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  1. WhoTF is Chad Forbes? I looked him up. And basically, even though he has NFL credentials, basically it is a WhoTF is Chad Forbes. Yeah, gonna just file this one in the old unreliable sources wastebin.
  2. I agree. There's something about building a culture of hard work, of wanting to win, of creating a team identity about those things that makes for winners. Are we going to win the NFC South this year? Almost definitely not... this is the toughest division in football, still. Will we win the NFC South within the next three years? Oh yeah, without a doubt. And we will be able to repeat. Sometimes it's amazing what a bunch of nobodies can accomplish when they get everything out of the way and build up a head of steam. I think Rhule can do it.
  3. You actually took time to search for a gif and came up with that?
  4. Look, let me offer another side of this. It was never about Cam, or it was about making Carolina something other than Camolina. Cam, for all of his great abilities and God-given talents, said from the beginning he was setting out to be an Icon (let's not worry about that entertainer part). And what did he do? He became one. Amazing play, massive charisma and a fearless approach to the game took him to league MVP, the Superb Owl, massive endorsement deals, countless highlight reels, a set of his cleats in the Hall of Fame and an adoring public. He was the undoubted leader of the team and the face of the franchise. And then something bad happened. We started losing games, Cam was injured, we saw that we had a team that could not compete without him. Let me repeat this, because it is true whether you are a Cam fan or not... we could not compete without him. Specifically, we could not compete without Super Cam. After that shoulder injury (and probable concussions in the Superb Owl and the rematch at the beginning of 2016), Cam was knocked down and out, made human. Let's fast forward to the end of last season, after two and a half seasons of Cam being unable to be Cam and make the difference in those games. He wasn't the same guy on the field, he couldn't physically win the games, his back wasn't strong enough to carry the team. And like it or not, the team was built (not just on paper, but in the locker room) to win with and by Cam. And that's not something you can change over night. The only person on the entire team to step up and really try to take over that Prime Mover spot was CMC and even his Herculean, record setting effort, could not do it. Without Cam's leadership and charisma on the field, we saw great veteran players just start going through the motions. They basically crumbled and humbled without Cam to help shoulder the load. The shining light had gone out and so many players just sat down in the dark and waited for the end of week 17. That's a coaching failure, that's a pro player failure, it's even one of the fanbase. Cam, the Icon, had literally been the be all and end all of the team. We didn't have a team persona, we had a Cam and his boys persona. And over two and a half years, it showed what happens when you put all of your eggs in one basket. And that's where we found ourselves going into this season: a wounded Icon that wasn't ever going to be able to be the guy from 2015 again. Even if he could just function as a really good starting QB, you couldn't rally the team around him without that magic any more and expect good results. The team had to get rid of Cam and those who deflated without Cam here to have any real chance at rebuilding a team again. Rebuild a TEAM, not an Icon and his followers. The house had to be torn down and rebuilt on many foundations rather than on one singular, albeit magnificent, rock. It's not Cam's fault, he was who he was and man, it was fantastic, wasn't it? He did carry and entire team on his back time and time again. He made the entire league's jaws drop play after play. He did things that were just amazing. And we rightfully cheered him on. And we let everything else slip that happened to fall in the long shadow he cast. So farewell Cam and good luck to you. It was fun to have caught lightning in a jar for a little while there, but it took both of our hands and all of our attention to hold onto it. We let the rest slip away while you had our attention. We did. We can't do it again.
  5. They don't but if you come to the podium dressed like that and aren't portraying a Clinton Portis character, then no one is going to take you seriously anymore. Dude looked like Katherine Hepburn at the beach.
  6. He'll be the slot receiver and will shine this season. Just watch.
  7. And last season going in, we had some of the most talented folks in a while (if you look at it from say an Aug. 15 date...). It's still early, but the cupboard has been sufficiently cleaned out, I hope.
  8. In all honesty, if Cam had different personal advisers and had done the shoulder surgeries earlier, and definitely did the foot surgery earlier, this story could have turned out so completely differently. I mean, he could have still been our starter going into the year OR he would have been healed up and able to demonstrate such enough to have attracted attention. There are so many teams on that OP list that could have benefited from Cam, including ourselves, but there's just this big, big cloud of uncertainty hanging over his health and capabilities. People talk about "prove it" contracts, but Cam has been sitting on the biggest "prove it" of his career and apparently has done nothing but a few edgy vlogs/vids to grow interest and allay doubts. Cam, I think he just got too cool for school and might have blown it. It saddens me. The guy was great.
  9. Honestly, we still may be keeping too many people from last year's team. Folks, you're fooling yourselves if you thought they weren't blowing up the team. We'll be competitive by September, but we won't be in the hunt by the end of November most likely. Once again, y'all wanted regime change. It's never as easy, pretty or fast as you'd hope. It's messy, rough and slow.
  10. Thanks for all the amazing football over the years, Cam. Good luck to you and I hope to see you on the field making magic happen out of nothing again. Let's all keep our heads about this and act like we're good folks, k?
  11. Time to quit hand wringing over this and realize that it just happens. Why didn't Marino get a ring? Whose fault was it that Jim Kelly was a four-time bridesmaid but never the bride? Why does Steve Bartowski get stuck in Atlanta and waste away over his career? Philip Rivers gets screwed in the draft and gets to watch Eli win multiple rings while sitting at home in San Diego? That's the NFL. It just is what it is. There have been soooo many good players, tons of great ones and a very few that became legends. Injuries catch and kill almost all NFL careers. We're the fans, we go on forever. That's just how it all goes. There are no villains, this isn't the WWE.
  12. Sometimes it's not about race, you do take that possibility into account right? It could be that Cam is taking a tone deaf approach right now in a world where real people who don't have millions of dollars are/have losing jobs, can't make rent, pay for utilities and have no health care? That some folks, black and white, aren't sitting there waiting for someone to offer them a few million dollars, but instead are just hoping they can find work at a CVS or Amazon distribution center for part time wages and no benefits just so they can feed their families? That there are people not hoping for a $12 million offer but are actively praying for a $1,200 check from the government that will be too little and probably too late? Maybe there's a world of folks with real problems that just don't have the patience or time for a millionaire to woe as me himself pubicly. How's things up your street, man?
  13. Nothing worse than being stuck between two friends who are going through a divorce. Just get it over with and let us divide up to which friend gets which friend. This dragging it out crap is getting old. We all know you two aren't getting back together, you two know it, let's just be done with it. I mean, really, it's getting kind of pissy. Can we just avoid all this? (And just to put it in perspective, Cam, there are a lot of good folks right now who really are unemployed for real reasons and they don't have millions in the bank... they really will struggle to feed their kids, make rent and utilities and they really don't know what will happen next. Go buy scarves and wait a bit, someone will call you.)
  14. Mark my words, but y'all are going to be liking Teddy a lot by week 5. He's a good QB and he has a fun personality. We may start thinking of him as more than a bridge QB.
  15. Good luck to him, he's one of us now! You never know when a QB prospect might find that magic. Warren Moon, Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme... sometimes it takes a circuitous route to get to the big time.
  16. Wow, this has been a crazy busy day for the Panthers. Good luck to Kyle, except for when he plays the Panthers.
  17. I think he fits what we have been and certainly gives marks to where the QB position is going in the NFL. Smart, mobile QB with good arm strength fits the bill.
  18. They said the same about Cam. The exact same things about Cam.
  19. I see Jalen Hurts still sitting there at the seventh pick in the second round and no way we pass up on the chance to get the next franchise QB to understudy for TB. And we have to shore up the middle of both lines even more than we need CBs. Just my opinion.
  20. We're going to go like this: 1st: DT Brown 2nd: QB Jalen Hurts 3rd: C Hennessy
  21. He was a quality pick up last year both on and off the field. He grew up a lot between his first time here and the current. I can see the new regime needing to keep a guy like him here. And good for him! He's worked really, really hard to get a spot, a stable spot on a team. His reward is richly deserved.
  22. Overall, an excellent post OP. My only disagreements might, might, be that I think Daley showed better skills at LT than Little did, but perhaps with some seasoning and time to fully recover from the concussions he will shine out. Okung has a lot to offer and both Little and Daley will benefit from him. I do see us taking Hennessy in the 3rd round of the draft. He hasn't allowed a sack in over 840 snaps at Temple and something tells me that while I don't think he played for Rhule and Co. there, he was recruited by them I'd imagine. Good, solid, smart player. And I don't think Paradis' leg is a get better kind of thing. I hate to see Armah go, but honestly, he just hasn't performed there. Of course, if you weren't CMC, chances were you were very rarely lined up in the backfield last season. CMC is the best RB in the league, but the lead blocks he needs come better from guards and pulling centers than a FB. Yeah, I think FB might not get a spot on the roster. I also think we'll take Moss late, late in the draft if he's still there. The last name carries a lot of clout and his LSU connections to Brady could mean the world when it comes to taking him. And for my "out of this world, no way it will happen" bonus idea: Cam doesn't get traded, but instead lines up at WR -- terrorizing defenses. The guy knows every route in the book (from the QB's eyes), has some of the best hands in the league (he owns an actual Guinness World Record for most passes caught in a row), is harder to bring down that any WR since Megatron AND it removes the worry about the loss of ability in his throwing shoulder. It won't happen, but could you imagine Cam going through a Renaissance move like that and writing a completely different second act to his career? Won't happen, but wow, the possibilities.
  23. That's what I got out of watching him play. A dozen sacks nets you a dozen million in this day and age. A dozen tackles of running backs for two yards or less gets you... an offer for vet minimum. He was playing for the next paycheck. Just like most of the guys on our D-line last year. Yeah, McCoy was a leader all right.
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