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  1. Pretty sure Luke is in a serious relationship. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of wedding bells soon. I'm guessing that was a big factor in his retirement decision.
  2. It's ok. We worked it out. Tons of Baylor fans vouched for Smoak as a careful reporter and generally reliable source for Baylor news. Even better, tons of Baylor fans RAVED about what a great coach and man Matt Rhule is. I'm following David Smoak now, but haven't noticed any new news related to Panthers.
  3. Honest question here. Who on the current roster could play MLB? How would you rank: Carter Kunaszyk Smith Could Shaq move to MLB?
  4. Yes, I've seen draft analysts suggest WR too. (Forget who... but definitely 1 or 2 have done it).
  5. Luke's retirement really does complicate the retool / rebuild and trying to figure out FA and draft priorities. As of right now I'd rank our non-QB position hole urgency as follows: DT / MLB / OL / S / CB I am assuming we re-sign Bradberry. Hoping Little will be healthy and develop into a solid player. Given the paucity of veteran leaders on our D, I'm guessing they'll try to get a veteran MLB in FA (Klein? Littleton?) to pair with a rookie drafted on day 2. QB of course is too messy to know what will happen. I'm still hoping Cam is healthy and the team and Cam will find some win-win agreement for both sides... Need to stock up on popcorn. This won't be a boring off-season!!
  6. Oh duh, my bad. Stupid mistake. Yes, I understand the scheduling process... But, sorry, I didn't look at the handle of who was posting. Need more coffee. Late night and early morning here. Not very awake yet even though it's nearly 11 am local as I type this.
  7. We do. And 2021 too I believe. Edit: I verified. Yes we do play them in both years. You can see future opponents here. https://fbschedules.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/
  8. Nephew, I believe. Not his son. Surprised we haven't seen Safety coach Richard Rodgers mentioned. Wasn't he Ron's roommate at Cal?
  9. The 3 out of 7 winning seasons is not valid since it was with 2 teams that were both garbage. If he'd stayed at Temple or Baylor for 7 years and had that record I'd be worried. But he turned around two terrible teams each within 2-3 years. Dang impressive.
  10. Apparently he has a passion for not losing to the same team twice. (Eg Penn State) And though I didn't watch the SugarBowl, I saw a bunch of people impressed with Rhule's halftime adjustments.
  11. My concern about Gano is his health. Not quite sure what his latest injury was... Saw something recently about a fracture, but it seems he's battled several things the past few years that have kept him off the field. There was so much turnover with kickers this past year. Seems like a lot of teams are looking for a better kicker. I lean towards trying to trade Gano and keeping Slye since we're in rebuild anyway. See how Slye is in his second year...
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