luck of facing in the Super bowl who knew the weaknesses of all the players and of course the playbook. 2003 an roster consisting of Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Rod Woodson, got old over night and the Raiders went 4-12. Callahan was fired and from 2004-2016 the Raiders had about 7 head coaches and never won more than 8 games in a single season 13 years straight of 8 or less wins. I don't think these are great examples of why it may be best to move on from Rivera. First his record has proven not to be a flash in the pan like Caldwell and Callahan, secondly as shown making a change for change sake does not guarantee more success, it can always be alot worst.
  4. No just befuddled that some people want to depart with the best coach in franchise history, who's off to a good start this season, and outside of the Rams and Saints the Panthers look to be one of the most complete teams in the NFC 2018. I don't always agree with Rivera's coaching style, but results matter and the Panthers have been playoff contender under his tenure and a Super bowl runner-up in '15. It's hard to win in the NFL even more harder to win consistently, as far as his record against playoff teams, well right now our actual playoff record is 3-4 not great but far from a indication that we have a coach that chokes in big games.
  5. Rivera will probably become the winningest coach in Panthers history this season passing John Fox and doing it in one less whole season.
  6. Pantherxtreme

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Bad GM's fire winning head coaches. How have the 49ers fared after letting John Harbaugh walk out the door.
  7. Pantherxtreme

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Well that didn't age well...
  8. Pantherxtreme

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    I think the Skins play well tonight and upset the Saints. Washington has played solid defense up to this point this season and Alex Smith doesn't turn the ball over much. i think the Saints are without Ginn tonight so that may make it harder for Micheal Thomas to find room underneath with the intermediate routes.
  9. Funchess has come down with some clutch passes for first downs, I'm not expecting him to be Julio Jones but he's vital to the success of the Panthers offense this year.
  10. Well when Rivera leads the Panthers to a 2-14 record ala John Fox let me know where I can donate to the Fire Ron banner to fly across Bank of America stadium. Until then 2017 version of the Panthers finished 11-5 with a playoff trip, and the 2018 version are off to good start at 3-1. But outside of that the situations are very similar.
  11. The Panthers are 3-1 after their 1st quarter of the season and are about to get better with the return of Thomas Davis and hopefully Greg Olson next Sunday. I foresee the reps at receiver to increase for Moore and Samuel and decrease for Smith. As the weather starts to change teams that block the best, run the best, and stop the run, start to catch up with these high flying offenses.
  12. Pantherxtreme

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    Denver could have ran the wildcat all game against us and left Manning on the bench and probably still won that game, Wade Phillips ate Mike Shula's lunch as did Von Miller to Remmers. Sean Payton does have a Super Bowl ring and Rivera does not. None of that will be relevant to who wins the NFC South this season though.
  13. Pantherxtreme

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    I mean if you wanna argue that Payton is a better offensive mind in football than Rivera you got no argument out of me there.
  14. Pantherxtreme

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    Offense is just one half of football, you need defense to win games as well. 2014, 2015, 2016 the Saints went 7-9 three consecutive seasons while fielding the worst defenses in the league. Payton has Drew Brees the soon to be all-time leading passer in NFL history, so although he might have been great coaching Cam I don't think his team's ability to score points has been the problem.
  15. Pantherxtreme

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    Between Ron Rivera and Sean Payton guess whose won more games since 2011 since Rivera has been coach of the Panthers.