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  1. Michael Vick....nobody else close to my most hated Matt Ryan Deion Sanders Bill Parcells...an arrogant jerk Colin Kap Adding two more that i can’t stand Arthur Blank Saints Fans
  2. bull123

    Funchess on playing time.....

    I don’t know about that...lefell was way more disappointing funch is plenty tough...just drops too many...actually reminds me of his apologist moose
  3. bull123

    Hornets Seesaw

    This is who we are...we really need another big scorer and monk is not stepping up enough...need more from bridges as well Our defense was awful tonight...really crappy loss
  4. bull123

    Cam Jordan's man crush on GOAT Peppers

    The guy is what we want our players to be...but ours come up well short...sure wish he played for us
  5. No LT....no DT....we are gonna get crushed KK has been a major disappointment this year...now he can’t go in our biggest game...pathetic
  6. bull123

    Game last night

    I agreed at the time but seeing the chargers and rivers make it last night just pissed me off again
  7. bull123

    Game last night

    Maybe Rivera did make the right call against the lions....the chargers QB make the right moves to win the game...ours did not
  8. That candyass is the leading passer in nfl history I can’t stand him either
  9. He’s better than anybody we ever had
  10. Despise the saints...but still hate the falcons the most
  11. The infamous yellow coats sir....please sit and clap politely
  12. Stadium not gonna move from uptown CLT....millions gonna get pumped into it for upgrades
  13. More like Charlotte companies running down there as fast as they can CLT City Council getting flat out abused...started a long time ago and nicki Haley accelerated it...SC wants business and will invest to get
  14. South Carolina much more business friendly than NC...been losing to them for awhile when it comes to attracting new business....Charlotte companies moving to York Co in droves
  15. bull123

    Funchess on playing time.....

    Funch is not as bad as all would portray him but anything over $5m is too much