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  1. I think it's probably true. Missing Cam and KK... TD, Ryan, Pep, Adams, Torrey Smith all gone. CMC is growing into leadership... Tre is trying to keep the D's energy up... McCoy and Irvin also helping, but both new to the team. Mario & Shaq both could play a role, but both dealing with family tragedies... It's tough. And not something that can magically fix in one off-season. Takes time to build locker room leadership cred, and gain the trust. Those golden days of 2015 were so special and rare.
  2. Um, you do realize the Patriots were filming the Bengals while they played the Browns. A week before the Patriots play the Bengals. Plenty of time to review that tape.
  3. I saw someone speculating that it's because they have new coaches.
  4. Why on Earth is this posted now? This was discussed extensively in July when All or Nothing came out. I agree with others that it's fine to see / know that Ron is not always stoic. But it didn't help the team improve, so not really sure that it's praiseworthy.
  5. Yikes. That's more than I expected. And the timing is pretty strange. Feels like we're missing some pieces of the puzzle, because as a stand alone move this doesn't quite make sense both in timing and cost.
  6. I'd think Tepper makes it pretty attractive given his frequently stated desire to have EVERY competitive advantage, then backing those words up with actions (building the bubble, the pending new practice facility, his openness to sign Eric Reid...) Tepper wants the Panthers to be a premium NFL brand. Could be a huge opportunity for a coach if they succeed here. Not to mention Charlotte and the Carolinas are a very attractive place to live ... Obviously there are roster questions, especially QB, but for some coaches the chance to pick their guy would increase the attraction.
  7. Not what I meant. Garrett is Ivy League. Didn't know Stefanski was before this thread. So if Tepper is determined to hire an Ivy guy, he doesn't have a lot of choices... That's all. Appreciate the thread in that I learned a lot about Stefanski. I don't generally know much about various coaching candidates except the few who have been HC already (Garrett, McCarthy...). So I don't have a lot of opinions. But I do not think Garrett is an upgrade. Do not want!
  8. Busy with a big report due tomorrow... Spent too much time on Twitter yesterday. Paying for it today!
  9. Ron *may* have been too much of a players' coach for his and our ultimate good. I *do* think the guys had grown too comfortable with him. And yet, Tepper could have been mentioning "old school discipline" not because it was lacking under Ron, but because he wanted that to continue while adding a more modern approach to the game. Panthers have been known for a very solid culture. No discipline problems to speak of for years. Character has been emphasized. But yes, perhaps some softness has crept in too. Hard to say. Overall I see our guys putting in the effort for the most part, but it's been somehow ineffective. I put that down to coaching. Not being able to correctly solve problems that are identified.
  10. Would love to pie this more than once. Been pretty amazing and strengthens my fandom. I like seeing Ron celebrated for all the good he's done. I think it helps allow a fresh start to have Ron go out on a positive note even with a fairly drastic in-season firing. Bitterness lingers and can really destroy organizations. Transparency is powerful for good.
  11. Could he be on a scouting trip somewhere? Not heard a peep from him...
  12. I started a Twitter thread here. Includes Cam, Greg, TD, CMC, Stew, Ryan, Peanut....
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