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  1. ALL TRUE, Jeremy re: your OP. WAY TOO TIRED tonight to post stats, but I was surprised at comparing offensive stats for 1st 6 games of 2018 with 1st 6 games this year. (Identical 4-2 records). Pretty similar. And yet a LOT of this year's offense / scoring has been fueled by defense. That's where the real obvious difference lies between the two 4-2 squads. There was an interesting tweet today that caught my eye on this. Take it for whatever it's worth:
  2. Yup, thought I'd get ahead of the curve! There are so many stupid takes I want to shut up!
  3. After a little more searching, I found the clip in question. https://www.fox46charlotte.com/sports/ron-rivera-when-it-comes-to-concussions-dont-question-my-integrity It's from Dec 2015, question about Cam taking hits to the head and whether team failed to properly follow protocol. Can anyone make a GIF of the relevant section? It's at about 30 seconds in
  4. Hey y'all, anyone have or can find the GIF of Ron Rivera's presser (with sound) when he got mad at a Joe Person question and did the "uh uh uh uh uh uh UH!" scolding him, shaking his head, wagging his finger? It would REALLY come in handy this week to post on all the stupid stuff I'm seeing on Twitter about Kyle vs. Cam. I think it was a Luke concussion question. Maybe from 2016? @MurkN You're great with GIFs. Any leads appreciated!
  5. Understood. In most regards it's way too early.... EXCEPT had we LOST. 13th in the NFC and a 1-3 conference record would have been a huge hole to dig out of. Yesterday's win was absolutely critical to keep us in the hunt. Not many early season games have that much playoff leverage.
  6. Um, go rewatch the 99 yard drive. That was a HUGE game changer. And that was Kyle making plays.
  7. This! If you looked only at yards you'd assume we lost yesterday and last week, giving up 500+ and 400+ Playing with a lead and having an opportunistic defense can lead to wins even when opposing teams put up stats like that. Also, our offense played with a bunch of short fields from the takeaways. I'll take 30 yard TD drives over "impressive" 80+ yard drives every time. That said, our 99 yard TD drive yesterday probably won the game. That was damn impressive. When I saw that I was confident we'd win.
  8. I thought moving from 11th to 6th in NFC in one weekend was pretty awesome and worth highlighting. We would have fallen to 13th with a loss. But, Yeah. NFC-W and NFC-N are problems... Current NFC playoff standings:
  9. No, even though we are ranked 6th in NFC, actually we are currently 7th playoff seed. Philly bumps us out as NFC East leader. NFC-N and NFC-W are key because they both have multiple playoff contenders.
  10. The depth (Allen, Cockrell, Daley, Elliott, and yes even Vern!) has been huge. I love too the nearly non-existent penalties. And the team having fun. The energy is back. Energy, fun, depth, discipline, smart football... Can take a team far!
  11. Panthers vaulted up NFC standings from 11th to 6th with yesterday's win. Here are current NFC standings (pending MNF) Here were last week's standings: Panthers still on the outside of the playoff picture (7th seed). Upcoming games against SF, GB, SEA & of course New Orleans will be huge!
  12. The real question is what do we do at RG when Trai is healthy. I assume Trai plays, but does Ron have the guts to sit Daryl? Ron would never move Daryl back to LT, right? RIGHT? Please tell me Tepper will put his foot down! I don't like meddling owners, but Dave can meddle in this decision if needed!!
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