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  1. Really?...you got a link to any news?
  2. Just read where in NC they are predicting up to 3200 deaths April 22 is suppose be be peak day when we will lose 70 people in SC they have 774 cases, suppose to have 2600 cases by April 2, over 8000 by May 2...n May 2 they are suppose to lose 29 people as their peak day so in NC if mortality rate is pessimistic 3%, then right at 110,000 people will get this...today we 1100....we have 10.3m population in NC....if 110k get it, that’s a little over 1% the percentage is low, but those numbers sure seem high...I sure pray they are
  3. my daughter is a hairdresser, owns her own salon...gov shut her down...gonna be tough for her
  4. I hate American Airlines....but they are no better or no worse than any others we can’t let them just go under
  5. Good grief dude...what state are you in?...many really good public schools in NC
  6. how does anybody rack up that kind of debt for college??
  7. there are millions trying to get on it...be patient my daughter is a hairdresser, she just got shut down by meck county...she said she got thru last night
  8. based on 2019 return...if no 2019 return, will use your 2018 return...if you didn't file either, not eligible
  9. totally agree...its smitty and jake is in top 5
  10. i saw a pizza guy in CLT on TV last night giving away free pizza...a lot of them
  11. hate to lose bradbury & addison...and I like irvin for depth the rest can go (sorry greg, hope you dont get hurt early)
  12. i would not trade #7 i do like that kid from virginia we need linebackers & DL & CB in the worst way
  13. All is about wins and losses...that is all that matters
  14. I got over missing him when he lost 9 games in a row
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