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  1. You've got to look at the age and you've got to look at that 2020 CBA issue as well. As to only registering 6 sacks on a poor defense, you could also postulate that as a star defensive player (and he has been one) the defensive scheming and play depended greatly on their man in the middle and he may have let his team down. I don't know because I wasn't privy to the coaches meetings. I could be wrong about the guy, but it's always prudent to go slowly when there are question marks, especially when there are some artificial deadline pressures out there... training camp, June 1 cuts, other team visits. All of these things can push a team into buying big into not a lemon but someone who can't live up to the legend anymore. Every team has done it and we've had our fair share. If he is the McCoy of years gone by, by all means he'd be great here. If he's half that, then a short, friendly contract is the way to go. If we have any, and I mean, any doubts, it'd be wise to pass on making an offer right away. A lot of folks in the real world get talked into buying stuff that isn't as good as it is made out to be. The used car industry is a great example to use and you can draw your own parallels here.
  2. Still my favorite Panther and I really hope this works out.
  3. It's the youth movement effort the league is going to. So far, the smart teams have been working that angle hard. 2020 is a drop dead date for a lot of contracts and the CBA, so the two can go hand in hand. Some of the most vocal players in the NFLPA are aging vets who could be greatly impacted by a number of things, from cap space adjustments to vet minimum salaries. As to McCoy, I don't think any team is going to offer him more than a one year deal right now. There's just a lot of age to set against a lot of money. There have been some DTs that have played well into their 30s and were starting level talents. The operative word is "some." McCoy is at that part of a career where many find themselves out of a job because of diminishing capabilities, mounting injuries and big salaries. Giving more than a single year's commitment would be an unwise gamble against Father Time.
  4. None of it matters until we see how Cam does in passing. And chances are good, still, that CMC will be our leading receiver. I'm really hoping for that best case scenario of healthy Cam, CMC continuing his arc, and both DJ and Samuel arriving on the scene for an entire season, along with Olsen finding the fountain of youth and our O-line working out. And let's have our defense play like a Panthers defense again, too. Is it too much to ask?
  5. I thought they had been trying Williams at LT during OTAs. Not sure where I heard it, but I think that might be a good thing to try, at least for the moment. The guy was a starting caliber tackle before the injury and at least trying to transition him over there seems logical and let his understudy play LG for a while.
  6. And they don't want that again. The idea of a fan walkout following a strike would make ownership wet their collective pants.
  7. In the end, it's just the fans that get hurt. The players will get more money, the owners will still get gobs of revenue by jacking up ticket prices and other revenue streams. We get more expensive tickets, more expensive memorabilia and possibly an even less interesting version of the game. Now if the fans would strike...
  8. Honestly, Mike Singletary was a beast back in the day, one of the all time greats and even though Lawrence Taylor could wreck a whole team, he was a handful and played off script rather than dictating one. LT was a force of nature, Samurai Mike was a tactician and a battler. Dick Butkus, another one of the great Chicago LBs, has to be on the short list as best to ever play the game. He was so feared that if he charged the line before the snap, it was a 50/50 chance that one of the offensive linemen would wet themselves. He was mean, he was nasty, he would take a cheap shop when available and he punished opposing offensive players while still having it together enough to command the field. There's three guys that I might, might, say are better than Luke right now. He's in there, though, as one of the greatest based just on what he's done so far. Of the bunch, he's probably the best defensive field general, even though Singletary gives him a run for his money. Ray Lewis would probably drop to fifth on my list, with Urlacher in the top 10. Others in that (6-10) would be (in no particular order): Junior Seau, Derrick Brooks (a career cut tragically short), and a guy who played like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Jack Ham. There are guys who played earlier, but I can really only work with who I've seen in real games.
  9. Let's see him on special teams first. If you are a back up safety or linebacker and aren't working on special teams, you probably won't make it through final cuts of training camp, much less pushing for a starting spot.
  10. Remember, the Bleacher Report is also about the 28th best sports reporting of the top 32 sports info sites... So take it with a lot of grains of salt.
  11. It should be called the Al Davis, Jr. Memorial dash. Good luck Donte.
  12. The kid is great, so far, but I don't think he's seen the field enough yet to be bandying about the term "greatest" yet. And John Riggins set the mark pretty high. Like get to 100 touchdowns before we can really say.
  13. Usually I throw out the "they let him go for some reason" line, or you can't win long term by buying another team's old dudes. This time, though, it might be money well spent. I think he underperformed in Tampa because, well, that team had been disintegrating since they drafted Jameis Winston. Lost their identity and that rotating door for the head coach's office hurt, too. Besides the fact that he could still have good tread on the tires, just the familiarity with not just the Bucs but in playing all of other divisional opponents... we're talking good value for medium dollars maybe. A prove it contract with incentives could be the best bet. Then again, Cleveland is spending like they want to get the team looking good before LeBron comes back to town or something.
  14. Or because you've got school aged children and don't want to cut the night short to send them off to bed. In my case, at least, I don't drink so the Monday hangover isn't a problem, at least alcohol wise. There's a whole world of folks that have sh!t to do early Monday mornings who'd be able to enjoy the whole deal better with a Saturday night game.
  15. Moving the game to Saturday night would probably make that record 10 of the 11 most-watched TV shows in history. People will skip other Saturday activities for the Superb Owl, imo.
  16. You know, the only change to the playoffs scheduling I'd really like to see is to move the Superb Owl to Saturday night instead of Sunday.
  17. Hoping this isn't one of those things we later regret. Honestly, though, I had lost track of Wes in all the other news and moves.
  18. I agree, but let's face it, most of the serious coverage goes to the New York and LA teams, the Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys, Packers and Redskins. The rest of us are kinda backwater teams. Really, I'm just about fine with it. My team doesn't have to be super popular for me to like them. And if some other team happens to get bad intelligence about us because they just watch ESPN and NFL Network, so much the better (although this is probably not the case).
  19. So sorry to hear it for the young guy. Here's hoping he recovers well and can be a participant in training camp.
  20. The problem with Suh is that he almost lives up to the money every season. That's the kind of guy who has a decent talent and size, but exists more on marketing, his agent and the rising inflation that is inherent in the league. Because his name is known, he gets lumped in with the star players and gets paid something within their orbits. Then, he performs just a bit below those stars and well, you keep him around because, well there are bigger problems. Now that age is catching up with him, that little gap between him and stardom gets a bit wider each year.
  21. This thread has gone on longer than Gettleman's stay here. Can't we just throw in a hog molly and a bup bup bup and let it go?
  22. Remember that most of those shows feature names your recognize from their playing days, but they are really just about as knowledgeable as the guys down at the local sports bar. And that's actually the feel the producers are going for... talking over the water cooler with co-workers, or over lunch at a casual dining place, or down at the bar with your friends who watch sports but can't keep up with every team. They save the most knowledgeable and researched (plus best pedigrees) for the Sunday pre-game broadcasts or the games themselves. Basically, they've got a handful of note cards and they're just riffing on the teams. Just something to keep the conversation going until the next game day or something big happens. If you want the real stuff, you used to have to go find it in print, but with the internet now, it's just more of that same surface stuff except for a few real sportswriters.
  23. Honestly, I don't think we see Hurney-Rivera-Newton as a trio. Cam's too much of a unicorn, a one of a kind player, to base whether a coach or manager will be hustled out the door when he leaves. Had Cam not developed or had the game designed around, Rivera would have been out long ago. If Cam were to go, for some reason, Marty and Ron wouldn't be tossed because ownership would want to see how they do with a more traditional set up at QB. And let's get something really straight, Cam is a phenom and that can be a disastrous thing to be handed as a coach, especially if he is a non-traditional QB. Cam's talent has been put on display, but he has also developed and rounded out his game remarkably, that's a sign of good coaching and respect for the coach from the player. A lot of coaches have seen their careers dashed by getting the "starting day star" player handed to them. Heck, Jay Cutler has been the end of how many coaching jobs???
  24. Pretty good piece, OP. Cam has, without a doubt, the most pressure on him, followed by Shaq. I think Paradis has a lot to prove, too and can Greg Olsen survive another year in the league? The fifth Panther with the most pressure riding on him, I believe, is Ron Rivera. I like Ron and I think he's the kind of coach a team should keep for a decade or more. He doesn't have losing seasons with a healthy squad (and that is a huge deal) and he has had his coaching staff raided heavily and continuously for a few years. That turnover in assistant coaches and coordinators is tough on any team, and we saw that it ended up with a DC promotion that was not warranted and disastrous. A losing season here, though, with new ownership in the building could see RR heading off with a pink slip, and I don't think injuries will matter, unless it is an obvious and inescapable injury to Cam.
  25. Deion Sanders would make that business decision and then admit to it on television years later.
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