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  1. exactly. 3rd and 17 at that
  2. Max Henson ✔@PanthersMax Greg Olsen was asked if not being able to practice indoors last week contributed to flat start. He doesn’t buy it. Said it’s easy to say that. Panthers have dealt with the current set up for years. And the bottom line in this league? “Nobody cares.” Take notes Ron. It's pretty pathetic when you've got players on this team with more of a backbone than our head coach.
  3. it was so incredibly blatantly obvious that is isn't really worth watching.
  4. Point is to present facts to individuals such as yourself (of course, you claim to not even watch games), who decide to log in and unload nonsense on QB1 at every opportunity.
  5. lol of course there were. there are also idiots who can't seem to understand he was under duress when attempting the game winner to CMac
  6. mjligon

    Rivera Monday presser

    You don't make billions being an idiot. He can use his 'analytics' to determine that Ron is a moron.
  7. mjligon

    Rivera Monday presser

    That seat is starting to get warm.
  8. Since we can pile on Cam for missing those last few throws, lets also hear it about this guy. Constant overpersuing, missed tackles, lost in coverage. Thoughts?
  9. how stupid are you. Cam has never lost to 'Coach Hoodie'.
  10. lol exactly. these guys spew garbage then get destroyed with actual facts
  11. Cam needs to get this defense lined up correctly. Not sure what he's doing on the sideline with that towel over his head when his teammates are struggling to get lined up.
  12. you don't watch games, but you take the time to log on to this forum and add your input on the state of this team? lol.
  13. 4 shots? What are you talking about you inbred idiot. The first down pass was a checkdown to Cmac which set up 2nd and 5.
  14. 1. Throw to CMac he was getting hit as he threw the ball. 2. Bad throw and rushed to Funchess. 100% on Cam 3. Jarius Wright was held therefore had no chance at being able to haul that ball in. But yeah, keep going. Why were we even in position to win the game in the fist place? Oh yeah, that's right, QB1. now go back to your hideout, cockroach.
  15. mjligon

    Dudes and Dudettes

    I get your point, but the Saints barely squeaked by the Giants. Kamara broke off a big TD run with under 2 mins to seal it, iirc. with that said, we are going to get absolutely throttled by them in the superdome.
  16. That is very true. It has been common this season. I recall especially on Washington's first score, the Davis TD, we were all sorts of out of place pre-snap. A good coach would observe these things and make the necessary changes, or you know, call a TO when we are out of position.
  17. it's pretty awful around here. they're like cockroaches swarming the place.
  18. We can beat Philly, but will need to play mistake free and shore up our defense. So, that said, expecting another L here.
  19. in all seriousness, I made this thread in jest as a shot to everyone on here calling for QB1's head due to missing the last 3 throws. Luke and this defense has plenty of issues, but I don't actually believe Luke is the problem....he's overcompensating for a poor scheme and a poor supporting cast. Either way, this defense has a long way to go.
  20. you're one of the most worthless posters on this board, just an FYI. you don't really bring anything to the table here, so why do you have an account?
  21. tell us how you really feel
  22. you can be as pissed as you want about the offense coming up short, but even had they scored with 40 seconds left, the Skins would have marched right down the field on this soft defense and kicked the GW FG without a doubt. this team is soft and it starts from the top
  23. We'll never win a Super Bowl with Ron in charge.
  24. Brady also has a coach with balls. There have been plenty of instances were Brady has come up short in the end. It happens.