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  1. Harbaugh 44-19 regular season record and 5-3 postseason. 4 seasons 2 NFC champ games 1 win and a Super Bowl Appearance. Can’t say he’s not qualified.
  2. what a disappointing trade deadline day... typical for Panther fans though lol.
  3. We ain’t going to do poo... we going to sit back and watch everyone make moves to get better. “Answer is on the roster” Rivera won’t let us do anything. Don’t get hopes up. Little over an hour left and no word we’ve kicked tires on anyone
  4. At this point, following what the Patriots, 9ers, Texans, etc are doing to better their roster right now to compete right now, we should make a move. I don’t think it’ll happen but Ron never makes moves like this. Trent Williams or a #1 WR or some secondary help would be ideal! Not holding my breathe. That whole “don’t sacrifice your future with trading picks” should be out the window as Greg, Cam, Addison, and other vets are over the hill with health and age and we should be in a win now mode. CMC has been carrying this team along with the defense so far this season (aside from yesterday’s game) and they need help. My concern with CMC accounting for 56% of the offense has been in fear for his long term durability as Norv and Aron are running this man to death.
  5. For those saying we don’t need anyone and that teams making moves are desperate? Yeah the Pats, 9ers, and Texans reek of desperation... No they are making moves to separate themselves further from the pack. Praying off teams in tank mode. we should be making moves too. A WR, secondary depth, or OL depth would be the move. Those thinking we just need players to get healthy and the answer is on the roster? Meaning the practice squad? Y’all are being naive. yeah because the Patriots, 9ers, and Texans teams already ahead of the pack making moves don’t have practice squads too... right... Ron does this year in and year old. Sits back and watches other teams get better. make a move, add depth or a playmaker or something. Patriots are geniuses in this sense because some will say “don’t jeopardize your future with trading picks” that’s bull crap you play every season with the goal of winning. I guarantee you Bill ain’t worried about that 2nd round pick he gave up for Sanu, and will also bet they will make a move to get that 2nd back when worrying about the draft comes around, after the season and prolly after the made the necessary moves to win yet another.
  6. 2017 and 2018 were good years on a bad offense. Averaging right at 50 catches over 700+ yards and 9 TDs and 7 TDs in those 2 productive years. Already has a 92 yarder vs Cowgirls. Could be worth a mid round pick. and contract is favorable... 1 year $3 mill and a free agent next year. Worth seeing if he can produce at worse waste a mid rounder or if he produces negotiate.
  7. Could be a value pick up here not as big of a name as some on the block and has a great skill set and could definitely help IMO https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2859673-nfl-trade-rumors-jets-willing-to-deal-robby-anderson-for-right-price
  8. heres what I wish some would understand because every year during trade time or draft time everyone wants to hold their draft picks close to their chest like playing cards but not wanting to show the table your hand... This is a typical Bill Belichick move that throws the cards on the table makes the moves necessary to win a Super Bowl year in and year out. Bill doesn't care what the media or anyone thinks. This may seem like a lot given up for a player like Sanu, but this is exactly what the patriots needed and they just added a playmaker to their already powerful offense with probably a historically great defense and propelling forward into their probable next Super Bowl victory. I am tired of this lets build for the future lets hold on to our draft picks etc etc. Play every year like its Super Bowl or nothing. This philosophy has made the dang Pats what the Pats are. Panthers need a WR and maybe some secondary and OL help. F what the media and fanbase says lets make a dang move and lets win right now! Bill's philosophy is stack the cart F the mule. Deal with it later. And they do, by come 2nd round of next years draft I GUARANTEE you Patriots will have a 2nd round pick back, hell probably 2. They will make moves to cover their butts, but aint worrying about it now... Winning is the only thing on their minds right now.
  9. No please don’t. We already have 2 shorter quicker WRs that have been producing. If you are trading for a WR please go after either an experience vet or a younger guy with high potential/ceiling that just isn’t getting a chance on another roster. Sanders is literally a VERY expensive version of all of the guys we already have. I’d prefer a bigger possession type receiver. bleacher report mentions Panthers ideal target would be WR Keelan Cole from Jax. I would kick tires on Devante Parker WR from dolphins. Feel like he’s super talented just being held down by dolphins. I would love Diggs, wanted him out of Maryland but just got a big contract this year I believe.
  10. After the week 2 loss to the Bucs at home on prime time and finding out Cam newton would be out an extended amount of time the media, much of the fanbase, and including myself unfortunately thought this season wasn't going accordingly and thought to myself theres no telling how this team ends up. Fast forward 2 weeks later going 2-0 racking up 14 sacks in 2 games and Kyle Allen managing this offense (a side from the 3 fumbles last week) well enough to win 2 road games has brought life back to Bank of America. Notable Stats for the 1st Quarter of the Season: Offense is 18th in Passing and 17th in Rushing. Defense is #1 in the league against the Pass allowing 156.8 yards per game. We are 9th worse against the run allowing 130 a game. Defense is #1 tied with the Patriots in sacks with 18 through 4 games. CMC leads the league in rushing yardage with 411 yards averaging 4.8 per carry 102 per game and is tied for 3rd with 4 TDS (a 4 way tied for 3rd with 4 TDs) and also tied 3rd for longest rush at 76 yards. CMC is also tied for 11th in receiving in the league with 25 recs 218 yards 0 Tds (yet) Kyle Allen is currently 7th in the league in Quarterback Rating at 118.3 with 4 TDs and 0 INTs. And funny Allen is tied with Newton for 29 first down throws. 71.7% completion. Joey Slye is tied for 1st in the league with 3 other kickers. He is 10 out of 11 longest is 55 yards and is 4/5 for 50+ yard FGs. Next Gen Stats: (Im a nerd and find these interesting) CMC was clocked at 21.01 mph on his 76 yard touchdown run vs Cardinals the 17th fastest this season with C.Patterson running at 22.23 mph on a 46 yard rush. KEEP POUNDING
  11. I think most of these comments missed interpreted my conclusion of this thread. I for one think at the end of the day it’s about preparing to win the game with the best players to put you in that position. My comment was that I felt it’s been tragic that some of our fans have been quick to turn their back on Cam so quickly. The facts are their that he played hurt with medical records to prove it. I want to win no matter the the players in place. I’m a Panthers fan since the start. With given his talent and his production you can’t tell me when healthy Cam is a starting QB and gives us opportunities to win.
  12. Week 3 has come and gone and although we got our first victory of the season which was in deed an incredible feeling. But as soon as the game ended the happiness and excitement we as a fanbase experienced quickly soured and has left a bad taste in my mouth. Kyle Allen played UNBELIEVABLE for a guy in his 2nd career start! Lighting up the Cardinals for 4 TD passes and throwing for over 250+. Not to take any credit away from Allen but the Arizona Cardinals are statistically the 3rd worse defense in the league. All week I have been badgered by friends and co-workers, knowing I am a diehard Panthers fan, about how we just "need to cut Cam" we need to "trade Cam" or whatever stupidity they could come up with just to get a rise out of me. But then I turn to social media and sports outlets and some suggesting the same thing. The consistence throughout the Panthers "fanbase" (And I will use quotes for those suggesting these ridiculous comments) that Cam needs to but cut or traded and Kyle Allen needs to be the starter for the remainder of the season. If Cam is 100% healthy there is undoubtedly no question that CAM NEWTON is the starter for the Panthers. As shocked as I was about Kyle Allen's performance Sunday lets not ignore the facts. The Cardinals are a bad team with a worse defense. We actually had a running game with 153 yards and a touchdown. Our defense held the Cardinals for 248 total yards including 8 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, and 2 interceptions. The whole team was collectively better than the previous 2 weeks. Cam Newton played, obviously still recovering from surgery and injuries vs the Ram's #3 rated Defense and the Buccaneers #14 rated defense. A little different than 3rd to last. Now I am not trying to take away anyone's performance Sunday, it was glorious. But for folks, I would assume whom never played football, suggesting Cam is done and washed up. Cam has literally put this organization back on the map since entering the league. I could go on and on and list every Cam Newton accomplishment here on this thread and to some it wouldn't matter. But for those who you know, you know dang well what Cam Newton has done for this organization. It seems so damn unfair for fans to want to cut ties with Cam or blame Cam for everything. My old coach said when the team wins the Quarterback gets all the praise. When the team loses the Coach gets all the blame. I truly feel Cam gets all the blame and really never has gotten the praise he deserves. If Cam Newton wants to be here and play for the Panthers and he is healthy then by god he's the starting Quarterback. Kyle Allen great job Sunday! You're presence is known sir! Keep Pounding.
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