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  1. Yep. I try not to hold that “fan” perspective against them if I can. Never being on a team or playing in anything competitive does that to a person. The 1% that make it to the NFL don’t lay down so easy . Not that hard to understand.
  2. I hear ya from a fan perspective. But from a team and organization standpoint bro you jut can’t ask a player to lay down and lose . Cmon man . Keep Pounding means nothing to some people on here. (Not meaning you) Counter argument to your counter argument. Losing mentality is a communicable disease. People say what they will about Rivera . (Much of it true) he won’t lay down though, I promise you that.
  3. Maybe. Also could be that we are all human and some of us learn from mistakes, time and perspective. Could be a combination with what you’re saying as well. Either way so far he’s been impressive .
  4. Yes. I want to see who the box jump champion is this year as well.
  5. Word on the street is that he runs wild on em brother.
  6. Not sure about his tape but that’s some decent numbers LG.
  7. What the hell? Friggin weird up in here, and I Lauuve it!
  8. This wouldn’t be flashy but probably awesome.
  9. Interesting thread Page 1 - Suspense and hope Page 2- Excitement and the thrill of victory Page 3- Defeat and apathy
  10. Yea man, that’s what I was thinking. That seems really low .
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