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  1. Bucs are looking to do everything they can to win a SB with Brady. Look for them to draft as many OL as they can.
  2. What if Hurney and Tepper kept him out of the loop to such an extent that he had no idea they were trying to trade Newton, hence his comments about being excited to work with him? That strikes me as far more likely of a scenario than Rhule being in on it. I think Tepper blindsided him.
  3. I would absolutely like to order two. Absolutely willing to pay. Please PM me the details.
  4. Based on Rhule's statements that he wants to focus on defense first, and his comments about stopping the run and running the football is he that much different than Rivera? Even came out and said he doens't believe in firing coaches. Sure he says he wants to use sports science but I'm not sure I believe that if Hurney is gonna be at the top of all of this. I think Rhule is gonna be Ron 2.0.
  5. If the team is preparing to move Newton via trade or release then that can only mean one of a few things: 1) Cam is tired of how he's been treated here and is ready to play for a new team 2) The team no longer believes he can fully recover to his 2015 or even 2016 form I dont really think there are any other scenarios. Either Cam is tired of being a panther for a number of reasons like O Line, etc or the team no longer believes in his play and his ability to recover. Cam may retire after this, or he may sign a new contract. Ive been leaning toward retirement seeing as how Luck just did it and Cam has gotten an equivalent level of hits put on him in his career. Very sad day in Carolina. But I will say this to end, Ron and Hurney MUST go as well if Cam goes. I dont want to watch a Ron Rivera/Marty Hurney team with no Cam.
  6. I would love these tickets as the 17th will be my 30th birthday and I would love nothing more than goino and watching the seahawks lose. I have loved the panthers ever since I read my first article about how TO came back. I am a new fan but I'm a die hard one and I'm here for life.
  7. Great stuff. I even shared it with my 50 followers on Twitter.
  8. Seems to me like he hates our team and our fanbase. I am fully expecting him to retire a raven now.
  9. Great pics. Hopefully we will see Delaire continue to blossom. If Allen doesnt end up contributing much, I hope he pours as much knowledge into Delaire and co as he can.
  10. They also have a bad kicker from what I've heard of their team. As long as our D can hold em from scoring I think we can win easy. They have a hard time hitting FGs.
  11. Cam will keep us from losing to their silly trap. He seems really focused this season and I expect him to continue to perform.
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