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  1. Thanks for posting all of these @ncfan. Great stuff I love how Pep has already learned the “Ive got to get back to a meeting “ line in corporate world.
  2. Yea agree. Also, although we bust on Rivera (warranted a lot of times) the players do like him. I’m sure he made a good impression on McCoy as well.
  3. Dam that was bad ass. Always will be one of my favs.
  4. I tell ya ... after being in Kansas for 5 years it’s given me a good perspective. Kansas is know for their beef and over all tastiness. Their pork is good as well. I think the bbq itself is fairly equal but where they fail is the sauces. Man you just can’t beat that vinegar sauce. Hard to find here. Also the slaw man ! They can’t hold a candle on the slaw. The yellow slaw and the vinegar based i miss a lot . Finally they fall short on the hush puppies as well. Bbq for me is the meal , not just the meat or pork . Oh and to bring it back ... did we sign McCoy yet ?
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