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  1. Wow I did not realize how high the top 3 rb contracts were.... I do want to extend CMC though because he is such a weapon in the run game and as a receiver obviously.
  2. From Wake? My god in what round? Newman was okay against ACC competition and honestly got outplayed by Hartman down the stretch.
  3. For real. My strong attachments ended after TD left and now Luke. Next would be Cam, but at this point, might as well blow the whole thing up and start over. It makes me beyond uneasy to imagine Hurney with the task breaking down and then building an entire roster from the ground up.
  4. I mean of course you do. Problem is, even top 10 pick tackles don't always pan out. I think you gotta look at the top prospects on the O and D line and take who ever is the highest rated at our pick.
  5. I still cannot forgive them for this. They left Remmers 1 on 1 all night and he got beat over and over.
  6. I was honestly most impressed with Jacoby Stevens at safety. Had me drooling a bit for us to grab in the 2nd or 3rd.
  7. Man...that can make any grown man cry. I really hope we bring him on as a coach so at least he will still be part of the team.
  8. Tua had a nasty injury, but everything I've seen has him healing well. Unfortunately, it's pretty much a given that the Dolphins are going to draft him if he continues to check out on recovery.
  9. The fact that this is true and we still had a bottom 5 defense in the league should be enough to convince you that sacks don't mean great defense.
  10. I dunno, have you been following this place recently? We are right there with them.
  11. I mean, what else is happening in Pantherland these days?
  12. Don't know anything about Jordan Love, but he played for Utah St and had 20 td 17 int this year? There must be some ridiculous untapped potential there because that's hardly starter numbers for that conference
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