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  1. Good to see Butler have a good day. Seems like the 3-4 fits him better than 4-3 as he has had a few good games in a row. @Toomers I remember you bashing the living daylights out of Vern in preseason
  2. Lol okay "buddy" Have a nice day in dream world. It wasn't nice talking to you.
  3. Alright these two throws back to back. It's AZ but it's the windows he's throwing into. Name these backups for me.
  4. It cracks me up how posters have to walk around on egg shells to prevent triggering Cam loyalists. I know the main reason is that there are Panther fans who secretly have always hated Cam and are now taking advantage of Kyle doing well to bash Cam. So we've got some big fans of Cam who feel like they need to defend Cam and in turn downplay everything Kyle Allen does. But let's all just chill tf out with the "he's just a decent back up" narrative. Most back ups cannot make the throws that Allen has been making. Dude has been downright impressive. And yes, the team around him is playing lights out, but that shouldn't take away from what he has done through 4 games.
  5. To all the “if he’s 100% crowd” I honestly don’t think that will happen this season. That foot injury takes many months to fully recover from and can sometimes nag for the rest of your career. Guaranteed if he plays he’s at less than 90% and that may be good enough tbh
  6. Yeah he’s played really well and vastly exceeded my expectations, so good for him!
  7. Lol at the "real qb" talk and the contract. This team is talented enough to win if the qb can be accurate and not make mistakes.
  8. No way that’s a catch. But we are in a tough spot. Kick a 50+ yarder with a kicker who is struggling today or punt and pin?
  9. That kick should never be that close regardless, but that looked like it was in to me?
  10. 3rd and inches: HB pass trick play 4th and inches: stretch run How about we just pound it up the middle or QB sneak it?
  11. Oh boy, what’s the rule this year in terms of controlling the catch through impact?
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