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  1. Is there a link orrr
  2. Panthers8969

    Under the Radar 1st Round Panther Pick

    I would say white, but he won’t be there. Honestly not sure. Agree with tillery Also, please stop saying Safeties. This is not a first round S class. If we grab one at 16 it’s a huge reach.
  3. If we draft a qb in the second round I’m buying a full front row of seats and spelling out f u hurney
  4. First of all, wtf is that font? Atrocious second of all, TDN totally forgot to do a mock draft for us, claimed they had one for every team then had a bucs beat writer spit this out. i honestly wouldn’t mind a double dip on OL though. Would prefer 2 of DE/OT/S, but this wouldn’t be awful
  5. Panthers8969

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Yeah I really can’t think of a reason why he would do some lower body exercises but not others. It is suspicious. He just doesn’t seem that slow on tape. As opposed to like Zach Allen. Idk
  6. Panthers8969

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    He was coming off an injury, why would he run those drills and have people say “wow look how slow he is after not using his legs for the past x months” most players, minus polite, train for the combine and he couldn’t bc of his turf toe. If you watch film CF has a great get off/ first step explosion. As to why he did some drills, but not others, I’m not really sure. Bad advice from agent I guess
  7. Panthers8969

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    CF didn’t run the 40 bc he was coming off/ still dealing with turf toe. From what I’ve seen, he seems to have average speed. I’d be surprised if he didn’t beat Bosa’s 40 time. And my point was that Bosa was the 3rd ovr pick, never dealt with this “low ceiling” crap and ran a slow 40. He’s an elite DE now. Also (and I’m not saying you specifically here) I feel like if CF ran the same as Bosa people would say that’s slow, not average and would be surprised to learn Bosa ran the same. I think the “low ceiling” phrase is just already stuck in people’s heads so they’d process the info differently
  8. Panthers8969

    Annual Prospect Meeting List

  9. Panthers8969

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Thornhill also looks the part on tape. I think we we can both agree good tape plus good combine = upside
  10. Panthers8969

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Joey bosa ran a 4.9, was that worrying? i hear that dudes doing ok now
  11. Panthers8969

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Pretty much my thoughts on Gary. JH believed to be a great defensive coach, Michigan in general a great program, but Gary was lacking in technique or coaching? Just don’t think the guy has it. And to expand and on my previous comment, I’m not saying it’s bad to have a good combine or whatever. Just saying someone that’s improved every year in college and has that elite production should also have “upside.” Males hit their athletic peaks when, mid 20s? Don’t see why CF or others couldn’t improve athletically, especially when they’re now being paid millions to do so
  12. Panthers8969

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Just curious, when people say upside, does that just mean they tested well? It seems people only say athletic freaks/ combine warriors have upside, which is proven false. You don’t have to dominate the combine to have upside. CFs tape shows upside
  13. Panthers8969

    Annual Prospect Meeting List

    Those numbers don’t add up. You’re saying they included local visits in the 29? If you combine them with the listed 22 guys that puts us over 30. Clearly I’m missing something here?
  14. Panthers8969

    My Carolina mock draft

    The guy Oklahoma identified as better than Cody ford? Yeah I’d say so. Referencing games started in college here btw. http://www.soonersports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=31000&ATCLID=211768540 prior to 2018, ford started 7 games, Evans 26.
  15. Panthers8969

    My Carolina mock draft

    Everything I’ve seen on little is that he would be a first not bc of how he played in college, but bc he has the “body” to play LT. Sounds like a better Tytus. Same things get said about that guy. Would be fine with Dillard since he’s actually good but I give it a 40% chance he’s there. Think the pick is BB/CF round 1 and then we could grab little round 2. He’s certainly not a first despite recent mocks