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  1. Last time I heard the name Poe was when the last Star Wars movie came out... that’s how long it’s been since Dontari made a memorable play.
  2. Slye had a higher probability of banging a 70 yarder then that poo that Uncle Norv drew up on his napkin at Bob Evans.
  3. You can tell how intelligent our team is with most of the guys calling for the safety and Bradberry calling for the TD cause he understands simple math.
  4. Tomorrow is gonna suck. At least if Jerry was still around they’d have jeans Friday to look forward to.
  5. We’ve rode Cam this long... I assume we’ll ride him til we have to take him out back behind the shed and end it.
  6. Haven’t been this depressed since Jake drooped the famous bojangles biscuits against Arizona... Protector of the biscuit... not anymore.
  7. Bruce Arians has 29 coaches on his staff and we somehow only have one capable one in Blackburn... nice.
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