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  1. i'd take a corner over a safety, but we had good luck with the last safety we drafted in that range so if this happens, i'd be ecstatic.
  2. Id take tannehill over rodgers in the playoffs. You know what youre getting with rodgers.
  3. Im proud for no one shitting on this. Well there ya go.
  4. Teddy is heading to the waiver wire June 1 and we are getting a roster spot.
  5. You all should be happy it wasmt the first this year. Think it's a great trade
  6. i didn't think he was a free agent. zero chance this happens. would be like we should trade for david carr b/c stats
  7. i have a thought. if we trade up to three now, there's a better chance we can get wilson. If they truly want Jones, he'll be there at 8. Hell he'd probably be there at 28. There was buzz about teddy going as a backup. We have to be exploring this.
  8. Can we pin this thread for when we go 11-5 with teddy at qb
  9. Because it was never not going to be this.
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