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  1. If they can get his footwork and pocket presence right, there's a chance. Not holding my breath.
  2. i wouldn't be surprised if we were 5-5 heading into the bye, but damn if we ain't winning a game down that final stretch.
  3. nah they'll just blame every one else like the bears did with Fields
  4. it depends on the team. they majorly overhauled the ravens a few years ago when they changed things up. I swear this team consistently has about the worst play selection in the game.
  5. the saints will still be someone on espn's pick to go to the super bowl and i will roast them on X
  6. you asked for a barometer in the title then the choices were our predictions. which is it? He needs to be competitive but won't be.
  7. knowing how this team works, johnson will have a TD week one but Theilen will continue to be force fed, Mingo and Legette will have little impact on the offense, and they'll continue to trot out Miles Sanders to run for a yard every down then punt. It's worse than John Fox era.
  8. how is it changing your mind? you've seen nothing of the product on the field. WE SAID THE SAME THING LAST YEAR
  9. Harrison played in the big ten and was a no show against Michigan, so he's a wash. This guy was the playmaker for an offense that with out him wouldn't have scored any points last year, like us. Nabors is the best in the draft, but i'd say he's second. Both Washington guys were great, but not singularity and they had a great QB and didn't play against good defenses outside of Oregon.
  10. Lets not forget no one wants to work for the guy that stops into dilworth to complain to the manager
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