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  1. ...Yea, I havent been a fan of how lethargic Cam breaks from the huddle....it sends a message of weakness to the opposition...like we are dreading the upcoming play to answer the circumstance....after the poundings hes taken over the years I understand happy feet tho...
  2. yea...throw it away and gtf outta dodge...his instincts tell him to run...hard to break a stallion ....
  3. question is why does he hang onto the ball so long...nobody getting open? thats usually the case....but i was unable to see where receivers were.... the line collapsed in under 2 seconds with him 6 yards deep in the shotgun and then dropping back another 5 yards....thats a shtty line if you ask me...
  4. ...i said the same thing...he only got daffodils ...love and puzzy on his mind
  5. that is pathetic...even for a preseason game...ronald will put a great spin on it..
  6. better jump on them fast and early...like getting first downs and moving the ball..
  7. visiting team is suppose to lay down in preseason ...nobody told the bills that sht
  8. this rule might be the cause for me to walk away from the game...
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