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  1. Star found what he was looking for... a payday on our farm team...the Buffalo Bills... he never aspired to be great..even after we took a chance on him when he was choking on his heart... Donitari Ho should be embarrassed for getting blowed off the line by 5yds consistently ....how does that happen, his ass is 4ft wide...
  2. Never thought he'd slam JR...but thats ok...the litmus test is whether i'll be allowed to throw a football in the parking lot before games and take my shirt off at the games..
  3. ...all of a sudden you have found ethics, allegiance and manners...lol
  4. I'll take 'A star and 3 dudes who cant do sht' for a 1000 Alex...
  5. The McCoy talk is effectively him getting a few free dinners....
  6. really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for news....
  7. Simply...Gettledouche is an Ahole...point blank....end of thread.
  8. you aint failin....you aint learnin...
  9. hes hard core and hardheaded... hes determined.
  10. Bring us a bowl Cam! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/10/on-brink-of-30-cam-newton-vows-not-to-change-his-playing-style/
  11. ...my preacher said, nothing good comes from beer. thats why i drink brown liquor...
  12. ...lol...i dont think analytics, computer diagnostics or the magic 8 ball came into play on this.... it was obvious....glad hurndog pulled the trigger tho...
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