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  1. SteveSmithTD89

    Everyone should be thanking Smitty.

    Don't you dare call Torrey Smith Smitty. Just don't do it. Ever.
  2. SteveSmithTD89

    Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Reminds me of the Ginn play against the Eagles. Knee goes down after he has posession. It's an incomplete pass or a completion and 1st down. Don't see a fumble.
  3. The pace we're on? 50 in the first half.
  4. SteveSmithTD89

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    Que PanthersUnited thread saying how no matter what we do next week we lose to the Packers.
  5. SteveSmithTD89

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    A TD drive here and it's anyone's ball game. Minnesota has looked lack luster on O. A pick here and you're looking at a back breaker. Can't let them run more time off.
  6. SteveSmithTD89

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Give it time boss. Still have 13 whole minutes left haha
  7. SteveSmithTD89

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Toddman picking up exactly where he left off in preseason for us. Good for him.
  8. SteveSmithTD89

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Absolute PI. Didn't play the ball at all. Easy call. If Bens collarbone is indeed broken it's probably better that the steelers win. Bengal with Dalton back are a far tougher test that Pittsburgh.
  9. SteveSmithTD89

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    If that's a serious injury it's about to go down.... I don't think there was anything dirty about the hit but they're going to take exception to it on the cinch sideline.
  10. SteveSmithTD89

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Damn... yall would think we were down 28-0.... It's 3-0. With the MVP of the league under center. GTFO and go cheer for Seattle.
  11. SteveSmithTD89

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    eh. oh well. Do it again.
  12. SteveSmithTD89

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Only saw the one angle.... Still, thats a huge momentum swing if its overturned. Hell of a toss by Cam.
  13. SteveSmithTD89

    Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    Odell has lost so much respect from me and hopefully the rest of the nation. 3 instances that could have gotten the piece of poo thrown out. If the refs dont throw a flag on him I hope like hell he comes across the middle and TD plants him. I'm not going to sit here and wish we'd blow out his ACL like some of you. Just send him to the sidelines gasping for air.
  14. SteveSmithTD89

    Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    A little home cooking there on the long play to Coleman. Ingram very easily could have been called for holding on the blitz imo.
  15. SteveSmithTD89

    Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Ron knows better than me but certainly think I'd have gone for it. The shank just compounds it.