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  1. ...Not sure i want to see Grier hit the field anytime soon..
  2. Ur taking a healthy Cam that wont be running anymore...that halves his effectiveness ... plus...im starting to doubt whether he wants to be in the game...for whatever reason...hes had his bell rung many times...might be wearing on him....he just doesnt seem the same...maybe the injuries have him pissed off...
  3. ...the kid throws a really nice accurate catchable ball hitting WR's in stride... for the most part.... hes doing a good job managing the 10 yard move the chains...i'd talk some sht but...it wouldnt be too popular.
  4. i know a win is a win...and no win is easy .... but if ur inclined to bitch, which i am, this is a good starting point.
  5. its a shame...thought we found a diamond....
  6. 6 turnovers...Pats would have laid 60 on those sorry btches...
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