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  1. First time Nfl coach .. youngest team in the league .. new QB , team mvp not playing.. shall I go on .. jeez bro cut them some GD slack
  2. I think this is a better question. If I’m guessing from the vibe, Rhule is thinking long term. Don’t get me wrong , Boston is terrible on the field for the most part but he is an emotional leader for the young guys. Let him ride this year to establish some culture is what I’m seeing. (Long game ) I never defend Boston but more defense of Rhules vision of what we have ...and where we need to go . 3d chess and a lot of nuance in the locker room. My optimistic 2 cents bro .
  3. Will be flipping back and forth but Pats vs Bills and Seattle vs San Fran both sound like good games.
  4. He’s not bad He’s decent, we all thought he would be much more so he’s a bit below our expectations. HeS not bad ... not awesome though.. just decent . Not 100 percent worth the contract but close . again , he’s not bad ... but not great .. has some good moments and I think he contributes a lot outside the X and O’s Like a Toyota Tacoma ... Not necessarily worth the money ... but you like driving around in it and it will produce a decent product most of them time.
  5. Why does the model of his car matter or am I missing a joke? Being serious
  6. Diddy you need a time out homeboy
  7. Get the F off the field pie .
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