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  1. Panthers8969

    Draft Kyler Murray

    Can we lock this thread?
  2. Panthers8969

    Possible Soon To Be Speedy WR FA...

    If only we signed Jackson the first time around. He would’ve been the perfect non elite wr for cam
  3. Panthers8969

    Defense wins championships...

    So we just gonna ignore how the bears were a missed 42 yarder away from advancing? Defense still wins championships. Offense still wins championships. Trying to argue which is more important is an exercise in futility. Everything depends on the team you’re playing
  4. December 11th? November 12th? ???
  5. Panthers8969

    We are finishing last next year.

    What’s the point of this post? Trying to get banned?
  6. Panthers8969

    Last Year’s Draft

    Can both of y’all just stop responding to each other? Lol
  7. Panthers8969

    Last Year’s Draft

    Comments in bold. Like I said he could’ve done better for sure but he hasn’t done anything close to fire worthy this time around.
  8. Panthers8969

    Last Year’s Draft

    It was never smart to sign him. Injury prone and awful when he played for the vikes minus his rookie season. Literally threw a bunch of money at him bc his bro said to even though pro bowl LT Andrew whitworth was avaible
  9. Panthers8969

    Last Year’s Draft

    Everyone hating on hurney 2.0 is doing it solely bc of what 1.0 did. Could he have done better? Sure, 99% of the time you can. Signing poe seems to have been a mistake but not a colossal one like matt kalil or Butler. Solid draft, let’s hope we get a similar haul this year and shore up the DE, OL and S positions
  10. Panthers8969

    2016 - Our Biggest Mistake

    Wasting a first on butler? Or does the huddle still want to say he’s not a bust?
  11. Panthers8969

    Some Prospects To Look Out For

    So sick of these posts. Can we ban these people and move on?
  12. Panthers8969

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    unpopular opinon: shaq Thompson. Dude plays average but was taken in the 1st so everyone thinks he's great. I don't see it
  13. Is this serious? The word even gets censored to fug. Why do you care how many times I say it? I feel like I’m getting trolled
  14. Lol sorry mate hope it didn’t ruin your childhood
  15. Same. Which is just so fuginh stupid. I don’t care if CS punched me in the face before the game, he needs to be on the fuging field. You don’t score points for having the most guys show up on time who gives af