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  1. Have we mentioned that absolutely no one wanted a 17th game?
  2. I still believe it's a trash move to add one more game, but take away the bye week for the #2 seeds.
  3. Get the local kid from Concord -- HAMSAH NASRILDEEN!
  4. Since we all know a new stadium is coming, I really hope they build it like Arizona or Tottenham like they referenced.
  5. I also say Circa Survive, but I'm going Blue Sky Noise & "Imaginary Enemy"
  6. Congrats on a legendary career! He was always a thorn in our side. Hopefully NO struggles with the QB position for a while.
  7. This is the only thing we should be concerned about. Remember when they had to recently cancel that game in Mexico City for a similar incident?
  8. Cam took a team with no defense and practice squad offensive weapons and still won more games than us. He's not as good as he once was, but no QB was gonna take NE as far as he did under those circumstances. I'm not ready to call his career over.
  9. We've known since the schedule release that this was going to be a tough game. To many people, the Packers are still the best team in the NFC. While a loss here wouldn't derail our season, a win would be huge for the Panthers. Not only to stay undefeated, but it shows that we can win big games. The past 3 weeks have felt like playoff games and this one will be no different. A win here builds that experience and confidence that will be beneficial in January. The Pack is good, but we ain't too shabby ourselves.
  10. That one is for all those "Tolbert needs to be cut", folks! TOLDOZER!!!
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