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  1. I thought is was great, and think it’s great that we will continue to get a cool behind the scenes show to watch all along the process. I like this change and think it’s gonna be great!
  2. Today has been an emotional whirlwind for me as you can imagine. I wanted to break the news here, but we felt it was best to do it in video form on the Official website. I just wanted to thank you for having me on this board. I tried as hard as I could not to make it too obvious over the years, and I do know that a few of you actually knew it was me. I appreciate those who kept our secret. You are without a doubt the best fans on the planet! Nobody will miss Sunday’s more than I will. It was my Supreme honor to represent this fan base and this team for 8 years. I will miss you all very much. You should know that multiple people who work within the organization at all levels do in fact post and read here regularly. I would imagine that they will continue to do so for years to come. The LUUUUUKE chants always amped me up even more as if that were possible. This was so hard for me. Ill see some of you around in the coming weeks, for everyone else I sincerely appreciate all the love and support. LUUUUUKE is pretty much done here fellas, this is my last thread creation. Thanks again for Everything!
  3. That’s cause you’re just a lazy rookie <insert bleep here>
  4. Once we hire Rhule I got super excited about a new beginning, and a revived culture. I fully expected him/the team to start Filling out the staff almost immediately, but he is clearly taking his time and not rushin it like he said he would during his introductory presser. I literally went from not giving a poo (Besides CMC not getting hurt) the final weeks of the season to being a Panthers junky all over again overnight. So, while we all await patiently let’s hear some predictions on personnel going into the 2020 season. I will lead off by saying that our QB room will remain the same as it was to begin this season, with the depth chart at the position identical. Can/Kyle/Will. I would have written Will off, but when Rhule saw him in a clip I saw, Rhule said “There he is, last time I saw you, you were hanging up 60 on us” I personally believe that we have and will surely have the pieces to go to the playoffs next year. I just don’t see the team moving on from Cam. It will certainly be a different type of offseason for us, and there are tons of questions. Will Rhule have a good mix of NFL and College coaches? What will we do with both sides of our line? Who gets re-signed from our secondary? If the coaching staff is college heavy, will there be a learning curve, will the coaches cost us games (like ole Williams did against Clemson)? Will Cam be ready for the opener? If Cam plays lights out for the first 1/2 of the season, do they trade him for max value to rebuild? Or do we keep him and Re-sign him Before the season ends? How quickly will this Sports Science program get off the ground? Will it truly pay dividends? Was Ron right on his way out when he said “The truth of the matter is figures lie and liars figure. You can find a stat to use for whatever you want, but at the end of the day it’s about the men on the field. It’s about the guys that are calling the plays. It’s about the execution of things that happen on the field. That’s what I look at as far as football is concerned.”? Theres so many questions to be answered and they all will surely be answered in time. here’s the fact of the matter gents. Our window to win is now! Like isn’t getting any younger and Cam’s future is in doubt. CMC is going to need help back there or he’ll get burnt out during a rebuild. My .02 on this team and this matter is that u go all in this year, and then you go into a rebuild/re tool. Who am I though, just a fan who might have some good points that other fans may or may not agree with. Im not the guy signing the checks, and if we go off of what we’ve heard recently, he wants sustained success. If that’s the case, we may very well already be in full re-build mode as far as the 53. We for damned sure know the entire staff is undergoing a rebuild, and not much has come out in that regard. One thing is for sure, it will be exciting around these parts this offseason. Here’s to hoping we can retain some of that old school Panthers swag while forging ahead into the future of an entirely new way of business. -Luke sends
  5. Understood, but knowing that he has been highly sought after for the past two years gives me peace. Knowing that the Giants coveted him does the same. Knowing that McCarthy was out there for like a week or two after he interviewed with us makes it even better. I for one have faith that this guy will get us back to where we need to be. We have a lot of talent here. Cam will stay (just a gut feeling) Shoot, put Cam on the field this past year and we’re a playoff team. He’s starting off with so much more than he’s ever had his first year. I think we’ll be in great shape moving forward. the CMC cap hit is gonna hurt though.....
  6. For what? mcDaniels has done great w/Pats but he demolished a very competitive Broncos team while there. Then went running back to Daddy when it all blew the F up. McCarthy on the other hand has a SB on his resumè. Likely the most qualified coach on the market for several reasons, and we interviewed him twice. Let him walk out of the building and go sign with Dallas. we did our diligence and got our guy. McDaniels was just gonna play the field anyways and likely leave everybody hanging. im glad we didn’t wait and I’m glad we got Rhule!
  7. You’ve clearly never played the position a day in your life
  8. Armanti Edwards specifically says HELLO....SMDH... This looks like it’s going to be painful. Marty needs to go. He could have drafted CMC and then Dalvin Cook, and instead picked up Curtis Samuel... oh man oh man oh man. that line about only accepting excellence? Maybe Ron knew the moment Cam hung me up for the season that this one was lost and he was going to use this year to evaluate the entire team. id like to think that there was a legitimate conversation between Tepper and Ron about where things were honestly and the future. Marty likely had his own ideas and those conflicted with Ron’s, and for that reason he was fired. (Complete Speculation) im shocked by a lot in this interview. He could have said that he’s a phenomenal coach and he fired him early so that he could land somewhere else, he could have said we just needed a change of pace or a new vision. i think what Tepper didn’t say spoke more to how he viewed Ron than what he did say. I smell a personality conflict here. Tepper may be trying to take a more Jerry Jones”esque” approach and Ron likely told him to kick rocks, I know football and this team. who knows fellas, who knows. I’m sure more will come out.
  9. Agreed, I’m thinking because of the lack of tweets/social media reactions that they’re all in shock and coming to terms with this just as we all are. only they ALL had very personal relationships with him, so I’d imagine it’s hitting a little closer to home for the guys in the locker room and throughout the entire building. It will be very interesting who talk ish now that he’s gone and who’s got his back besides the regular “it’s a business” responses once they’re back to work and the media comes in.
  10. I think it will be interesting to see the players’ reactions to today’s happenings and I haven’t seen a thread or a NFL reaction thread either. post ‘Em if you got ‘Em #MakeTheHuddleGreatAgain
  11. Not arguing with you dude. This is silly. He can catch and he's pretty damned fast for his size period. For u to assume I'm speaking out of my booty hole is crazy. He burned top CB talent on 9 routes. I guess you're calling him a possession receiver because he can catch? It doesn't even matter. Key will beat out Hill for the job easily. You don't have to agree, and I won't brag when I'm right.
  12. You better look up his pro day 40 times bruh... And even if it's a tenth slower, he CAN catch
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