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  1. Sad he didnt have something to prove..for his good...he crumbled after his mother passed.
  2. Pimpdaddy

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    ..Ok..i'll drunk post...fk Kaperdick....lets see how he spends his money for te cauze...fade out bitch....hes nothin but a genital wart on the NFL..
  3. Ronald needs all the help he can get....he's just too suborn and wants to micro manage everything but doesnt have the skill to do so...has good intentions tho...thats all i have to say about that...
  4. Pimpdaddy

    Antonio Brown Asks out of Pitt

    ...Jimmy Johnson did...
  5. Pimpdaddy

    Antonio Brown Asks out of Pitt

    first Leveon now Antonio....sounds like Tomlin is the problem...
  6. yea...this dude doesn't look to sturdy... you never know how hard this kid is driven but gut feeling says stay away.
  7. Cam looked like he was throwing a shot put late in the season.
  8. ...i knew i could count on you for some cheer during this trying time...
  9. Pimpdaddy

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    Watching NFL is like drinking a fine Pinot...watching AAF is like drinking a bottle of Ripple...I can't bring myself to watch this but its a good landing spot for Mixon..
  10. Sad thing is Funchscum will make millions where teams will think hes worth a sht...never liked his effort and he damn sure never had a point to make...GTFO...
  11. Pimpdaddy

    Cam talks about his surgery (video)

    he never wore a hat like that hair net they put on his azz... hope all is good with this procedure...come back strong Cam.
  12. FAR! Someone will overpay for him and be sorry.
  13. Pimpdaddy

    Devin tweeting about Miami next season

    Dayum...another bust...
  14. Pimpdaddy

    Today.... I'm a PATRIOT

    wearing a Pats jersey professing to be a panther...fug off ahole...