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  1. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Eric Reid knew the difference...

    Luke looked like his usual self after the second half
  2. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Panthers Fire Multiple Coaches - Eric Washington Safe

    Just in time to go 10-6 and while not make the playoff while destroying our draft position #amirite?
  3. JPP lined up offside all game
  4. JPP is lined up in the neutral zone !!!????
  5. KK short getting bullied around smh
  6. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Steve Smith: Panthers should move on from Devin Funchess

    Imagine Steve Smith if he had Funchess' size and length
  7. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Return of Wilkes?

    Only as a DB coach.
  8. Huge hold on Short lmaooo
  9. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    curtis samuel: 21 touches this season. 5 touchdowns.

    Imagine DJ and Curtis with Funchess' snaps and targets
  10. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Funchess vs DJ Moore stat

    At least Lafell is a good blocker, Funchess just stands there looking lazy like his routes
  11. Thought I was watching Steve smith for a second
  12. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    PFF: McCaffrey has been great this season

    lmaoooooo Chris Manhertz is our top rated offensive player?
  13. want to see a heavy dose of CJ Anderson in the second half to finish them
  14. this offense is getting scary