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  1. Not even in the last 2 seasons, considering last year Suh and Donald lined up next to each other....
  2. Wow, that’s a great deal! Has he had injury issues recently? I remember he was talked as top 2 DT in the game a few years ago then all of the sudden Bucs fans wanted him cut. Was it only his contract that was bad?
  3. You'd have to be blind to not see just how freaking explosive this man is out of breaks. I'd like to see a stat on average separation per route run. Guarantee he was first on the team and probably top 15 in the league.
  4. Most people listed so far are not under-appreciated... Kyle Love
  5. This. How many times does this board need to be told this? Just because he doesn't get ints doesn't mean he isn't a good cb. Bradberry is solid and will probably get 10-12 per which would be fair.
  6. I Butler's natural position was 3-4 DE in college right? Maybe he plays better there? One can hope. Lol at Addison at 3-4 DE
  7. Looking back it sure looks bad. Still agree with not signing Norman long term but he would have been huge on the franchise tag.
  8. I think it was a pretty smart pick tbh. Grier has a ton of upside. However, he has the same flaw as Cam but without the arm, doesn't use his lower body to throw. Well Cam never fixed that and we've seen what that's done to his shoulder. Maybe Grier will adjust since he won't be able to compensate with arm strength. If he didn't have this issue Grier would probably have been a first round qb. Hopefully Norv and the coaches can pull some magic. Cam's a baller when healthy, obviously. But he's not healthy and may not ever be healthy again. It's not hating if you are literally just taking precautions in case he can't perform any more.
  9. Wow, I completely missed the fact that he converted to WR. Strange because he was a solid RB for the Vols, just a bit of a head-case. Seems like he did okay at WR. Do not want toxic players though.
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