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  1. bigjohn

    Game Day Menu

    Bacon cheeseburger sliders and wangs
  2. bigjohn

    C J Anderson

    I see your point, but if we ran CJ and had a 3 and out some of the same guys here would have complained about us taking our foot off the gas.
  3. I am very particular about what threads I even click on anymore. And for God's sake, stay out of the gameday thread. It used to be fun to react and chit-chat during a game but it really draws the worst type of fan these days.
  4. bigjohn

    Lake Norman HS is full of racist

    With the way parents act at some sporting events, is this a surprise? Hopefully administration deals with it swiftly and fairly. And kids...be more freaking creative. A little fun trash talk is ok I suppose but I do miss the times when people focused on cheering their own team instead of insulting the other.
  5. bigjohn

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Wonder how many guys calling for Rivera’s job wanted Gruden last year?
  6. bigjohn

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Fire Gettleman. Fire Shula. Fire Richardson. What are you guys gonna complain about when we fire Rivera and don't win every game by 30? It's the fuging NFL. It's tough to win.
  7. bigjohn

    Gano and Panther win Pie

    Special teams won this for us. Nice to have that when neither offense or defense were on their "A" game. The punt team touch down and Gano you beautiful man!
  8. bigjohn

    Game Day Menu

    Wife is making pizza dip. It’s ok. im making ribeye steak strips. Cajun blackening season, butter, cast iron skillet, finish on the grill.
  9. Ok I'm obviously pulling for the Panthers. They are my team, and I pretty much have never had a "second" team. But dangit now I sort of have a couple of them. One of my former basketball players (I'm a high school coach) is a rookie with the Giants now. I'm admittedly pulling for him to have a good game. Still a strong Panthers win, but I want him to play well. Great, great kid. Also I went to high school with Brandon Beane so I want to see the Bills do well also. But yeah, Go Panthers! Hope we win by 30 but BJ Hill has 10 tackles. Anyone else ever have those conflicted types of feelings? What's the solution? Drink more?
  10. Colin Jones may be a really great guy. But I'm not going to like him if he keeps getting toasted.
  11. bigjohn

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    I just want to personally say this to any Falcons fan viewing this, with absolutely no offense intended: