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  1. And my original statement was obviously in regards to their future careers, not their first two scrimmages against Isothermal Community College players.... Feel free to get hooked on phonics.
  2. Because the preseason is absolutely pointless. You can’t gauge a guys talent by his play against guys who may not even be in the NFL. Additionally, grading any player after a few preseason games is silly. Doing so gets you into the thought process where players like Jimmy G are actually worth 2nd round picks.
  3. I’m glad he’s lighting up Joe Blow Community College players in glorified scrimmages.
  4. The 2018 draft might end up going down as one of the best Panthers drafts ever.
  5. Color me shocked that we couldn’t run the balk without a single OL starter in the game.
  6. Yeah everyone always says the game is much faster at the NFL level. Once he gets that clock down in his head he’ll be fine because he can make the throws.
  7. When Grier doesn’t have to make a read he’s fine, it’s when he has to go to his second and third reads that he panics.
  8. Also there’s not a chance Vernon Butler makes this roster. Someone like Obada who has the potential to grow or even one of the AAF players would be better served with that roster spot.
  9. So I’m not sure if/how the odds will swing during preseason but with NC just approving sports gambling you may just need to head over to Cherokee assuming that they get the sports betting portion of their casino up and running by September. Obviously you can still place a bet at any time but if the Panthers go on a quick run to start the season those odds will get worse.
  10. He didn’t “fall on his face” at Houston, Houston gave up on him because he struggled with Applewhite’s up-tempo offense. He was benched with a 2-1 record (including a win over Arizona) and recorded his highest completion percentage of his career in that three game stretch. If he doesn’t throw those two interceptions in the game against Texas Tech and Houston wins that game then Allen never loses his job as he would have run through the competition in the American. Maybe Allen made a bad decision to transfer to a team that didn’t utilize his skill set properly but he still performed well in the three games he played.
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