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  1. if it's a sure thing, everything we got from san fran since they're trying to stock pile, and our first this year. maybe fourth and fifth next year.
  2. lol, everyone WRONG AGAIN. Wonder if Pagano would come be DC?
  3. Lmk when you realize that was irsay. He also was oc when wentz was drafted. MAYBE work with corral
  4. His best bet is to bring in a good oc to call plays
  5. Casuals will bitch about wilks for a while. Hopefully he just stays on as d coordinator. These same people still bitch about not drafting fields
  6. Honestly the offense doesn't need much in terms of free agent signings. Corral/Darnold, ink Foreman ASAP, maybe a veteran WR, but a splash TE would be a key addition. DJ with a top WR, a solid veteran slot/#3 and maybe some OLine depth due to these injuries where the guys shouldn't have been playing in the last game to begin with. Defense is definitely different. Need pass rusher, middle linebacker, corner, safety, defensive tackle, you name it. No depth at all on this defense and it's swiss cheese to begin with.
  7. trying to claim him just like bama trying to claim Hurts now? shame.
  8. I'm fine with Reich. I think a lot of the problems was the roster assembly up there under Broussard or whoever the GM was. Not to mention Irsay, and while Tepper is poo, HE AIN'T IRSAY. Continuity was beyond his control as Irsay kept wanting splashes (well poo so does this fanbase). But whoever takes over the deal better be four years and no more. We need the Bengals model to be successful. Just remember the Jacksonville game for the Colts last year and how awfully mismanaged that was. I don't think any of these three would serve as a good head coach, but out of the three, it should be wilks just because we know what we already have. If we have interviewed this many people and it's a no, and nobody has said from which side the NO came from, that is a HUUUUUUUUUGE red flag much like this past preseason.
  9. If they win the super bowl he absolutely wont
  10. Teppers wife: will you do everything i say? All eight coaches that left: no
  11. Honestly i say we roll with what we got, lock up foreman for four years and keep with chuba and alternating. depends on the coach thought, but we have potential at the position that I don't think needs to be messed with.
  12. Okay now explain why Trey Lance was poo before he got hurt? He was a top pick and you have a seventh rounder outplaying even the longtime starter. Stop throwing poo at the wall and hoping it sticks. Surround your quarterback with protection and playmakers or you end up with justin fields.
  13. screw this project poo. We need someone to come in step in and ball out. We've missed on too many of these. Need someone better than DJ that will open up DJ for underneath routes.
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