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  1. I want to see us get a lot of pressure from the D line today. If we can't get pressure against the Bucs terrible O line, we might not get pressure on any team this year. I'm really excited to see Jared Allen do some serious work. Prediction: Panthers 27 Bucs 9 Go Panthers!
  2. I attended this game. I sat on the second row in the end zone where Hixon caught the game winner. I got absolutely soaked but it was absolutely worth it. Luke dominated that game. We would not have even been in that game if it wasn't for him. Thanks Luke for helping make that the best game I have ever attended! Twitter handle: @michaeltpugh
  3. Oh no, now we are a 7-9 team at best! (according to PantherUnited)
  4. Me: "The Panthers are going to be really good this year." Friend: "Don't you say that every year?" Me: "...... um... but they are going to be really good THIS year...." It seems like this is the common consensus among Huddlers: The Panthers will have a top 5 defense The Panthers will have a much better offense, top 15ish The Panthers will have a much improved special teams unit The Panthers will win the NFC South I personally think this is the most confident I have ever been at this point in the offseason. I was way too confident last year. Going into the season, and even after the first two games, I was thinking we couldn't be stopped. After several blowouts, I saw the obvious holes in the O-line, secondary(as it was then), and WR core. How does your confidence going into this season compare with past seasons? Are we being homers, or do we really know that the Panthers are going to light it up in 2015?
  5. I will never forget the game vs New Orleans in 2013. I was sold tickets on the 2nd row at the goal line. The guy that sold them said he didn't want to get wet... Well that's what made it so fun. I was in the same end zone where Hixon caught the game winner, on the same side too. Easily my favorite Panthers game, but there have obviously been better wins over the years.
  6. Tom Brady will find some way to come out of this with less than 4 games. He deserves 4 games, but you all know how that system works. Donald Trump says he should sue lol. BTW I'm sure you guys are sick of ball comedy, but if you haven't seen this video, you are missing out. I nearly cried laughing.
  7. Just wait and suspend him in February since that might be who we play when we go to the Super Bowl...
  8. I just hope Cam doesn't expect to be the highest paid player when his negotiations start. I get the feeling Gettleman will shut that down real quick.
  9. The only reason we think DE looks bad is because almost every other position (besides safety, and maybe LT) is stacked. I personally didn't care for the Mayo pick. I wish We would have gotten a safety or DE there, but Gman knows better than me. But I think we will at least be better at DE than last year.
  10. I completely agree with you here. That is the way I would like it to look, but the coaching staff does love Harper and I would be surprised if he doesn't see the field much.
  11. After just one round of the draft, we already have a possible change on defense. The addition of Shaq Thompson could make our defense much more dynamic, but it could also reduce the role of our very underrated corner Bene Benwikere. Gettleman and Rivera talked about Shaq's versatility some last night. The way I see it, Shaq will likely be out there for not only our base package, but also most nickel situations. Will the addition of Shaq give Bene a reduced role? Or do you expect Bene to start opposite Norman instead of Tillman? Some have even mentioned the possibility of moving Shaq or Tillman to safety. We also may add even more depth pieces in the coming rounds. How do you expect our secondary to shape up?
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