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  1. bull123

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    Just a quick clue about this...the evil people opposed to this lunacy won’t be leaving our country (like many of the looney leftists threatened to do when Trump was elected)...they will be taking your first two options...in droves
  2. bull123

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    People who don’t want to give away their money are free to leave the country?? and native Americans have made their own way, they have accumulated a lot of wealth without whining about more handouts
  3. bull123

    Panthers full schedule

    For everyone whining about prime time games... Thursday night games are awful...nothing more than an injury fest, should be banned sucks we have to play in London...at least the league didn’t steal a home game from us for that charade You are want to be on Monday or Sunday night?....win more games my fav are Sunday 4:00...if we win, we will get a few of those mundane can be good...1:00pm Sundays is just fine
  4. bull123

    Panthers full schedule

    Brutal schedule...afc south best division in afc...Seattle, Colts saints in dec better figure out how to win division games
  5. bull123

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    Figured the hard work solution wouldn’t go over well
  6. bull123

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    Hard work and education...the Japanese did it, Jews did it, Italian immigrants have done, even Mexicans are doing it now you have to be willing...not looking for somebody else to give it to you could start by enlisting in military for service...that is one gov program that pays for hard work...and virtually anyone can enlist...just need to be willing
  7. bull123

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    Some people are just not happy unless they have their hand out looking for free stuff from those who do not deserve to have what they have
  8. Not buying this at all...a 2nd rounder on a QB would be lunacy and I don’t think Grier is that good
  9. bull123

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    No one is entitled to free cash from the government these candidates talking about this are just trying to buy votes hard to believe people really think they should get money like this
  10. Murray goes off last night for Denver will monk ever be that kind of player?
  11. bull123

    Oligarch Bernie Is CANCELED

    just shows how irrelevant cnn really is
  12. first 3 picks should all be on linemen
  13. id give a 4th or 5th rounder...nothing more
  14. bull123

    Kemba Walker On His Future

    this is likely to come down to $$$ if the Hornets come up with the cash, he will stay dont buy into the chasing championship crap...its all about the benjamins