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  1. Rhule doesn’t know what he’s doing. Another “Rebuild” coming in 4 years
  2. Pump the brakes. We are talking about New York Jets castoff Teddy 2 gloves here.
  3. Lol y’all are really hyping teddy two gloves. dude is a mere stopgap just like he was in new york
  4. “Keeps taking steps forward” as if he hasn’t been a flash in the pan since that one game. also highly doubt Brees Ryan or Brady even know who he is
  5. He’s really not that good. Very overrated on this board.
  6. He looks like a guy who couldn’t win the Jets starting quarterback job
  7. Rhule, Hurney and Tepper. a trio that will end up being the demise of the panthers. we’ll be “rebuilding” again in 5 years
  8. Rhule is a 2 faced little twerp. This front office and ownership are terrible. Rhule on Wednesday “Rhule also mentioned that linebacker Shaq Thompson and kicker Graham Gano are both back and "look healthy“” today - cut. Rotf.
  9. Smithers on here acting like Shaq’s agent
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