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  1. President of Iran is certainly one that I would consider credible when it comes to American interests....
  2. You got me on Sanford...what a putz graham has evolved into one of the best senators up there
  3. DC is still a cesspool...and anyone I’ve ever met from Maryland is a tool Those mayors in DC and Baltimore are shining examples while SC gives us Lindsay Graham and Nikki Haley...two of the best go figure...
  4. No payoff here...she is lying to sell her book
  5. Yea but those folks with those software jobs buy tires from greasy Tony and his business explodes with growth everyone benefits...it’s called basic economics, something the bartender AOC has no concept of
  6. Just another paid off leftist liar
  7. So let’s get this straight amazon coming to an area brings in educated people that make a lot of cash, spending it to help the economy and raise the standard of living and oh yes, housing values go up, which is bad the folks not wanting the jobs just want to continue to further erode what is left of their cesspool cities no way 5000 jobs paying $150k into an area is bad...Amazon has done more for our economy that any company in history
  8. Anytime she speaks she helps trump would be great if she is nominee
  9. Tell that to SC...bmw has been a great deal for upstate SC She turned her nose up at her constituents...5000 jobs at $150k she is a disaster
  10. Yea right...I want my representatives to ruin 5000 jobs in my area paying $150k annually she is pathetic...hope you guys thrive on her short lived 2 yr term before she joins joy beher on reality tv
  11. It means she loves the attention...which is all she is about
  12. “I took the initiative in creating the internet” he said it...it’s a fact
  13. KFC original recipe is the best popeyes is worse than horrible we will just disagree on this
  14. Al Gore did say he created the internet AOC is a look at me moron
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