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  1. This will likely be the season that causes Rivera to get fired. Should have been last season, but this season should be his last. This team looks lost culturally. Lack of effort and some hideous play calling on both sides.
  2. We might struggle to win 2 games. I am dead serious. Maybe top 3 pick this year. Unless something drastic changes. Smh.
  3. Our defense is very very good. Willing to go out on a limb and say I get 2015 feelings with this defense. Offense needs to pull it together. Hopefully, they will do so.
  4. Ron is a good players coach but a bad strategist. Little details matter. Why can't Cam call a few plays himself if the helmet is not working? It is what it is.
  5. Well it may be a longgggggggggggg season. Smh. That O line couldn't block a defense of 80 year old grandmas.
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