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  1. We will still score points. But their defense is much better than the Raiders’ is. 38 to 24 Bucs
  2. It’s not surprising and scary at the same time that there are people okay with Teddy being the guy for more than one year.
  3. Don’t think I’d get along with too many of you guys with college sports lol
  4. Too early to tell. Let’s play some decent teams before I make a choice
  5. Outside of CMC our best offensive player. Hell of a game for Robby
  6. You can’t be serious. You think this team can win a Super Bowl with Teddy Bridgewater? He silenced no one yesterday. I know it’s hard for Panthers fans to not accept mediocrity since we’ve done it for so long, but the ultimate goal is to win a title. Teddy can’t do that for us.
  7. I think it’s possible we get 5. That is to me the best possible scenario after losing week one. Winnable games left: Lions Bears Falcons Broncos @ Washington Maybe the saints aren’t playing week 17 and we get that one too
  8. No team in the NFL is winning a championship with Teddy Bridgewater as the starter. Just won’t happen. There’s a reason he’s on his fourth team in 4 years. If your ultimate goal is to not win a title, sure, let’s stick with our current guy.
  9. This was arguably the 3rd or 4th easiest game in the schedule, at home, and we lost. I do agree the future is bright, though. I really like Brady’s scheme. I just think we need a different guy running it.
  10. Lol at anyone who thinks Teddy Bridgewater is the guy going forward. You’re absolutely kidding yourself if you don’t think we would take Lawrence or Fields given the chance. Even on his best day, TB is a back end starting QB who isn’t going to win you a super bowl
  11. I wouldn’t say Teddy looked great. He did alright. Couple of passes could have been easily picked off. He missed a few easy throws. Every pass he threw that was longer than 15 yards looked like it fluttered. CMC is still CMC. Best running back in the league by quite a bit. Defense has a lot of growing to do.
  12. Raiders 31 Panthers 24 CMC gets two rushing. Teddy tosses one to DJ. Defense struggles mightily
  13. Under. We will have the worst defense in the league and Teddy might not survive the entire season. Tough schedule as well. Not to mention the weird offseason with new people at every key coaching spot. The recipe for a bad year is all there. 4 wins.
  14. I say 4 - 12. Beat Chicago, Detroit, Washington, and win a surprise somewhere. Maybe we get Atlanta once. Maybe not good enough to get Trevor but good enough to get Fields and that would be more than fine with me.
  15. Eagles, just like their fans, are trash. Solid on defense but I can see us having 3+ takeaways easily in this game.
  16. Falcons are overrated. They've been lucky to this point but I don't see anything that makes me believe they take our division crown from us.
  17. I've had a torn meniscus in both knees. No way he's done for the year if its just that. He would almost be ready for week one if this was the case.
  18. Saw KB went down watching the Panthers snapchat story. I was hoping it was some sort of cruel joke, but I immediately came to the Huddle afterwards and now I'm probably going to puke. Get well soon KB! What a terrible way to start the day.
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