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  1. All your assistant coaches are belong to us...
  2. Not really. Rogers has grainy pics of Rivera with a rubber duck and a turkey baster. Career insurance.
  3. How diabolical. Ron leaves Marty behind, to act as a fifth column subversive force to screw our draft and exact his revenge on Tepper and the Panthers. Mission accomplished, Ron then brings Marty into the Redskins front office.
  4. I'm dating myself here but I remember when Sam was a backup to both Sonny Jurgenson and Billy Kilmer. He was officially third string quarterback but really more of an unofficial OC on the sidelines. Sam would make observations, suggest plays and adjustments to whichever was the starter. You could tell that he would be a HC somewhere eventually. Well done, Sam. Well done.
  5. In chess, this is called 'swapping queens'... Make of that what you will.
  6. Oh, come on. The cockroach living in the indestructible, thousand year old Twinkie didn't do anything for you?
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