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  1. Dallas is one and done again. Waste of a spot.
  2. Ben Johnson will come here.... For $200 million dollars in what will be the worst coaching contract of all time. The Tepper Tax we'll call it. Get Nicole her special wine.
  3. To make sure of that you better sit him so he don't get hurt. Start Dalton or he will get jordan travis'd
  4. You wanna pay all three when theres holes elsewhere? Burns gotta go but luvu and brown need to stay
  5. Ive said it this season. He most likely told frank to make sure the short quick passes are a thing in order to protect his asset.
  6. He will probably move the team now. Finally. Happiest day since his useless ass and nicole walked in the door
  7. Looool whaaaaat? Arguably the NFL's smallest market. Hes been a ploy inserted all along. They knew how he was. London, germany, st louis, orlando, you tell me
  8. bryce defenders out in force here. i'll admit my mistake in wanting him. It will take the right coach to create an offense that adhere's to his skills, but he'll probably get hurt. He has to roll out, we need read options where he actually keeps the ball. can't have your cake and eat it too teppa
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