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  1. I had this exact issue with this exact ad when browsing from my phone after seeing this thread posted, multiple Entreso ads blanketing the thread and reply box. Don’t have the issue at all, however, when using my iPad or laptop so it may be limited to mobile devices.
  2. Arians sure does love the spotlight. Do you think he prefers Barnum or Bailey?
  3. Going to finish the whole video but just have to note, that first play is a perfect example of why CMC is so valuable. Every receiver was blanketed in coverage, but If teddy swung it out quickly to CMC, he only had to beat one linebacker in space which is a matchup he’ll almost always win.
  4. PS: I’ll readily concede whitehead is a weak spot. Having finished the all-22 to date, you almost feel bad for him. Dude is full effort just is slow to diagnose and even slower to react. Can understand why they’d make him a captain but he’s struggling mightily
  5. Other than the Falcons game after Burns went out, he was doing spot duty on third and long in wide sets with 3 and even 4 defensive end sets. We’ll need a greater sample size, but it was very encouraging seeing him fill the shoes of Burns in that falcons game. As a side note, this defense is not as bad against the rush as the stats suggest. If the game is within 14 points, Snow needs to throw those frontline defensive sets with nobody in the A gap in the trash.
  6. If Teddy beats them again can we call them the Teddy’s Bears
  7. So when is Brady scheming up a TD pass from Bon Bon to Teddy? And who knew, besides everyone, that we had an elite stable of running backs that merely required a competent scheme.
  8. I mean to be fair he didn’t even make a joke about rape. He referenced the absurdity of Weinstein’s actions to analogize to comedic effect. What Weinstein did is merely factual. His joke didn’t make light of that in any way. In fact, the reason it’s funny is that it underscores the reprehensibility of his actions.
  9. Been peeking their forum a bit all week just to get a sense of how their fans think of their 4-1 start. It’s kind of funny. There is a huge contingent of fanatical positivity and an almost equal measure of brooding cynicism. Maybe the years of Chicago letdown eventually require those extremes to keep one’s fandom burning. I mean we have our quirky ones here but for the most part we tend to range from cautiously optimistic to reasonably pessimistic.
  10. Does anyone know anything about Kerr’s toe injury? I see he’s questionable on the report. Could be significant if he can’t go. Roy definitely will not be generating any pass rush from the inside and Kerr has done an adequate job with that
  11. I expect Burns to play given he was cleared for contact today with no non contact green jersey. Our greatest weakness is run defense, but they are also bad at running the ball. On the other side of the coin, their pass defense has played well behind physical corners and a great pass rush, but they can be gashed in the run game as their backers are also a weak point. Ultimately this game is decided by turnovers, and I like the matchup odds there when pitting Bridgewater versus Foles and Brady versus whatever the hell Nagy is doing. Panthers 27-14.
  12. Damn. Was great seeing YGM starting to progress. Weatherly and Obada have done well in spurts opposite Burns. Assuming Burns is back, hopefully those other two can step it up another notch. Will be interesting to see what Snow does on third and long. He had been mixing in some three defensive end looks where YGM generated some great pressures (and I think a sack in the chargers game). With KK down as well, our DTs are gonna be gassed. Maybe Haynes gets a few more snaps in those situations with Obada kicked inside.
  13. Posted the following in another thread yesterday on the issue: “https://www.sportscasting.com/nfl-concussion-protocol-explained-how-does-it-work/ I think it’s a reason to be optimistic. Based on the above, I’d say he’s likely at the step right before being cleared (position Specific training minus contact activities) given he’s out there with a helmet. There are quite a few steps before: stretching only, then medically supervised light aerobic, then cardio then strength training. Then they can do position specific minus contact. The last step is the team clearing the player to return and the team’s neurotrauma expert concurring. Based on the speed of progression, seems possible they put him through the protocol out of an abundance of caution. I’d bet tomorrow we’ll have our answer.” It’s not 100% clear from the article whether returning to contact and the neurotrauma expert’s concurrence are simultaneous, but reason would suggest as much before returning to contact. I believe the fact that he’s been cleared for contact most likely means he’s cleared to play barring some bizarre setback.
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