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  1. 13 hours ago, GeorgeHanson said:

    Jake won 59% of his games and took the team to a Super Bowl.

    Cam has won 56% of his games and took the team to a Super Bowl.

    Both or neither?


    Can you touch on the NFL records that Jake currently holds?

    And highlight the ones that will likely never be broken. Also please touch on NFL awards.

    Then go through Panthers records?

    MVP season? 



    Nice try though.

    jake doesn’t belong in the ring of honor.

    Smitty, maybe Gross, and of course Davis and Peppers once they hang them up are the only three that should be added at this point.

    Olsen is also a toss up. 

    Ring of Honor should be a very exclusive list, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, JARROD said:

    Man you guys and this writer hack are about 30 years behind,..

    its just drafting great talent and then adjusting the scheme to fit the talent.

    square schemes are how you get Jeff Fishers and John Foxes of the world.

    Chicago, Chargers, Rams and a host of good others adjust their schemes to their players and we see the result.

    you get to 16 and you have a DE, a 3-4 DE or or 3-4 type of OLB or a lighter faster OLB

    the stiff says, I run a 4-3 and need a DE or else— the DE that’s there isn’t so good so he skips and gets a Center instead.

    the great one says, that 3-4 Defensive end can smash from inside and sometimes push outside, I can put him in position to succeed.

    draft the best guy and adjust, or be a square and die. 

    The league evolved— the fans and more than half the coaches haven’t figured that out yet

    all those words but didn't say anything

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