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  1. What's interesting is that so many of us were saying that about Curtis last season, coming off his bad ankle injury. I certainly didn't count on Cutis to contribute a whole lot and then was so thrilled when he did. I hope we'll have the same pleasant surprise with Olsen this year!
  2. Was dealing with back tightness. But he was back today. Think he should play Friday.
  3. Following the Houston despair re: Matt Kalil and their hopes for Trent Williams is kind of popcorn-worthy.
  4. I read Breer's treats. Never did I get the sense that Panthers are in the trade market. I thought Breer was just talking about evaluating the best guy among CAP, Scarlett, Holyfield...
  5. First I've heard of them. Do you have a link? Edit: Nevermind!! I see it now. For some reason it didn't load on my phone the first time. Thanks.
  6. Nope. Once a player has practiced, PUP is not an option. Only options now if he's not healthy would be to roster him, then to IR him and bring him back in 8 weeks.
  7. Yeah, it didn't really work out well for Hall and Elder to sit their rookie year.
  8. I love what Tepper's doing right now, but I honestly don't think you can compare current Tepper with 2017 Richardson. I have heard Richardson used to be much more engaged with fans in the early years, and I would guess his involvement on the football side was greater too. Even in recent years he certainly knew enough about the roster to get guys like Tre Boston and Marcus Ball cut for their "social activism." So let's talk about Tepper, yes, and what we like, or don't like, about what he's doing. But continual comparisons to JR seem unnecessary.
  9. Apparently it's the knee on his non-kicking leg. Same injury that caused him to miss end of season last year. Ron says he has "no concern" but given this injury recurring, I'd be a bit concerned. I'll be curious to hear whether Gano is kicking at all this week.
  10. We nearly had two takeaways last night. The other being when Gaulden (I think it was Gaulden) nearly caused a QB fumble and a scoop and score ( but it was ruled an incomplete pass) Very exciting to see more plays on the ball!
  11. He only played 10 snaps. 2 sacks in 10 snaps!! It seems he did ok on other snaps. Haynes did get pushed around some. Burns seems stronger.
  12. I agree to a large degree with those saying the team mismanaged the situation (playing him post-injury in 2016, delaying the surgery, and waiting too long to sit him last year.) But, I will add this disclaimer, Cam might not have been being honest with them about pain, etc. He alluded to that in a sense the other day, saying he's learning to be honest about his body and its needs. If Cam was hiding the true extent of his injury, it makes the job harder for trainers and coaches. Obviously some things can be known / seen without Cam telling the truth (heck we all knew things weren't right!) but perhaps Cam's competitiveness led him to deceive trainers to some extent.
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