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  1. ....Looks like a Mel Kipper draft...
  2. i like mouth fkers...... that can actually produce. so...
  3. feel the same way.... you either love him or hate him...no in between...
  4. Igo is the all omniscient, the great seer, soothsayer and sage...
  5. Id say Rivera - he always reminded me of a stir cook trying to perform brain surgery.... he also didn't raise anywhere near enough hell for the shots Cam took to the head.... who knows what would have happened if Cam would have sat out that preseason game...like most all starters did that were valuable to the team. Rivera is stoonadda... It's all gonna work out tho.... just sad its the end of a really fun era in panther football..
  6. ...all the starting qb roles are in place for 2020...i doubt he takes a snap this year if anybody picks him up.... SAF....
  7. ..this shts looking more like a reunion that a football team..
  8. ....can't make chicken salad outta chicken sht...
  9. ...Cop a number one for CMC to use to move up to get Lawrence.... prolly wont need to trade up tho at this rate.
  10. ...he better wear a tie....if he wants to have a shot at that...
  11. ...yea never really had that warm fuzzy from the organization on Cam...
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