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  1. This whole thing is not a big deal....Jewish people don’t care & are not butt hurt over it
  2. New schedule out...Sat/Sun races at Michigan & Dover...road course at Daytona...this is gonna be fun Kentucky this weekend
  3. Won’t last two weeks before it shuts down
  4. I think if they play a single game, player salaries have to pay out at 100%
  5. We don't accept your apology. Your life must be completely ruined, forever!!!!.....that's the leftist/democrats method. Clean up your act and behave and you will be fine. That's the rest of all people ever method.
  6. Clouds are white so they are discriminatory and must be destroyed
  7. I said I wasn’t going to deal with this scum hole tinderbox for a while and I didn’t...but on the 4th of July weekend we have shooting and killing of kids all over the damn place and all you people care about is statues you people are beyond pathetic
  8. You are right, I don’t give two shits about any friggin cause when all we see is riots, destruction, and killings
  9. Total crap...you can spew your percentages all you like but Chicago is a war zone...now kids are getting killed...all because of the left
  10. Bull crap....it’s way past time to accept that these cities have turned into cesspools
  11. It’s not the guns, it’s the people that use them
  12. I’d bet good cash that Teddy has a better season than Cam but it’s cash out the window....there will be no season
  13. This whole name change is absurd and it won’t be enough, not even close, to satisfy the left
  14. Not a single word from anybody on this board about the violence in the cities this past weekend 67 people shot, 13 killed in Chicago alone at least 8 kids that I read about killed...the National Guard called into Atlanta (finally) by Georgia governor Yet destroying statues of our past Presidents is more important horrible...just horrible
  15. Another exciting finish yesterday at Indy...heartbreak for Hamlin infinity race was good too on to Kentucky this week PS: the Golf was good as well...that guy is just bombing it
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