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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I saw all of Baldy's post-game tweets yesterday, but hadn't seen this.
  2. KB_fan

    Recent Baldy Breakdowns

    And here's Baldy on the field pre-game today: WOW.... VERY WINDY today.
  3. KB_fan

    Recent Baldy Breakdowns

    This was the only Baldy breakdown I thought was a little less on point. It's from LAST YEAR's Eagles game. He hasn't realized Panthers are blitzing MUCH less this year, though maybe with TD back we'll blitz a bit more than we did early in the season
  4. KB_fan

    Recent Baldy Breakdowns

    Baldy is pretty lavish with his praise for Donte!
  5. KB_fan

    Recent Baldy Breakdowns

    Props to AP. This shows why Panthers had trouble stopping him. Just awesome play:
  6. KB_fan

    Recent Baldy Breakdowns

    If only our run defense looked like THIS all the time.... WOW:
  7. KB_fan

    Recent Baldy Breakdowns

    Maybe this will help with concerns about Luke's play...
  8. Baldy did a great series of breakdowns of the Panthers last night. (He's calling the Panthers - Eagles game for Compass media --- no idea how to access that though). He gives love to our run game, Luke our run defense Donte Pep Obada
  9. Rookies on Offense (starters) 2011: Cam, Byron Bell, Richie Brockel 2012: Amini Silatolu 2013: none 2014: KB, Norwell, Turner, Philly Brown 2015: Funchess 2016: Tyler Larsen 2017: CMC, Samuel Apart from Cam, Norwell and Turner, our offensive rookies were awful from 3911-2014. At least the last few drafts have given us some promising young guys on offense.
  10. KB_fan

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Thanks for this thread. Appreciate the effort to move people beyond the annoying FIRE RON NOW bandwagon and think about the reality of who else is out there.
  11. I'll have to rewatch the presser. I interpreted Ron's nervous as hell comments to fearing Donte would be off the board before we picked, thinking Marty should move up and take him, because they had targeted him so heavily and REALLY wanted him. But I could be wrong.
  12. Pretty sure you can find no huddle stats at Sharp Football site. Will try to look tomorrow.
  13. Nice data. I'd done some tables on rookie starts awhile back. But this is much more comprehensive.