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  1. Thanks for the recap and thoughts. I only got the opportunity to watch the NFL highlights clip .
  2. So many trolls in this thread. (Albeit decent, subtle trolls on both sides) Troll respect on this one.
  3. To me, this isn’t a distraction to the team at all. Just like with any team or organization, people have different opinions. Some stronger or even opposite than others. Those dudes are pros , the only thing most of them were thinking about when Reid was having that interview is where they are going to eat. If our team is distracted over something this small we are in for a very long sad season.
  4. Thought it was hilarious that Cam just threw Oliver in there out of the blue. It looks like it took “91” a second to realize Cam was talking about him . Hilarious .
  5. Wow man that was well done. Enjoyed it. You can tell Cam is talking to a lot of the young fans trying to give some inspiration.
  6. Yea man , having that 25 year patch on there would be sweet. I’m sure somebody on here has the one that had the 10 year patch on it .
  7. Happened to me with poker back in the day. Is it just me or is it strange a person can’t bet or gamble their own money from home ?
  8. Ahhh.. Yea that makes sense now. I marathoned “All or Nothing” and was in that mode.
  9. From “All or nothing “ Ron Rivera : ” This is their fuging history ... this is who the fug they are ... they expect you guys to roll over YOU CANT! You have to defy them and challenge their ass... You gotta hit that center in the fuging mouth .. THATS how you beat these GDam teams!”
  10. Nah man , this deal outlines from last years training camp to the draft of Burns this year.. I’ve never seen anything so comprehensive that focused solely on the Panthers like this. I think it’s 8/9 episodes .. details every game we played last year. Sure it’s scripted and crafted but it’s Inside the locker room . Paints a totally different picture than what us fans get to see from regular media. Rivera is a bad ass like I thought he would be behind closed doors. Man his speech at halftime when we were getting our ass handed to us in Pittsburgh is fuging epic. You really get a picture of why players like him and Coaches respect him. Tepper influence is huge and you see it.
  11. Keep watching edit : I may break it down in a thread. From Greg’s preseason injury to Hurndog describing how they want to describe Burns “title position “ at the draft. “DE/OLB/Pass Rusher/Edger Rusher” Awesome stuff.
  12. Hard to believe I haven’t heard more about this show here on the Huddle... Am I missing the convo ? I was reluctant to watch at first just because I felt the disappointment when it happened. If you’re thinking that, think again. This show is fuging awesome for a Panther fan . Trust me. You’re welcome.
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