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  1. Making up stats to support one’s opinion as a fact should be a bannable offense.
  2. don’t be ridiculous- even the most ardent supporter of Rivera as a coach was ready for change after the inconsistency of the last few years.
  3. This just doesn’t seem like a fair statement. It was under Rivera that this team lead the league in scoring and fun on the way to a super bowl appearance with a mediocre cast of receivers. your comment implies that a Rivera team couldn’t pull of such a thing. The facts are clearly not in support of that statement.
  4. I get it, but at some point “we” have to realize some things are so far beyond our control that speaking in a collective like that just starts to conflict with logic. I can understand the “we got our asses beat” thing. Yea because even we as fans felt the ass whooping. But the OP almost sounds like he is trying to convince the Huddle that we all need to be smart about our next move regarding Cam. like, first of all, who here is advocating something other than a wise move? I don’t recall anyone promoting anything really disadvantageous for the panthers. and second, I know some people don’t agree with the management of the team, but I don’t think there is any evidence of anyone purposely making unwise decisions, knowingly hurting the team’s value. lastly; it’s entirely up to the people who are *not* on huddle - and are paid very well to make those personnel decisions.
  5. Am I the only one who gets really annoyed with all the “we need to do this with cam,” and “we” that? I mean, it’s not like I disagree with your premise, or don’t understand where you are coming from- but the reality is that WE, the collective huddlers, fans, and critics- have absolutely no control or sway in whatever decisions the front office decides. “We” being wise will have no bearing on whether or not the team acts in the manner “we” see fit. They may dump him, they may trade him, they might keep him. Some will applaud, some will bitch and moan- no matter what the outcome is. If you want to preach about what we should do, maybe talk about how WE should brace ourselves for whatever the team decides.
  6. Wow I logged in and thought something weird happened to my phone. Back to back paragraphed thread titles. the question is presented in the title interestingly. I’d say he will use him the same in the fact that CMC is an elite RB with solid reliable hands, so he will use him frequently. honestly I hope that Rhule can continue to build the offense for speed and give the QB a line to work with so the passing can get spread out a little and not rely on check downs so much. I’d be ok with smaller numbers for McCaffrey if it means the defenses are forced to stay honest and and we find a way to keep them on their heels.
  7. Go panthers. I’m rooting for a win. Drafts are boring. I want to embarrass playoff teams.
  8. I bet Tepper could make a killing on a gamble like this...
  9. Name me one Internet forum where people engage in civil debates. fact- the Internet is full of keyboard warriors, offended people, and dumb people. people treat one another different when we are hiding behind a monitor. I’d bet every single debate turned ugly would have turned out better if the participants were sitting at a table drinking a beer.
  10. Some people are better equipped to resist the mob mentality than others. Some people are employed by idiots who submit to the mob and others simply ignore the morons who scream until they are blue in the face.
  11. Offended people suck. Should have never been released for that.
  12. I was being silly. I understand what he’s saying. Being willing to admit you don’t know everything is a trait people lack, particularly the further up the chain you go. Even me, own a business, supposed to be a master of my trade- there’s a ton of pressure to act and talk like I know everything there is to know about electrical work. But fact is I don’t. I ask questions and put my arrogance aside so I can better myself. Sometimes. Sometimes I made stupid decisions.
  13. Shaq Thompson is a bigger deal than some are giving credit to. He is overshadowed by Luke, but take Luke away and we are terribly weak at LB.
  14. I’ve never once felt the need to tell people that my greatest strength is how stupid I am. Mostly because being stupid isn’t a strength. And also mostly because that’s something I’d prefer keep to myself.
  15. I like that the current playoff system allows for the chance that a team can make the playoffs and have a chance at a championship, even if they have a losing record. Keeps things interesting. and like our 7-8-1 team, they still had to take care of business when it mattered and they earned their place.
  16. So what are you going to realign the divisions every time a team has a dominant run? Patriots era is going to end at some point. You are witnessing history. The draft system is designed to give the better new players to teams who finish worst off. The salary cap ensures no team can buy all the talent. The coaching and leadership of a team is what makes it dominating- not which division it plays in.
  17. Grow a pair and give it time. You are acting like a hormonal lady
  18. This forum is going to be a miserable place for the next 6 months.
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