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  1. Wow, I completely missed the fact that he converted to WR. Strange because he was a solid RB for the Vols, just a bit of a head-case. Seems like he did okay at WR. Do not want toxic players though.
  2. Please lord we better keep Bacon. Ever since he’s begun starting we’ve been winning
  3. Gaulden seemed like a wasted pick at the time of the draft and still looks that way. He's not very athletic and looked lost last season, so...not sure why that warranted a 3rd round pick...
  4. The second team got into a really good rhythm there at the end of the 1st. I hope Bacon keeps getting minutes to close out the season. Frank has looked good as of late as well surprisingly.
  5. I'd take Clark on the same contract for another year as depth in a heartbeat.
  6. And if he got hurt last season at a position with some of the highest injury rates then that's all he would have gotten. Now he as 30 million and an opportunity to make even more if he keeps his performance up. 30 million > 14 million Stable income > Not stable income
  7. I literally don't know why we keep trying to move our best tackles to play other positions. Moton played fantastic at LT, then we move him to RT for some reason. Starting tackles are hard to come by, but sure let's move our RT to play guard
  8. Doesn't make any sense. Eric Reid is the most box SS in the league and needs a free flowing FS for this to work.
  9. Why do we insist on looking to sign expensive backups? Guys like Bortles, Keenum, and Kap don't come cheap.
  10. This is depressing. It's not that Shaq has been truly a bust, he just hasn't lived up to expectations whatsoever.
  11. The 3 biggest weaknesses on this team are LT (Which we know Moton can play so this could be RT), free safety, and defensive end. We've been able to scheme around crappy RT play for many years now, although it's not idea, and we can find somebody adequate at FS. Capable defensive ends don't grow on trees and they aren't cheap. If Addison ever goes down then we are going to be full on poo storm on defense.
  12. True. So much potential, yet so much volatility lol
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