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  1. One I don't know who you would trade for? Is there a back-up running back battle anywhere that would be worth a trade? Rumors saying Jets are in need of a kicker. We have Gano & Slye who has done really well and would be a cheaper Gano. If they think that Balil Powell or one of the Jets running backs behind Bell is any better than what we already have then maybe send Gano to Jets IDK. This seems really far fetched. I personally say we stick with Scarlett and Holyfield. Current Running Back Free Agents that fit the "bruiser" type: Jeremy Hill, RB, Patriots. Age: 26 Stevan Ridley, RB, Steelers. Age: 30 I just can't see us signing either of these guys. We are going to stick with what we have.
  2. I am all with you on this to an extent. The moves we have made this offseason puts us in a win now situation. Cams shoulder and contract, the core of our players being over the hill sort of speak, etc. I know some will say every season is a win now season. But like last year this still feels like we are primed and ready for a serious 1-2 year run. If this is the case having a young player could be costly if he doesn't produce immediately.
  3. With everyone's love and gushing for the offseason moves so far, which I am one of them and truly believe this is the best offseason acquisitions we have had in forever followed by a great draft, like most I still have some concern with the back end of our defense. I can't be sold on Gaulden because of no real film on him playing at this level. I do believe he has the talent and intangibles to contribute. Everyone is barking out sign Eric Berry or Tre Boston, which at this time I am more of a Boston signing than Berry. But I do believe we are 1 above average safety opposite of Eric Reid from being one of if not the most feared defenses. So my question is this: Who would you trade for to place that cherry on top of this great offseason? And what would you give? Here's mine: Currently as of day Over the Cap has us at $11.143 million left in cap space. 3 names that come to mind aren't big ones but have been impactful thus far in their careers that currently trust more than say Gaulden. Safety Karl Joseph: was the 14th pick in 2016 NFL trade 1st round. Has appeared in 32 games over 3 years in the league with 48 tackles, 2 sacks and 1 INT. He is currently buried on the Raiders depth chart after they drafted Johnathan Adram in the 1st this year. I really liked this kid coming out of WVU 3 years ago and I think he was potentially drafted higher than most expected. Safety Josh Jones: was drafted 61st in round 2 by the Packers. In 3 years he has played in 21 games registering 55 tackles and 1 sack. He's 24 and I was high on this guy because of his athleticism he displayed a the combine. 6'1 220 ran a 4.41, 20 reps, and 37.5" vert. Currently listed as starter on OurLads.com depth chart for Packers but Packers just drafted Safety Darnell Savage with the 1st round pick. Safety Tavon Wilson: 8 year vet signed with Detroit in March. Has 259 career tackles, 8 INT, and 4 sacks. Buried on depth chart. I typically don't like trading especially depth but we now have so much depth at DL and OL now that most wont make the team anyways. Potentially using Veron Butler and maybe a late pick for either of these 3 guys I think would help us seal in the back end of our defense. Options? Answer to your questions yes I'm bored at work and missing football.
  4. Cam Olsen CMC on offense Luke KK and my guess McCoy steps in and becomes a lockerroom favorite
  5. If Cam can get back 100% healthy we are definitely contenders
  6. Players can be similar in size and speed but be totally different styles of players. Yes, they are both roughly similar in size and speed but to me Scarlett is more of a downhill one cut back and I would say CMC is more of a scat back with moves but still as we have send power to break first tackle.
  7. Jordan Kunaszyk: Kunaszyk (6'3/235) earned All-Pac-12 first-team honors for his work during the 2018 campaign. He took a huge statistical step forward this year, registering 129 tackles (10.0 for loss), four sacks and a hearty five fumbles forced across 12 games played. Those five forced fumbles were most in the NCAA, those 129 tackles third-most in the Pac-12. Kunaszyk will look to get his draft process jump-started via the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl as he tries to gain footing for a late-round selection. Damion Jeanpiere, WR, Nicholls State #3 6002, 185, 4.48 Notes: From Kenner, LA. Majoring in petroleum engineering. Caught 7-199-1 in five games as a true freshman in 2015, before a season-ending injury. Started all 11 games and caught 37-505-6 in 2016. Caught 40-770-4 in 2017. Positives: Nice height, speed and separation. Good hands. Adjusts to and plucks the ball. Good feet, body control and athleticism. Uses his body nicely to shield defenders from the ball. Shifty, nifty, darting runner after the catch. Good run vision and change of direction in the open field. Shows very good field awareness and instincts. Good work ethic. Negatives: Needs some strength work and overall skill refinement. Productive, but did not truly dominate at a lower level of competition. Summary: Has a legitimate NFL toolset to make the jump to the next level. Would likely be much more highly regarded at a major-college program with a prolific passing attack. Others guys are a little more well known.
  8. Please Panthers stadium audio people please play this classic one liner from this viral video! After he scores https://youtu.be/4SVaHxJhTmk
  9. more i watch these film dude has quick fast twitch feet that never stop. Great quality for a one cut back and moving the pile. Dude hardly went down on first contact. He doesn’t dance he makes his cut and explodes. Also has the 4.47 speed to take it to the house if he gets a step on ya. Regardless of his past Panthers felt comfortable taking him. So he’s a Panther get over it. Dude runs hard. Love it. Does remind me a lot of JStew. Going to be a hell of a combo. Hell work on his pass pro which is a con in his profile but damn he’s running through SEC tacklers. Hurney again went with his guy. I’m on board.
  10. Y’all will forget that poo he did when he’s bulldozing in for touchdowns. Kid is a bruiser. Love how he goes in with low pads into contact. Impressive bruising runs against SEC defenses. https://youtu.be/JUCl2rhzkvE
  11. Hundreds of us have been glued to this site since yesterday evening at 8:00pm when draft kicked off, actually I’ll take it further back we’ve been glued to this site for months now in preparation for all of our wildest and “ideal” draft scenarios come together during this draft that in our minds would ultimate help raise that trophy. However, through the rumors, the trades, the FA signing, all the BS... we forget to think clear and almost so blatantly that Hurney did what Hurney has been doing and planning all along. We were just so caught up in our hopes and dream scenarios that we just didn’t see it or didn’t want to acknowledge it... the three picks... Burns, Little, and Grier have been overly mocked and it was ultimate Hurney who made the choice. Just look at the list of the Thirty visits and see who has the most attention. Who has the most meetings and visits and workouts. Little by WalterFootball visit tracker had Combine, Private visit, Pro day visit, and Private workout. Grier has Pro, Com, and Local workouts and visits among numerous other interactions. Burns has private visit/workout. Proof was in the pudding.
  12. Addresses our 2 biggest needs with 2 picks. Why we are watching from the couch fellas. A lot of keyboard GMs here. Not a fan personally of moving up but I’m just a fan. Thought we may could have got him at our 47th but we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe someone else wanted I’m to. Good job so far Hurndog
  13. Anyone thinking we were signing any of these big name guys i.e. Landon Collins, Flowers, etc. were sadly mistaken. We have roughly $15 mill in CAP space and these guys are getting more than that a year for these contracts. Absurd what 1 contract takes to sky rocket the rest of the league. Kind of hilarious. We dumpster diving again for the big holes at Tackle, DE, S, and LB. Going to be to interesting to see maybe by Day 3 of FA whos left. Then that's when you should check Huddle.
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