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  1. Use Foreman and Chuba just like we did with Stephen Davis and Deshaun Foster.
  2. It wasn't the result we wanted, but it felt damn good to be hyped for a Panthers game because the product on the field was exciting to watch. This offense put up 450+ yds of offense!
  3. Welp...looks like we'll have a new kicker next week.
  4. I still think the structure was set up to where Fitterer was told to do what ever Rhule wanted. And the statement about Rhule wearing people down to get his way fits with that. But Fitterer still has to hold the L for the Darnold 5th year option.
  5. Baker is a dwarf that can't see the field. Simple as that.
  6. I just honestly think Baker's too short. That and he's overthrowing receivers worse than Cam ever did...and Cam did it a lot.
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