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  1. Our OL was worse than awful...paradis totally sucks, turner played half ass after getting that big contract, little can’t stay on the field, looking like a bust, Daley just not good enough....Williams was the worst one on the OL, and that is really bad...moton may be OK, but he sucked LY too
  2. Only the mods do that....they go after comments and posters that don’t fit their own personal bias
  3. i would have liked to get whoever the saints use...they always have cash to spend
  4. any of you guys watch this show? hands down funniest on TV he makes fun of all of us
  5. Haven’t heard anything from harris since she was rejected
  6. They did get to the nfc championship game
  7. Packers defense looks lousy...very surprised
  8. Von Miller, julio Jones, jj watt, cam Jordan, and Patrick Peterson all went after cam wouldn’t say he was far and away the best at #1
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