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  1. Then the crowd should yell LUUUUUKE every time he makes a tackle.
  2. Agree ...but kicker never gets the designation greatest player on any team .. ever. no reason to put him in the mix. He also lost us the Super Bowl
  3. Disagree. Luke will be I believe and fairly certain about it.
  4. Scrolled back up to give you pie after it hit me . nice work .
  5. Absolutely... here is for hoping we found the next of one of those guys .
  6. Yea good point, was going to say something similar in @panther4life post. It is pretty striking to think about but it really is life in the NFL . Got to catch that lightning in the bottle . Looking forward to new adventures honestly .
  7. 1- I was j/k 2- Yea man that sounds like a lot to manage . 3-Can I put my trailer on the back end of your 40 acres ? 4- The above statement is not a figure of speech that means something dirty. 5- What the hell is a cottage?
  8. Ewww Sorry bro, Seems a bit trivial with this comment . gross
  9. Good topic...Side note I was going back to look at post history for fun and it looks like we’ve lost a bunch of post history starting mid 2016 . Or is that just me ?
  10. Cmon now . Winning division titles, 2 Super Bowl appearances in 20 years and having an overall franchise record at or right around .500 isn’t competitive? Maybe you meant we haven’t been dominant.
  11. Cmon @Mr. Scot I know it’s a slow week for news but don’t get pulled into the Tinderbox bro
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