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  1. arbnranger

    Updated Remaining Schedules

    So first step is pulling for Miami vs The Vikes and then hope we win on Monday night? Would that scenario give us control if we win out ?
  2. arbnranger

    Game last night

    Ouch, that stings.
  3. arbnranger

    Ron Rivera: Just Average

    I don’t know about that man. Word on the street is that if he gets a few shots of tequila in him he gets “buck wild”.
  4. arbnranger

    Funchess on playing time.....

    Not sure if it’s fair but I jumped off the Funchess bandwagon when he got weird about being called “Fun Fun” Being focused on that tells me something.
  5. Wow. Unless I read this wrong, Charlotte appears to be the worst violators in the NFL and NBA.
  6. arbnranger

    Ron Rivera: Just Average

    I understand what you’re trying to say and agree he is average or slightly above but not much more. This quote I can’t agree with though. To say that coaching had almost nothing to do with the success that year is disingenuous.
  7. Opinions on Vernon Butler and what’s the story with him .
  8. With the exception of about 3/4 players, I see pretty much every person on this team getting roasted. Deservedly so.
  9. Thanks for posting. Dam, that effort makes me want to puke. Adams was Cleveland’s best blocker. Luke showing how it’s done.
  10. Samuel has more talent more so than anything else.