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  1. jrc1106

    Federal court rules Obamacare unconstitutional

    No fugstick, she has MS, Hashimodo’s disease, and recently had a bout with renal cancer. fug anyone that thinks we should be buried under insurmountable debt for something we didn’t fuging ask for.
  2. jrc1106

    Federal court rules Obamacare unconstitutional

    As someone who’s wife has a couple of “pre-existing conditions” fug them and fug anyone that backs that bullshit.
  3. While Turner has been a breath of fresh air, it’s not like this offense is setting the world on fire. I’m not saying he needs to go, but I won’t loose a minute of sleep if he does.
  4. jrc1106

    Haunting of Hill House

    I liked it, but didn't love it. I agree that the ending left a lot to be desired, it just seemed like a major let-down after a big build up.
  5. Head’s up for anyone interested, The Complete Collection of H.P. Lovecracft, Kindle edition is $0.99 on Amazon right now.
  6. I'd give a standing ovation at this news, but I'd have to do the ol' waistband tuck thing first. @‌jcreason79 on the twitterer
  7. It still irks me to no end that Stahan is in the Hall, but Greene is still waiting. Freakin popularity vote.
  8. jrc1106

    Going surf fishing at Topsail island

    There's easy access on the north end, at the New River. Right at the mouth of the river there is a large flat with a couple of good troughs running through it that I've caught some decent drum out of. This time of year you can probably use a regular fish finder rig for sharks and be ok, but in the summertime you'll want something to keep it off the bottom or the crabs will destroy your bait before a shark ever finds it. The "pulley rig" works great for this if you're casting baits, and not 'yakking them out. I'll be down there late next week, hoping to catch something on the fly.
  9. I've been a huge fan of TD since his days at UGA. Glad to see him getting some well deserved accolades. We just cleaned the house yesterday, but it got dusty as hell in here during that speech.