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  1. Rozier has been awful tonight monk should never see the court
  2. Appeals courts are all loaded with left wing progressives Trumps greatest legacy will be getting our courts cleaned up with real jurists and he’s not done with SCOTUS
  3. You do say that...it’s your intellect at its best
  4. The only spot light sandman has is the lawsuit against the Washington Post and other media he has for defamation of character she wants the spotlight, and the dims are gladly helping her get there as their mouthpiece...she is traveling g around the country spewing her garbage, she was in Charlotte recently...wonder who is paying for that?
  5. You are wasting your breath....too many haters out here @4Corners couldn’t wait to hate on your idea...perfect example
  6. I’ve been watching Kemba and he is doing great in Boston and I’m happy for him....but I still hate the Celtics
  7. I always thought Smitty got hosed by gettleman and JR so I wanted him to do well...if we trade somebody away I could care less how they do
  8. No player is bigger than our team...i am still pissed at Pep for abandoning us, even though he came back, I was never totally on board with him
  9. Does the name Nick Sandman ring a bell? he was the 16 yr old wearing a MAGA hat on a high school field trip to DC that was just standing there saying nothing and he got totally destroyed by the media and the left...he certainly wasn’t off limits and he didn’t do anything!! so now this girl, this mouthpiece for the left, is supposed to be so sweet and innocent?? You guys are pathetic
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