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  1. But the real question is: would you be okay trading Allen away, knowing there is a risk of Cam re injuring his shoulder this year? Nobody is going to trade for Heinicke and we aren't shipping Grier away.
  2. I'm still baffled why the coaching staff isn't playing Moton at LT and Williams at RT. Both looked solid at those spots in the time we saw them. I know Moton is a beast at RT, but I would rather have a solid LT and RT than a mediocre LT and amazing RT.
  3. The way people were talking, I was expecting to see Butler face down in the dirt every snap. Eh, like someone else mentioned, seems like he's been asked to play against his strengths out of necessity. Would be interesting if he could lose like 20 lbs and get some looks at 3-4 DE more.
  4. Great writeup! Looks like y'all will be picking up where this place left off in terms of camp analysis.
  5. The helmet he used to wear was very popular among players because it was light. Well turns out, light in that case doesn’t protect you quite as much. Probably superstitious about switching helmets. An elite WR shouldn’t be “superstitious.”
  6. Who TF is Damian Parms? And no way we keep less than 5 DT with a hybrid 3-4 defense.
  7. Honestly, I've gotta give Hurney credit, he has filled out this roster brilliantly. We've also actually hit on quite a few depth draft picks recently like Ian Thomas which have stabilized some big weaknesses. Our QB situation even makes me more comfortable with Grier and Allen if Cam ever goes down. (Granted we would be much worse but not Jimmy Clausen era)
  8. Hell, I'd do the same for $8 million. It was obvious he was regressing and couldn't stay healthy and I think he knew that. He was probably as shocked as anyone that they threw that much money his way and jumped on it.
  9. I mean, not really? If he reverts back to his old motion, which he probably will because it's just hard to change after this long, then the same thing is going to happen that happened last year. Not sure how that's jumping to conclusions.
  10. Yeahhhh.....noticed that too. Going to be a long season if our boy can't keep that scar tissue from building up again..
  11. You and me both. Moton looked great at LT and Williams at RT. Not sure why they keep trying to push Moton back to RT...
  12. Glad I was wrong on this one. With seemingly all positions blowing up in terms of pay, you’d think there would have to be a weak link somewhere. Maybe the gap in pay between starters and backups has increased drastically or something?
  13. Jarius Wright is undervalued almost as much as Kyle Love. He should be a lock.
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