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  1. KB_fan

    Relevant Remaining Schedules

    I might start rooting for a Vikings win tonight to put us out of our misery more quickly. I think we should sit Cam and it's hard to believe that will happen while we're still "alive" as far as the playoff hopes go.
  2. Agree with a ton of the OP. Thanks Bronn. I too think we may need a 3rd QB, especially if Cam has any more surgery.
  3. Here are the tables I posted on Twitter We NEED 3 wins and 2 Vikings losses... In this scenario we could actually rest starters week 17 because we'd be locked in to #6. Critical games beside ours are MIN at SEA and MIN at Detroit. We need MIN to lose both. If Min beats Detroit but then loses to Bears we're still in, but would have to play at CHI.
  4. Yeah, Vikings are our biggest threat, IMO. I'm conceding #5 spot to SEA and only focused on fight for #6. Got to root for a SEA win this weekend.
  5. We really need Vikings to lose 2 if we can win 3. Ideally if we go 3-1, they lose to SEA and Det and actually beat Bears. I'm hoping Dallas gets #3 seed because if we snag #6 we have to play #3. Much better at Dallas than at Chicago! But right now ALL THAT MATTERS IS BEAUTIFUL CLEVELAND! **LOL**!!!! Autocorrect changed beat to beautiful!!!! BEAT CLEVELAND!!!
  6. I agree with you. Some folks (weirdly Jonathan Jones among them) have been saying Panthers want Vikings to win. Absolutely not. Vikings are our biggest threat I feel (beyond ourselves!) Here's what I came up with for the next 4 weeks. But it all starts with a W vs Cleveland.
  7. Even if you disagree with the conclusions about what we should do at each position group, it's useful info as far as contract and cap hit details for every player on the roster.
  8. I haven't been able to dig into all this yet. I'm juggling a lot of things as I get ready to head to the States in < 2 weeks. Lots of loose ends to tie up. But I really appreciate the effort in compiling all this info. It's helpful to be able to see data for each position group all in one place.
  9. KB_fan

    The Career Arc

    Good thread. Reasonable, rational discussion. Appreciate it! I'm tending to agree we need a change....
  10. https://www.panthers.com/news/stats-weekly-panthers-at-lions
  11. KB_fan

    Who to root for Week 9

    I'm a bit torn on this. Obviously what St Bugs says is true, but in case we are in a jumble for NFC wildcard, it would be better for Washington to win their division since we have a head to head win over Eagles. If Eagles win division and we are up against Skins for a WC spot, it's trouble. What do you all think?
  12. Didn't 3 other teams make it to 6-0 or 7-0 in 2015? Pat's, Denver, Bengals... Cam didn't start getting serious MVP talk until we started stomping on teams. (Washington, home vs Atlanta, etc) That said, I agree with others who say they don't care about MVP as much as wins and a SB trophy
  13. KB_fan

    Article on Cam in WashPo

    Think they mean 119 games. Cam has missed 3 games in 7+ seasons
  14. Yup. I knew he really had beaten all 32. Kudos to him.