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  1. Eli Apple took a quick look at the WRs he would be going against Thursday and decided "yep, time for the ol' hammy to start acting up again".
  2. In my head I imagine him showing up to practice and then dramatically ripping off the red jersey in favor of the regular jersey ala Sting nWo turned nwo Wolfpac:
  3. Also, the irony of you freaking out and panicking in this response is laughable.
  4. Nice. Would imagine they just activate him to the roster and hold him out another week.
  5. Yikes. Crawl back into your cage.
  6. Absolutely cooking that game. Hit Kaelin Cole on a dime on opening drive in the EZ that he dropped. Gano shanking FG/XP and Funchess dropping the go ahead were the only reasons we lost. Cam was on fire.
  7. In South Carolina we call it shrimp sauce
  8. NGL tho I usually dance like that when shrimp sauce is involved in my entree as well
  9. It was sarcastic buddy. I been gave him respect and reconciled all differences on this board with 0 enemies in 2020.
  10. He wasn’t screwing up, he was actually playing to the best of his abilities.
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