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  1. Im ready for multiple mock posts on the huddle until april that arent even remotely right
  2. Didn't he have a ton of personal issues and severely lost the locker room in Washington?
  3. How much longer until we reach out to Adam Gase?
  4. we are stuck with rhule until year 5. he's not going to lose out on that much money
  5. Carter will start for the Saints next year. Or Bills. Whatever always gets our scraps and turns them around. This franchise is poo.
  6. fug, i just remembered, he benched eli. but he did get that right. he might have the toughness we need to put rhule in check, as well. just don't hand him the keys.
  7. now ask him what he thinks of Cam and you know what to do. Starting to possibly like this hire as long as he's not a yes sir guy
  8. First up, Houston passing coordinator as OC.... We're doomed.
  9. This also means Jay Gruden and Bill O'Brien already said no. Time to nab Jon Gruden for something.
  10. Sign Dan Henning. if he's still alive.
  11. with who we are interviewing, it looks like they already have. Vikings OC, Lions OC, Houston passing coordinator? Yeah, these offenses were rocking last year.
  12. Like trading away our future b/c WIN NOW MODE AT 3-0 and giving away a receiving option for a project corner that basically failed and has no enthusiasm for football only to ride the bench for the next two months?
  13. So, he's currently Houston's Passing Game Coordinator? Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Houston go without a coaching unit until like April? It really is because no one wants to be here no matter the money. They also know that most likely you take this position at OC, you'll be out by this time next year. Then again, there may be job security because Tepper is fuging stupid.
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