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  1. Couldn't tell you why they cut a particular guy, but perhaps the RB candidates we have were retained because they offer similar skill sets to CMC, just to lesser and lesser degrees. Perhaps, also, we may need them as the season wears on and CMC takes more hits. RB4 can be the one-cut and slam guy in practice that our defense needs. I will say, though, that the lack of run defense seems to be happening across the league and I think a lot of it has to do with less practices in pads and full contact and an emerging college game that relies on spread offenses. If I were asked how to fix ours, I'd say we need to move Luke back to run defense more and less into dropping back into pass defense. Make him the RB spy on each play and put the best tackler the sport has seen in decades do what he does best.
  2. How many first and second year coaches right now are posting that kind of record? Go ahead, look it up, I'll wait. And... thanks for playing. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I'm going to have to mark you down as missing the boat.
  3. Because we need a running back like him on the team so that we can practice tackling traditional running backs in practice. No one is getting practice at tackling CMC.
  4. You're speaking the straight truth, but man, this crowd has their pitchforks and torches out. It's near impossible to make them put them away again. I think Ron stays and I'd fear where we'd wind up if he doesn't.
  5. I'm just not sure you can really see his ceiling yet. He's only 23 and most QBs don't get it until they are like 25. But hey, what do I know?
  6. While I agree that it would be stupid to let Kyle go, if you were the coach/GM of the Bears, Bengals, Dolphins or Titans, you wouldn't be looking at your current roster and how well your scouts have done in evaluating QBs and thinking Allen would be a bargain? Each of those teams are definitely going to be in the mix for a QB pick early, maybe very early, in the draft.
  7. In case some folks haven't noticed it, Kyle Allen already is a starting QB in the league and he doesn't have a QB competition intrigue going until maybe after the season. The term game manager gets thrown around a lot, because people think it's some kind of knowledgeable statement. Game management is a skill and a very necessary one. The Kid has that going for him. He also has decent accuracy, some mobility and a growing capability within the pocket. He also has a winner's attitude and has shown a willingness to bet on himself. We've also seen him march a team 99 yards down a field in London for a score and 90 yards at Lambeau in the snow and come up just half a yard short of a potential tying score as time ran out. You don't get those kind of drives out of a QB who doesn't have that elusive "it" factor. Kyle will be a starting QB next year, maybe here, maybe not. We all talk about how Cam will be traded but think about the trade value of Kyle Allen. If he signs the contract we offer (and as an exclusive rights player he really has no choice), we're going to be fielding calls about will we trade him and what would it take? Imagine teams like Miami, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Chicago who really do not have a starting quality QB and how he'd be a better choice than throwing a first round draft pick at the second or third QB to come off the board, a guy they may not be able to quickly coach up to Allen's quality. Me, I'd like to see him stay in house here, but he's already proven himself better than most of the rookie and second year QBs playing out there, with the exception of a very select few. Someone will take a chance on Cam (maybe even us) but they are going to look at Allen as a sure deal.
  8. We cannot win a Wild Card spot. We can, however, win out and take the division from New Orleans. That's the only road, but it can be done.
  9. And this is why I don't bet on games... Week 11 ATL @ CAR 53 PTS PIT @ CLE NYJ @ WAS JAX @ IND BUF @ MIA DAL @ DET HOU @ BAL NO @ TB DEN @ MIN AZ @ SF NE @ PHI CIN @ OAK CHI @ LAR KC @ LAC 62 PTS
  10. That Saints game will push us forward and pull them back to us. Those may be the two most important games on our schedule. They will also be our toughest. But hey, if it was going to be easy, then we'd be the Patriots.
  11. True, but that's a tough, tough road ahead of us.
  12. Twenty-three pages and counting. Sheesh. It's like listening to my kids argue over who should clean up the dog barf. It doesn't really matter WHO does it, it just needs to get cleaned up.
  13. And in the end, we were just about a foot away from tying up the game. That's how frikkin' important that blown call was (not to mention the missed face mask on Kyle Allen and the overlooked helmet to helmet hit on the kick off return. Green Bay got away with a lot yesterday, an egregious amount of calls went their way. I don't think we lost that one so much as had it taken away. Karma will sort this back out, but sometimes that wheel turns slowly.
  14. For all the reports we hear, from "insiders" and team people and even Cam himself, you and I really don't know what is happening. And it's really not our business to know more than they tell. We don't know how bad the pain is; we don't know the actual advice given by doctors, trainers, coaches and friends/agents; we don't know how the off-field rehab and conditioning is going; we don't even know the back-channel discussions going on between GMs is going. So much we don't know. I do know, however, we've got games coming up that do still matter so cheer the Panthers on and say a lil prayer or two for Cam along the way.
  15. You're great and do great work. Thanks for being here!
  16. Rookie kickers almost always hit a bumpy stretch. Good coaches give them time to work past it, it's a whole process. Give him time, it will be okay. Worry about what to do next season sometime around March, k?
  17. Great analysis! Thanks again for sharing it with us! Keep up the good work!
  18. Rookie and young players without much game time often hit a wall about mid-season. You're 100% right about this. He's going to be okay I'm willing to bet.
  19. Our next big game, for the rest of the season, will always be the next game, no matter who we play. Competition is so tough this year in the NFC and while some of the contenders will prove to be pretenders, we're still in big time "prove it" territory and will be until the end -- unless the Saints mysteriously disappear while flying over the Bermuda Triangle or something. (Or that voodoo priestess finally comes to take payment from Sean Payton.)
  20. But if we all go, no one will be around to hear you piss and moan, then what fun would you have? Come over to the positive side man, it's a lot better.
  21. This 1000%! We, as a fanbase, should have been having a lot of fun over the last six to seven weeks. If you haven't, maybe you need to revisit some joy in your life somewhere else and get right.
  22. Mario is a heck of a guy and it was heartening to hear that Marty and Marc went to the service to support him and his family.
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