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  1. Yep...done. dont have to change anything but the name....might even pick up some new fans...since they need some...
  2. ...she always knew it but you dont sht where you eat...
  3. ..we got rid of the asshole running the show...got rid of the fked up statue but the hate remains...
  4. ...its total bs Cam isn't even considered....https://www.yahoo.com/sports/panthers-question-of-their-goat-failed-to-include-a-certain-mv-pwinning-qb-who-was-just-cut-191422994.html
  5. ...everything be shinny and new...except that turd in the toilet...
  6. Amazing a dummkopf like that can make that much money...
  7. how is it that an often injured Gronk can come out of retirement get medical eval buy a team that signed him.. seems if there is a will there is a way... if a team wants him they'll work out a medical clearance.
  8. ...only place hes coming back from is the bank...
  9. the smell of his poopy shorts is too strong.
  10. it they pissed Cam away and pick Tua...i will most likely be done with it.
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