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  1. This is what happens when we play 4 complete quarters.. omg completely rediculous! !!! Freaking sickos
  2. I can't even deal with this panthers team anymore!!!!!! We just dropped 50 on these mother fuggers!!!!!!! Luuuuuuuukkkkkkeeeeee
  3. Best quarterback in the league! Hands down!!!! This team is amazing
  4. So pumped up!!!! Let's eat some birds tonight boys!!! #keeppounding
  5. Love the panthers!!!! Loved them when they lost, loved them when they win!!! My 6 year old daughter loves luke... and i love them all... I will never be able to afford tickets to a game, much less the play offs! Would be a girls dream come true!
  6. Game time can't get hear fast enough!!! I think this game will be to harder than expected. The Aints are our rival and they are coming for blood. The Panthers are 11-0 for a reason no matter what anyone says! They work hard, and play as a team!!! I can taste the victory baby!!!! 12-0! Panther nation. Let's keep pounding!
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