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  1. We also get two 2nd rounders from Boston
  2. Teddy was complaining after the game about getting the 3rd down play in then he panicked on the throw
  3. We send pressure all game and disrupt them all day...then in crunch time we go to that damn 3 man rush
  4. All we hear about is how he can make 65 yarders i haven’t seen him make anything he should have made that one today he won’t be back next yr
  5. How the fug does teddy not get that ball to DJ? and our kicker should have made that kick
  6. Come draft day I’ll be happy...today I am not
  7. Let’s not forget those two awful ints he threw last week walker is not the answer
  8. I’ll take Herbert if they don’t want him
  9. If we finish 6-10, what will that likely get us...top ten?
  10. Our QB missed a WR TWICE for tds, once with the game on the line, and threw an int in the red zone our kicker is a head case that gags that should have made a kick to win it i will say that even Vilma was screaming at the Panthers def to stop rushing 3 and keep the pressure on cousins...he was carving us up anyway, might as well try to knock him down
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