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  1. thursday night games should be done away with injuries just waiting to happen
  2. Their DL isn’t overrated...and they are 5-0 in a tough division
  3. How high can taxes go?....meck county commission never seen a tax they don’t like got to wonder why private donations for arts have declined
  4. I’m telling you all, when the Barr/Durham report comes out it is going to change everything
  5. And if schiff says it, it is never true
  6. Watched a bit of Detroit game we have no go to guy in crunch time...maybe one will develop, but we are going to lose a lot of games
  7. Saw something about old Eastland Mall site?
  8. Kind of thinking more about how we are gonna block bosa and co
  9. https://theathletic.com/1295465/2019/10/17/the-panthers-officially-brought-steve-smith-back-to-charlotte-for-good-the-reality-behind-the-scenes-he-never-left/ this is a great read on Smitty...may be best piece I ever read from Jourdan
  10. Trump sure got Turkey to back down, and got our guys out of there
  11. I’ll give Bernie credit for one thing...he has never wavered from his positions, and he has more passion about what he says and stands for than any other dim....but be assured I believe all his proposals are just awful He appears to be a straight up guy he has a ton of support and cash...mostly coming from grass roots...and you saw what Trump did with that kind of support the squad endorsements will hurt him, but I’m not counting him out yet
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