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  1. I already have my PSL's but I'll take those field passes and gladly give the tickets away to another deserving huddler. I love the team, to the point that a selling point on my new apartment was that I'm literally right next to the stadium so I can walk over to practice and can interact with players more regularly
  2. It's the 3rd coldest game in history, so I dont think every game is this bad. I think bridgewater is more of a short pass guy based off what they were saying pregame
  3. They have done that for a long time. Unbundle your panties
  4. While thrilled we won I'm slightly sad we didn't see Wegher. I'll take that W all day however
  5. He knew Olsen, probably only because you could see it on his jersey
  6. I really thought you couldn't challenge down by contact
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