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  1. Sounds like the christensen narrative is already flopped. What I tell you?
  2. Meanwhile, PFF says Christensen was the highest graded tackle in college, and most of you eat that up.
  3. Ned was far from the issue in games 1 and 2. It was lack of offense.
  4. Roddy's inept coaching cost us this series.
  5. I think Roddy forgot this was the fuging playoffs. Gotta pull him now down two.
  6. why the fug was Ned pulled prior to the last game?
  7. Mrazek is awful. Plays down to competition, chokes in the worst scenario. No idea why Rod decided to start him, but he should be pulled and benched as he was most of this year for a reason. Reimer would be smarted. Also, Rod is basically RON but in the NHL.
  8. Most of you look for anything to bash Ron on. We basically went into that game undefeated. why the hell would you fix what wasn't yet broke? When you lose the super bowl, you get exposed on the biggest stage and we never rebounded. You'll see this year with the Chiefs. I'll bet now that Rivera has a better win percentage than Rhule by the time Rhule is done. If we poo the bed the next two years, you gonna learn. Again, why fix what ain't broke? Now, should you adapt during the game? Yes. Rhule is better at doing that, but still not great.
  9. or those are garbage time stats and those 13 picks amount to pick sixes. Not sure how many times a cowboys qb is elite with stats but they win six games.
  10. and you, the useless fuging media, ate it up when we all knew better.
  11. yeah let's hate on the guy who was arguably the best coach in our history. you can argue Hurney was our downfall b/c of course. same could fall on Fox.
  12. You're wrong. It's all clickbait at this time.
  13. This is a Championship team plain and simple. Unfortunately, whoever wins this year will have an asterisk due to the format. I like these division alignments better and hopefully the nhl sticks with it.
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