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  1. he said teams he wanted to play with, but money talks. pay him two years
  2. camp fodder at this point honestly
  3. that field is poo. someone getting hurt. hopefully mahomicide
  4. it's changed in the last few years. Prior to 2010, usually they don't pan out in the pros. Dorsey won a heisman, Vinny won a heisman, hell look at the running backs.
  5. so most of yall gonna be mad it's going to be bryce is what i'm seeing? Yall probably still want Fields even though he's a bust.
  6. That first sentence is what swayed Reich. It was stated a month ago after the combine. This is what we need. Haven't had since Cam.
  7. That falcons game, the one that really kept us from the playoffs. The bullshit call on DJ. If we win that game, most likely we make playoffs, wilks is still here and we are stick with darnold. We would have picked near 20 and no way to move up. DJ still here. Keeping a coach/manager certainly hasnt worked out for the Phillies this far. So thank the refs.
  8. the question is if the top RB is on the board when we pick in the second (kid from alabama) do we pull the trigger? I think we should and probably will.
  9. the interview a month ago won frank over. also i've heard CJ is starting to make some demands or have specific things he's being pushy on. it's going to be Bryce. It always should have been.
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