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  1. not surprised by his play...thought he was our best back up
  2. Metallica would be great
  3. bull123

    Breakout Panther of 2019

    Olson and Cam...they both get back to All Pro levels
  4. I will give his attorney credit...he squeezed out what appears to be a bunch of cash from the league
  5. bull123

    Tanking does not work

    I think with Cho, MJ May have been a meddler....but with Mitch, not os much as Mitch will stand up to him saw Mitch, Buzz, and MJ all together at UNC/UVA game, looked like that drove up from CLT to chapel Hill together....things are different now, think about the trades we DIDNT make at deadline...that was all Mitch
  6. The only person saying ANY teams want cap is his lawyer
  7. bull123

    All Star Weekend in Charlotte

    I heard tnt guys talking no about batum...were they saying something about Kemba and a max deal as well? PS: JT putting like me today
  8. bull123

    All Star Weekend in Charlotte

    Halftime show was awful...turned to Elvis special
  9. bull123

    All Star Weekend in Charlotte

    Haven’t seen him hit a three yet
  10. bull123

    Our Country...

    time to let go of that nonsense...
  11. maybe when he wanted $20m to play for that other league, when he said all he really wanted was a chance to play football, would be a start
  12. bet that cash will be going directly into their personal bank accounts...and will likely stay there
  13. bull123

    Our Country...

    perhaps you guys can get the FBI and DOJ to assist with your coup of our duly elected President the leaders of these departments seem eager to lead it
  14. bull123

    All Star Weekend in Charlotte

    heard Jordan gave Bridges a single piece of advice...don't miss your first dunk...sigh maybe our issues aren't coaching after all