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  1. It would be pretty amazing if Wilson gets hyped up enough to be QB#2 and we trade up for Fields. I would be soooo heppppy
  2. The Bengals aren't winning another game this year. Maybe the Jags can. Falcons will continue to cause fits and play spoiler. Maybe against the Bucs 1 out of their 2 games. Texans will win again, Watson is too good for them to end the year 0-4 I think the Cowboys fall apart completely, NYG end up losing out minus the last week versus DAL. Philly notches on another win. Rivera gets WAS in the playoffs.
  3. 1. NYJ 2. CIN 3. JAX 4. DET: 5. DAL 6. CAR 7. PHI 8. NYG 9. DEN 10. WAS 11. ATL 12. CHI
  4. I like the gamble with Lance more than the gamble with Trask. The upside does remind me a bit of Mahomes.
  5. Which may be a good thing for us as many are fixated on Wilson & Trask. Trask's ball placement has been unreal this year. And Wilson is doing it all. Sure they have question marks but I think we've got a packed class to choose from. Trask is a walrus but he sits in the pocket beautifully and does a lot of nice things. Maybe he trims down a touch and can get sub 5.00. Lance though, he's got a lot of what you look for. I have no idea how to rank these guys after Lawrence & Fields.
  6. Lance is a straight up toss-up. I won't act like I've really seen his game but his youtube vids look super promising. He seems to have all the tools and was the undisputed #3 until the Trask & Wilson machines took CFB by storm this season.
  7. A guy I was eyeing last year seems to have regressed with only Bateman and no Tyler Johnson. That being Tanner Morgan. Pretty disappointment in his year. Same with Costello. Mond looks straight up bad, will need a position change. After these guys we're talking about, we're looking to the mid rounds--Dusty Crum could be a riser and then we just load up on the line in the top rounds. Mobility and a CANNON. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/kent-state-qb-dustin-crum-the-ultimate-underdog-in-2021/
  8. I guess the question..Trask v. Lance or do we go for BPA at that point?
  9. Yep, hence why I'm expecting him the 4th or 5th QB taken and more in our range barring a trade-up
  10. I think we should start warming up to the idea of Trey Lance and be excited if we do try and trade up for one of the top 3.
  11. Projecting two years out with so many unknowns and the likelihood of a better record in 2021 make this unlikely. And we don't even know if he opts for the big leagues next year. It's a stretch and a half.
  12. We said that for a while with AJ Klein and he turned out to be a pretty good starter. Having a career year this season for Buffalo. Carter will be a guy to watch the rest of the year along with Burns and Chinn. They make the games fun to watch when we're on defense.
  13. He had a notable presence. Also liked seeing him throwing that sass/toughness at the Vikes after his bigger hits. I liked his attitude and discipline. Much better than Whitehead. Though I wish this would have been something we noticed in practice and done sooner. Carter was an early 5th rounder and he's playing for a second contract; looks pretty solid.
  14. If we have pick 6-8 and Cinci is #2, throw them the pick, next year's 1st and our 2021 3rd. Maybe some late rounders, that's the plan for Fields in my book if we really want him (or Wilson as many seems are pining for that guy). I don't think not having a 1st in 2022 would stunt anything if we land the QB we want. Just accept this draft starts at pick 2. Lawrence is a Jet until we hear otherwise.
  15. Not a terrible bump (but fun haha). A lot of people were pretty much "wait and see" on the first few pages and of course Igo will look to hype the new guys rolling in.
  16. Hurney should no doubt, 100% be fired but it's really not a bad contract, at all for a 2020 NFL starting QB. It's only 3 years, we have an out after two. In fact the lowest non-rookie contract out of the starting QBs to start the season minus Fitzpatrick & Tyrod.
  17. We are burns-ing bright, chinns up, & eating our corn, needing Mooooore.
  18. Well that would make me pretty stoked. He has Zach Wilson going to Jacksonville. Given how high they took Bortles, could see them gushing over the BYU product. The kid looks great but I much prefer Fields. Would be pretty perfect if Fields is available come pick 5 if Sewell and Parsons are that coveted.
  19. Well we can all agree he definitely has a broken heart courtesy of Teddy Bridges (too easy lol, had to)
  20. davos

    Corona Virus

    Never knew you overcame it. Your ass has been kissed. Props. edit*Also, kinda of sh*t comment on my end so apologies and respect brother.
  21. davos

    Corona Virus

    I wish you didn't say that as you constantly infer alcohol problems and post in a very crass manner regarding consumption and deliberate self care. Now I'm depressed.
  22. Chewie Lewis & the News

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