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  1. That’s honestly not a bad deal tbh. Surprising. I’m still trying to figure out how we have up so much for Armanti Edwards back in the day...
  2. Here's the thing. What is a 23 year old WR with 600+ yards and 6TD worth? That's at least a 3rd round pick. People aren't "over valuing" Samuel for saying that. It's the truth. I'd like to see the percentage of WR draft 3rd round or later who have at least a 600 yard season. It's probably like 5%. Samuel has shown potential and supposedly Joe Brady likes him, so it would probably have to be a 2nd for us to consider it. I'd trade him for an average starting O-Lineman in a heartbeat tbh.
  3. Not wrong. Control the lines, control the game. Unfortunately, our O-Line was atrocious so no amount of defensive linemen is going to help that. But still it would be nice to have a respectable defense again. Remember when we were getting gashed on the ground and then we drafted KK and Star and all of the sudden we had a good defense. It makes a big difference to have a couple anchors in the middle.
  4. Man these inspirational stories are awesome. That Austin Jackson story just hit hard. What a freaking guy.
  5. I mean, it fills a huge need, best player at his position, probably top 3 player in the draft. So yeah I can see why.
  6. That Goodell commercial was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen
  7. Judging a qb off their rookie year performance is hilarious. Try and guess the qb with these rookie stats and tell me if they would be a good qb or not
  8. I mean, Young would be the most talented DE Rivera has had as a coach so I mean it makes sense. And yes Peppers is one of the best of all time but he was also what 36 when he came back home?
  9. Yeah the Temple - Baylor rollover is real. I'd like to see how many staff+players have rolled over since Rhule took over. It's quarantine after all... To be fair, it's pretty impressive just how many Temple players from Rhule's era actually had the chance to play in the NFL. Silver lining I suppose.
  10. We have so many holes in the roster that trading back and gathering picks would be the best move imo. But Hurney will probably trade back in the 1st, only to trade up in the 2nd for a D2 player that could be had in the 5th round.
  11. Wait, people still think tanking works in the NFL?
  12. Yeah but we are all still trying to figure out why being white has anything to do with being a great player or getting a contract extension? lol please stop doubling down on digging your hole
  13. At first glance, I about spit out my coffee when I saw the contract details. But it kind of makes sense given a few points: He’s only 23. Most bad RB contract are bad because they pay a 26 year old for 5 years, who of course starts to decline by the end of the contract. I can’t say CMC will decline or not by 28 but I wouldn’t bet against him. He was our entire offense on a bad team. I’m excited to see how the new coaching staff can utilize him with an improved WR group. And lastly, they need to sell tickets. This offseason has gutted the team of all name recognition for most fans. Cam, Luke, Olsen, all gone. 3 of the best players in franchise history gone in an offseason. They need a player to get fans in the seats and CMC is that player.
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