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  1. At this point, I would have rather just kept Allen and saved 20 million to roll into next year. Teddy looks like he doesn’t give two shits out there.
  2. I mean, 8/11 from 40-50 and 8/11 from 50+ is pretty dang good. I’m not sure I’ve seen a kicker attempt 11 50+ yarders in a season but it’s pretty impressive
  3. For comparison, last year Slye went 16/22 from 40+ (73%) and over his career, John Kasey went 162/244 (66%) from 40+.
  4. I mean from a pure stats point of view, Slye had a heck of a year last year...granted, he had a few crucial misses (NO). GP FG FG% 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ LNG XPM XPA PTS 16 25-32 78.1 0-0 4-5 5-5 8-11 8-11 55 31 35 106
  5. Honestly would have rather them play action and go for a shot and miss than that mess
  6. It was after a Raiders play which gain like 1 yard and there was a huge roar. They said something along the lines of making fun of 1 yard big plays
  7. I love that the announcers just called it out lol
  8. Charlton is legit. He might shank 1 once every now and then but otherwise he’s got a cannon
  9. I really liked the way he played a few years ago. Glad he’s back in the team
  10. Charlton struggled with shanks in college. He can boom it 60+ and then shank it for 20 in the same game.
  11. Imagine if Ginn caught those easy passes? He runs crisp routes and is fast as crap, he'd be a 1000 yard receiver probably with Cam
  12. I'd be all in if there is a clause that says Smith can't talk to anyone in the locker room. Trash talk it up on the field.
  13. Two things: I think it is hilarious how everyone on the Huddle has all of the sudden taken up favorites and say that they MUST be kept when probably a fraction have even attended training camp. On another note, ESPN's current depth chart is pretty awesome. Check out the weakside linebacker position hahahaha
  14. I honestly like the pick. Sure Winslow would have been the more glamorous pick, but I feel like he would die in our offense. If freaking Clifford will actually run a real offense where more than a handful of plays are designed for the PF, then I think Frank will shine. This also allows us to play Biz more in my opinion without losing the production/defense of having Marvin out there.
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