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  1. Pimpdaddy

    Friday Notes and Quotes

    ...are we better with a limited Cam or a healthy Heinicke ...no real choice
  2. yea...wine and cheese crowd can go watch chess... can't tell you how many times i was asked to sit down. few times was on the verge of being displaced...
  3. Pimpdaddy

    Game last night

    ...shts happening to Reids team ...starting to wane again...
  4. Riv couldn't light a fire with 2 matches , a lighter and some kingsford...
  5. ...but they enforce the important stuff like ' dont stand and cheer during the game'
  6. Pimpdaddy

    Let's talk Saints...

    ...this will be a game of woulda, coulda shoulda...we'll keep it close but it will be a reminder of the under achievement of this season....and missed opportunities...
  7. Pimpdaddy

    London Next Year?

    I love me mates across the pond...especially the ones that support our beloved Panthers.... but i think Europe should create their own league, divisions so that we could have a world bowl....Right now, the NFL in Europe is a Goodell money grab... dont agree with it...plus you all whined about Wembley getting tore up. i live 10 minutes from the stadium and could put you up for a night or 2 if you decide to come for a game.
  8. Pimpdaddy

    Todd McShay: Greg Little to Carolina at #14

    ...not along the lines of a shaq thompson...nother waste.
  9. Pimpdaddy

    Matt Kalil?

    looks like that fat fk hit the Lotto. damn.
  10. Pimpdaddy

    Matt Kalil?

    Fat fk needs to come to an amicable injury settlement and let us off the hook on the cap...if you have a shred of decency and character...
  11. ...good luck trying to get any money outta SC...Cool...give me a break on Meck taxes that JR raped me on...
  12. Pimpdaddy

    Ron Rivera: Just Average

    Hey...other teams practice too...
  13. ...Cam will never change...hes a wild stallion. He has a lot of tangibles and intangibles. Only stat he needs to worry about is weather he wants to be one of three Heismans to win a SB.