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  1. maybe you should help them put instead of playing with your phone the whole game
  2. could one of y'all tell me the time on the clock so I know how far behind my feed is?
  3. sad that it's not garbage when they get the ball right back to start the third quarter
  4. amazing how certain posters disappear when the team is rolling
  5. hahah they played the superman theme after newtons 1st down.. i havent noticed that before, is that new?
  6. whats with the announcer stuttering all over himself
  7. Im not quite sure why people are mad at the refs there. I didnt notice myself, but if carolina subbed players then the ref always stays on the ball until the defense has had a chance to sub. bonehead move by the offense if that is the case
  8. cant the ball hit the ground as long as there's control?
  9. remmers was holding on that last sack too, tho. hopefully they will keep it consistant
  10. well... he didn't immediately fall to bj position like Bersin
  11. I think since they moved the try back it has happened a lot more across the league this season. Hurts some more than others of course.
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