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  1. Snake

    Falcons - Giants

    I would say 1) Cardinals 2) Raiders 3) Giants 4) Browns 5) Falcons To round it out top five.
  2. Snake

    Falcons - Giants

    Yeah the Cards are just terrible. The Giants will get the best QB because AZ will be picking up some OL help.
  3. After rewatching the game I have some insight on both offense and defense and how we can improve as a team moving forward. Let's just assume Norv has forgotten more about football then I will never know and probably will implement some of the things I'm going to discuss. The difference between the first three quarters of football and the last were night and day and here is why. 1) The Panthers added much more RPO and motion in the 4th quarter. We have to start using more of this because for one Cam is great at it and defenses can't stop it with Cam and McCaffrey on the field. To go along with those great two players we also have Moore and Samuel who fit the RPO perfectly. At any given time we can have 4 players who can Rush and 3 who can play both the Z, X, and Y in our system. KCs system this year is set up with about 80% RPO plays because of the exact same reason. Along with this our WRs struggle to get separation at the line so motion and the RPO is what you can use to get guys like Smith and Funchess open. 2) In the 4th it's no surprise the eagles attacked us differently and used a 4 man rush to attack our line(sound familiar) because we used a good bit of RPO and got back in the game. Their were banking on coverage to slow up our passing attack on short route. We'll that's when the pure Coryell opened up and we started to see guys like Funchess get open. Cam had time in the pocket on the best DL in the league BTW and showed what he can do with that time. 3) Rivera needs to be more aggressive in the first half of football with this team. Our defense may not give up many points but if they don't cause turnovers and punts our offense can't score. Even if we lose on 4th down and the defense gives up a field goal on a short field our offense will have more time to score a TD or match a TD. We need to get more possessions for this offense because it's a offense league. We can let teams control the clock, score 17 and allow us 4 possessions in three quarters of football. That's not going to work.
  4. Snake

    2 VERY winnable games ahead

    Baltimore isn't as good as the eagles and honestly the AFC is soft as hell. With that said it's no cake walk either and just like the last three weeks we are going to be playing in the shadow of the Saints so we will see Baltimore best. They are not going to be happy losing to the Saints and take it out on us.
  5. Snake

    Falcons - Giants

    Maybe we can trade them Kalil.
  6. Snake

    Falcons - Giants

    Well in all fairness we got the best of both these teams. I love when my predictions are right though and Atlanta is in the cellar and the Falcon trolls don't dare shoe their faces around here.
  7. Snake

    Falcons - Giants

    MNF was so much better when it was on ABC. ESPN is just trash.
  8. It's more about the LB's and SS than the DBs. We don't have a true cover LB anymore or a extra S that can run with a TE. Gaulden is probably the guy who they hope can fill that role.
  9. Snake

    Rivera presser . . .

    They didn't want the Panthers to win at all. I was supposed to be the resurgence of the eagles.
  10. Only because we give up TOP. Also the reason our offense only has a few series every Quarter.
  11. Our biggest problem is 3rd down and TE coverage. Those have killed us.
  12. Or he could just restructure his contract to play for us. It can be done but realistically we have a very low chance of doing it.
  13. Jackson is our future #1. However it is be it Bradberry or Peterson they will be the number two next year and beyond. So hypothetically we would have the best duo in the NFL.
  14. A second for Peterson would be a steal. And I would give it for him in a hot minute. What we can't do is give up a DB because we a just terrible behind our starters.
  15. Trading one of our CBS now even for the best CB in the league would be hard. He would need to catch up on our system and probably wouldn't contribute right away.
  16. Well if you see us always playing from behind then no. I guess we would not be running any of our backs into the ground. The first three games that we had a lead or not down we did though.
  17. Snake

    yeeesssss sirrrrr

    Intriguing that Luke wasn't even happy about that. Just walked away.
  18. Snake

    Can you imagine?

    Ever since I have been watching football Andy Reid has had teams that looked great in the first half of the season only to squeeze into the playoffs and lose.
  19. He knows how to use his weapons and that was apparent in his days with the Charges. He also very well may be saving players for a super bowl run. One of the biggest problems with those teams were they fizzled out late. Just as you see teams like KC and the Rams every year fizzle late.
  20. Both games we were behind so we abandoned the run.
  21. If you want to believe that's true then fine we live in a free country so you can do that but wealth isn't a racial advantage. It's a learned skill and there is also plenty of help to acquire that skill. From being a high school coach to many other things in my life I have learned the biggest racial barrier is simply faith in each other. I've watched blacks put blacks down because they came from a troubled family and I've watched the same with whites and Hispanics. As a coach I also had the privilege of taking those players and building them up and watching them grow. There is nothing more rewarding than that. I think too often we all focus on the effects and not the cause. The cause is not putting enough faith in the right people and the effect is not gaining the skills we need because of that. I could honestly write all day on this subject and give you causes, effects, and solutions, and how a small but very rich part of society controls us by selective racism in each race.
  22. Ben Carson is ostracized by both Blacks and Whites. It's become ok to be racist so long as their republicans. I mean come on you even have Don Lemon calling Kanye West a N and Token on network TV because he spoke to Trump. If you don't see that as selective racism then I can't help you.
  23. So basically their point is that white people start off with more wealth opposed to black people. In all honesty wealth management isn't about how much you start out with or what you earn. It's a learned and practiced skill. So to summarize this study says even if a white kid drops out of high school he will be supported by his parents wealth sometimes.