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  1. Both sides have extremists folks...the ones on the left are just as bad as the ones on the right, and it’s really bad on BOTH sides
  2. There is one big difference between Cam and Luck cam is a generational athlete and while he certainly has been beat on and has many injury related issues, he is actually in the best shape of his life right now...he also has an enthusiasm for the game Luck has never had luck was a talent beyond others, but never was the athlete that Cam is cam will also walk away one day...but now now and neither the colts nor the Panthers want or wanted to see their QBs getting hurt next time anyone says Cam is not a pure pocket passer, be thankful...that aspect of his game will likely keep him in the game much longer
  3. He leaves with hundreds of millions in the bank....don’t forget that
  4. Yea...Kap gonna be really welcomed in Indiana not gonna happen
  5. The Colts night game a few yrs ago here in CLT was one of the wildest and rowdiest crowds I’ve ever seen here...it rained and it seemed like the entire stadium had been drinking all day...Gano ties it and then wins it in OT, again in the rain.....and Luck played really good
  6. Coach Ron just said in his Saturday presser we are not bringing in any other QB’s
  7. You guys are totally predictable disagree with your side and you are evil and racist believe in God and Jesus and you are a white supremacist support the Police and our American Flag and you are viscously attacked and you wonder why so many Americans believe dims led by talib,, aoc, and omar are a disgrace My side had a set back in the midterms....not going to happen again...then you guys will actually have something to whine about
  8. Barr is running an investigation into the corruption of the fbi and doj as to why the Trump campaign was infiltrated by the Obama administration and Clinton people....going to bring to light the attempted coup of a legally and rightfully elected President...this is getting ready to come out pompeno is busy reversing all the damage done by Obama worldwide that gave away all our rightfully earned place as the world power...he starting with Iran....doing a fantastic job Public education is broken, especially in the cities...charter schools are the best alternative and Devos is all over this and sanders simply gave a finger to all the media leftists who think they are the news and want nothing more than to be famous PS : love the way Trump does his pressers...makes sure those “reporters”, who are actually progressive parasites, are never on TV where they can be seen and shuts them down immediately when they start up with their BS
  9. Jennifer Roberts was a bumbling disgrace...even the dims voted to get rid of her
  10. I say you are wrong on these folks...all have been terrific
  11. bradbury and Jackson have looked real good im anxious about shaq in that 3-4...he gets knocked back a lot and seems to still always be out of position...but we need him to be good, so hoping he will be smith and carter at LB have looked not so good and norris is a special teamer at best DL and DE will be good for us as well
  12. they better be in that bubble practicing today....need to be there all day
  13. HB2 was necessary after that twit as Charlotte mayor started all that crap and nearly ruined our state
  14. Barr has been terrific..and the Sec of State...and Debous in education...and sanders press sec...all have been really good
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