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  1. Due to his own biases he will always be a coach that requires injuries to give younger guys chances at starting. Is that who we want driving our team for another 5 years? Because I'm getting to the point where I don't. Ron may have a 'defensive pedigree' but we've never had a #1 defense while he's been here and right now while our defensive line is getting to the QB the opposing teams are still getting a lot of third down completions. Im not convinced he can ever win a Super Bowl. 2015 was his chance with us and he blew it.
  2. THEY WERE fuging PLAYING HIM WITH AN INJURY AGAIN! FOR THE THIRD fuging TIME! How many times does Rivera have to do this before we get rid of this piece of crap?
  3. Falcons drafted two lineman in the first round, and while it may take them time to get up to speed, we havent spent a single first rounder on a T or a G/C. Dont we owe it to Cam to get him quality protections? Its time we use actual assets to fix this.
  4. we need to create pressure on Winston, every one knows he can't handle it and starts throwing picks. Will we actually use our 3 man front and rush Burns upright instead of putting his hand in the dirt? Who knows? Offense needs to hit the long balls and make them respect our deep game. If they know they can crowd the line its gonna be a long night.
  5. If we don't win this game it does not look good for the rest of our first half season. The bucs are as easy a team to beat as any in the NFL and our defense should be more than capable of stopping the run against a Tampa offense that still has OL issues. The offense needs to go vertical early and often to keep the bucs D honest. Id love to see some RPO designed runs for Cam as well to keep the LBs on their toes. No more Alex Smith football, please.
  6. 24 Panthes 21 Bucs Panthers Offense stalls coming out of the gate once again in the first half. Cam throws a pick early and leads to a Bucs TD. Second half the offense gets rolling and scored TDs on consecutive drives, but the defense dissapears and lets the bucs back into the game at the end. We win on a last second field goal.
  7. I liked that Chase got excited for his guys when they blocked that punt. He watched film and saw a weakness and exploited it. Damn if only our other coordinators would do more of that.
  8. I wonder how much we are going to have to pay him if we want to keep him?
  9. The defense played very well in the first half and like poop in the second half. Its basically what has happened under Ron ever since he's been here. This happened even in 2015, we just had a lights out offense to compensate. Ron sucks at adjusting mid game and probably always will.
  10. Rams 24 Panthers 17 Gurley runs over our new defense while we still get the kinks out. OL gets crushed by Rams pass rush on the left side as Williams and Van Roten are focused on.
  11. Grier doesnt look good to me at all.. I honestly hope we draft another guy next year.
  12. Im actually happy with this. I didnt think Boston was that bad. Hes far and away the best coverage safety left on the market at the very least.
  13. Just a bruised quad for him, I'm afraid. I doubt he will miss and serious time due to it.
  14. To add on to what you are saying here, was there ANY attribute that Gaulden has that is above average or more? I don't think so. I gotta say im really tired of the Scrub Carousel we have at FS.
  15. I completely agree, we do this wayyy to often. My issue with drafting non-athletes is they often have zero room for error. Im not too keen on drafting guys that have to play perfectly in order to be successful. I was unaware of Little having bad agility and vert jump scores. That definitely shakes my confidence in him.
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