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  1. That’ll be $28.40 for your 4 piece supreme combo with a side of rat poo.
  2. MillionDollarCam

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Good win tonight even though we damn near pissed it away multiple times. We’re holding on to the sixth seed right now with six of the next nine coming against teams with losing records.
  3. MillionDollarCam

    Some Prospects To Look Out For

    If the Panthers choose to go with the best player available and he is there then Greedy Williams needs to be the pick. Personally, I haven’t seen a corner as impressive as him since Patrick Peterson. Just look what Williams did to Metcalf, a projected first round pick. I also think Zach Allen can be had in the second round and I think he’d be a great fit for this defense because he is not one-dimensional. He led the FBS in stops among edge rushers and is no slouch as a pass rusher either, in fact he had 12 QB hurries in a single game against Temple. My sleeper is Iowa State WR Hakeem Butler, who I think could be had in the third round. A big WR that ACTUALLY knows how to use his body and is physical. I’d love a top three of Moore, Samuel, and Butler.
  4. MillionDollarCam

    Darling, Zykov Waived

    It’s about time on Darling. I would have really liked Zykov to get a true shot in the top six but RB didn’t seem to be a fan of is. We could really use another top six winger.
  5. MillionDollarCam

    UNC Football

    And that’s it... The ACC is Clemson and a bunch of mediocre teams.
  6. MillionDollarCam

    UNC Football

    Every outsider is acting like it’s a bad hire. But who exactly stands in Mack’s way? Pitt, Georgia Tech, UVA? Come’on. Give it two years, UNC will be in the ACC title game.
  7. MillionDollarCam

    UNC Football

    Those head to heads mean little to nothing as it takes into account games that really don’t reflect either conference (i.e. Duke vs. Baylor, Duke vs. Kansas). That’s like saying that the Big 10 is a better basketball conference than the ACC because they’ve won the ACC/Big 10 challenge more times than the ACC in the past 10 years. Side note: realignments didn’t stop til 2014 as Maryland was still in the ACC in 2013. Additiinally, things change in five years, quite drastically I might add. Virginia Tech is no longer a power house but rather a team that schedules Marshall as a late game just so they can become bowl eligible. The bottom line is, no one is taking Clemson, Syracuse, NC State, and Pittsburgh over Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia and Iowa State.
  8. MillionDollarCam

    UNC Football

    Tim Brewster is heading back to CH to join Mack’s staff as the recruiting coordinator and tight end’s coach (the role he previously held at Texas A&M). Brewster was also responsible for Florida State’s recruiting success. During Brewster’s five years at Florida State he guided FSU to a top 5 class four out of the five years.
  9. MillionDollarCam

    UNC Football

    Big 12 is a much better league than the ACC. In the ACC it’s Clemson and a bunch of trash. On top of that, Texas wanted a national title contender year in and year out; at UNC eight wins a year will do.
  10. MillionDollarCam

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    It’d be nice to snag a win against the Bucks.
  11. MillionDollarCam

    Bad news for an old friend

    At least Norwell has a job, our old pal Bene Benwikere has been cut again.
  12. MillionDollarCam

    UNC Football

    Rumors are that Brown will attempt to bring on Kliff Kingsbury as the OC and Gene Chizik as the DC.
  13. It only looks bad because of games like yesterday where CMC has 28 touches. Keep in mind during Norv’s first stint with San Diego (now Los Angeles), he had LaDanian Tomlinson averaging nearly 25 touches per game (as a rookie). CMC averages 20 touches a game which is honestly right where he needs to be. In fact, Saquon Barkley actually averages 22 touches per game and their fan base is clamoring for him to get the ball even more. I wouldn’t worry about overuse simply because we decided to use him as our offense yesterday.
  14. MillionDollarCam

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Horrible day for Charlotte.
  15. MillionDollarCam

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Defense needs to step up in order for the Hornets to pull out a win in Atl. Marv and Monk leading the team... not a sentence you’d think you ever hear.