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  1. Mannnn this dude reminds me of Kalil
  2. mjligon

    Midfield Logo promo video

    Tepper milking this thing. Logo at the 50 yard line of your own stadium - a novel concept. Side note- JR you suck
  3. mjligon

    Steve Smith is at practice

    So is he going into the Ring of Honor Sunday?
  4. mjligon

    Team Captains

    Wow TD not named a Captain smh
  5. mjligon

    Is Eric Reid invisible?

    yes, he is in fact invisible to us and 31 other teams.
  6. mjligon

    Panthers Cut DE Zach Moore

    Cox deserves it
  7. mjligon

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Was he formerly associated with the Panthers regardless of talent level? Check. the biggest box of all
  8. mjligon

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Is he the former Chief safety?
  9. mjligon

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Huddle wanted Ron Parker IIRC.
  10. mjligon

    Elijah Hood: So Close....

    Yeah, no. Hood wasn’t making this team.
  11. Slightly below anything breaking from Ian Rappaport
  12. That’s odd considering he looked like the 4th best receiver on our roster all preseason.
  13. None of these guys have practice squad eligibility IIRC so we are gonna be moving on from them with a hard pass. Sucks.
  14. Byrd over Frazier CAP over Barner
  15. Who stepped down because his butt boy Jerry was exposed
  16. mjligon

    Winning in the Community

    Yeah he charitably suggested his female employees wear jeans and massage his crusty toes
  17. mjligon

    McCaffrey doubters

    @KaseKlosed let’s hear it
  18. This. He will be active and contributing week 1. Without a doubt.