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  1. Absolutely cooking that game. Hit Kaelin Cole on a dime on opening drive in the EZ that he dropped. Gano shanking FG/XP and Funchess dropping the go ahead were the only reasons we lost. Cam was on fire.
  2. In South Carolina we call it shrimp sauce
  3. NGL tho I usually dance like that when shrimp sauce is involved in my entree as well
  4. It was sarcastic buddy. I been gave him respect and reconciled all differences on this board with 0 enemies in 2020.
  5. He wasn’t screwing up, he was actually playing to the best of his abilities.
  6. Eh, that’s a stretch. What was the down and distance here anyway? Like 3rd and 12?
  7. Cam has always had mental breakdowns at certain times even when he was at the top of his game he completely checked out. One example, 2015 on the road in Atlanta in December and everyone gave him the “he just had a kid” excuse. The fact is - football isn’t everything to Cam and it never has been...especially not now. He never really cared enough to hone in and refine his mechanics (and never really had a staff to help him do so either) and he is paying the price now that injuries and age have taken their toll. His career is ultimately over at this point and it’ sucks to see him go out on such a horrific talent depleted offense - but he has set some records that may never be touched and lifted our franchise from the pits of mediocrity to revive a dead fanbase. Looking forward to his retirement and induction into the ring of honor. Jersey should also be retired, though not many can even put on the #1 jersey in the first place- takes some brass balls. long live QB1
  8. Cam Newton beginning his career with this staff rather than Ron Rivera.
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