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  1. Are you having flashbacks to when you were an alter boy?
  2. It used to take you 4-5 pages before you would get called a condescending prick. Now about half that. I would say the boards changing for the better. Maybe if the sunshine pumpers hadn’t attacked any word that suggested we had issues on the team, there wouldn’t be as much backlash.
  3. I read through the responses and I still see nothing to help you(or anyone) understand this “improved” talk. Facts are usually where things go sideways when discussing Hurney.
  4. So are there actual reasons or facts behind any of these statements, or just your usual “cause I said so” schtick? Let’s start with defining your use of “better”. In what way is he better than DG?
  5. Not only pro, but only one game in college. And he’s coming off major knee surgery. But pointing out that this could be an issue was just negativity and couldn’t have been based on legit reasons that are playing out horribly.
  6. Surely not the same Torrey Smith who was a “good value” at 5M/year.
  7. Then I guess any OL drafted in the last 6 years could have been our LT. If a guy who never played OT in college or pros is an example, anyone is. And considering I was the biggest critic of the Matt Kalil signing, on this board, I sure am not arguing with that. But throwing away 25M on him isn’t a lack of trying to fix the position. It’s horrible judgement. If Greg Little is a bust, does that mean Hurney didn’t try or does it mean he picked the wrong player? As you have repeatedly said, hindsight is 20/20. And even using it it’s hard to find any decent options in the draft. Signing Kalil in FA, when there were other options available, was one of the worst signings ever. Just like I said before he signed and for the last two years. And that’s all on Gman.
  8. Moses isn’t a LT either. So he isn’t relevant if we a talking LT specifically. And Jackson was a reach so you could find someone we “should” have taken. And in an thread where people have been asked for any option available, that trade scenario could have made the whole discussion unnecessary.
  9. Hurney traded a 2013 3rd round pick for a 2012 4th he used on Joe Adams. That pick was #74 in 2013. Terron Armstead went to the Saints at 75. We had him in for a visit and he was being hyped as a potential pick. Now, how does a player that plays a position that we found two better players later in the same draft, have any relevancy to a discussion on LTs? You want to have a discussion about the LT position, we can. But if Gabe Jackson is in examples, guess where the L is hanging.
  10. Because I had a question about your example. Not anyone else’s. And your response is “why not”. My bad. I thought this was based in reality not whatever fantasy is needed. It wasn’t about the subject, it was about you and a shitty example that you still can’t admit was a shitty example. It has nothing to do with any other posts in this thread. No matter how much you want it to be. And bringing up Joe Adams is a lot more relevant to the discussion than a Guard that never played a snap at this Tackle-only discussion. Trading a 3rd for him cost us Terron Armstead.
  11. What thread? I asked a specific question. And you are now moving people to other positions they never played to justify it. And how could we know if most rookies suck, as you said. He could have been worse. Sorry to point out your(and you alone) piss-poor example. This debate has been done many times over and while Moses is often mentioned, that’s the absolute first I’ve ever seen Jackson, or any guard brought up as an example. But you gotta do you. Keep making it up as you go along.
  12. Many others have disputed the LT argument many times over. I asked you a specific question about your examples. And instead of just saying Jackson wasn’t a good example you go through all this. But you won’t even address that as you use anything to deflect from a reach of an example. Nothing to do with the thread. Completely to do with your ignorance.
  13. That has nothing to do with Morgan Moses(RT) or Gabe Jackson(G) does it. So if it was all about LT, why bring either up? Or couldn’t you find a LT to suit the agenda and just spit out anyone? Once again, which is it?
  14. I asked you who Gabe Logan was. You said who and I asked why you would bring him up. Then it went back to tackles only, when shown mentioning any G was ridiculous. So what part am I missing? I quoted your post. Don’t care about what came before that changes nothing in your post.
  15. Nope. Stating them. You seem to just include what you need to fit the agenda. You use a T and a G to prove a point then when it suits you, you want to claim tackle only. Do whatever you have to do to make sense.
  16. Yet you brought up a G(only) as an example. So which is it?
  17. And even with 20/20 hindsight, the examples you give don’t hold up. Yet the narrative that the GM who brought us 2 All-Pros and one second team All-Pro,(and Moton) somehow ignored the OL in 5 drafts.
  18. I still wish we would have looked into Jack Del Rio as DC. Would have helped with many of these problems.
  19. So your examples weren’t as good as what we drafted after them? How’s that work?
  20. Gabe Jackson? You mean a guy whose ONLY played G his entire career? The same position that we found TWO ALL-PROS later in the same draft. Sure.....that sounds reasonable. And since 2014 was the issue, his rookie performance certainly is relevant.
  21. 27M in dead cap space(20% of the total cap) was a pretty good reason. And Moses was horrible as a rookie and we found just as good in the 4th the next year. And he wouldn’t have helped at LT. We could have had Terron Armstead in the 3rd if the pick didn’t get traded for Joe Adams. And who’s Gabe Logan?
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