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  1. I like our chances Thursday and we were so close this past Sunday. There's a lot to be optimistic about. Anything else is just whining.
  2. Well said. I really didn't expect that out of Tre. I think he's going to be good here, again. He's grown a lot as a player and toughened up, too.
  3. So, if I read this right, if Cam's involved, it's excusable? If Ron wasn't in the locker room taking a whiz, then anything that could be even loosely tied to him is his fault? Just want to make sure I've got your narrative right. It's pretty similar to last year's, but I might have missed a nuance or two.
  4. For all of the flack he has gotten over the past couple of years (most of it unfair) and the talk going on in the offseason, Shaq Thompson showed how good he really is yesterday versus the Rams. Going into the game, he had Thomas Davis' big shoes to fill in addition to playing interior linebacker in our 3-4 scheme (a major departure from his previous role). He did great. The stat sheet shows 7 tackles, 2 assists and one pass defensed. That wasn't even the half of it. He was always around the ball and his coverage skills were pretty darned good across the board. I think we're going to be fine back there with Shaq and Luke, if not even better.
  5. He's great. I think he's the best RB to ever suit up for us and I still think we haven't seen his peak. He runs with strength, shiftiness and smarts. He catches like a star WR1 and breaks away like he was Agent89 rebuilt. But more than anything, that kid gives everything he's got on every play -- finishes off runs and basically carried this entire team on his back for that last scoring drive. CMC is to be applauded and marveled over, but he is not to be used as an excuse to fire Rivera or knock down Cam. He is something that will hopefully inspire his teammates, though.
  6. Sorry, but I can't blame the coaching staff for that one yesterday. Stupid turnovers, a couple of bad calls by the refs, and some bad overthrows cost us that one. Had we had one less of any of those problems, we'd have had the win. Still, there's some good things to take away from there and I don't think Jameis and the Bucs are up to the Ram's level. We'll know a lot more about the team come Thursday night.
  7. And we just have to move on. They don't void victories and there is no replaying the game. I mean, the Patriots got away with the biggest cheating scandal(s) in NFL history and we see what happened there. Move along folks, 15 more games to win ahead of us.
  8. Who knows? It's probably buried on page 421 of the rulebook. Maybe one of our resident football scholars would know.
  9. That was a bad call, but not as bad as the backwards pass call... by it's measure just about any ball batted by a lineman could be considered a lateral then. The original pass was moving forward (slightly, but still forward) before it was deflected. It should have just been incomplete with a pass-defensed tick for the lineman.
  10. And speaking of the beach, what was the deal with that suit he wore? Looked like Peewee Herman on a trip to the Outer Banks.
  11. Should we all wear scarves under our hats in solidarity?
  12. Hope he heals up well and can return to the field.
  13. My only question is where were they? About half of his catches, or more, were check downs or bail outs. Line play was pretty good considering the quality of the competition. CMC balled out on an epic level and those last two runs were just amazing displays of want to win. Where was that in the others?
  14. Didn't work well the one time and I mean you can only sacrifice 75% of the offense for so long...
  15. First easy shot at him: He played a lot better than you'd expect a guy who came to the stadium dressed like that would play. Second take, and more reasonable: It would behoove us all to see the next game or two before we jettison Cam and his career. He's earned that at least. Third take: The line held up a lot better than folks want to admit, two of those sacks were on Cam's reluctance of mobility today. Let's hope the rust clears out quickly.
  16. We missed a field goal, they missed a field goal, that's a wash. Two fumbles and an interception were the difference. Otherwise it's a straight up Carolina win. No two ways about it. I've been a Gano supporter for a long time, but Slye did really well. Missed his first ever real pro kick, nailed everything else (except for the nearly impossible onside kick).
  17. It's looking like he's all we've got at the moment.
  18. Honestly, Cam played like he's channeling Catherine Hepburn in On Golden Pond: shaky, old, slow and timid. I remember when Cam worked as hard to win games as CMC is now. Sure hope that guy comes back.
  19. Buy a Volvo and you'll regret it for a decade, maybe more. They aren't the same as they were when they were owned by the Swedes. Since then they've been bought and released from the Ford family (with the inherent drop in quality) only to now be owned by Chinese firm Geely... you can imagine how that is going to impact quality. Ford, all I can say is that in the first 30 years of my life I owned seven Fords (three Thunderbirds, two Mustangs, an Escort and a Bronco II). I was only a driver for 14 of those years... I've owned one car since then, a 2001 Mitsubish Montero LTD that still runs like a top. I bought it brand new off the lot and just take care of basic maintenance, I'm not a mechanic kinda guy. My wife's prior car was a 26-year old Camry she bought new off the lot back in the day and we ended up giving it away to a family in need... it still ran great but we'd snagged a new Toyota Sienna minivan to haul the kids around in (and man that is a great car). Go with a Japanese brand for the SUV and whether it is built there or here in the US, the quality will be great and you'll still be breaking it in at 200,000 miles. The interior will still look good, too (Ford interiors go to crap about the time you make that last car payment). And whatever you do, avoid Land Rovers built after 1976. They were never built to be run without a ton of tinkering, but they completely lost their cool factor around the mid-70s. Toyota Sequoia if you can find it will be great, but those Highlanders have a ton of room and drive really well.
  20. You can just hear the cheese sliding right off the cracker. He's completely lost it.
  21. Problems are problems, wherever they might be, everything is relative. The first rule of a happy marriage is: if mama ain't happy, then nobody is happy. And a pregnant wife is gonna be hating that heat pretty quick. But hey, what do I know? I'm still only on my first marriage.
  22. Taking a 3-year old and a pregnant wife to a four hour game in 92 degree weather, fighting the crowds before, during and after the game... Have you really thought this through? Stay home, watch the game from the cool confines of the house and bank the money for those kids' college funds. Otherwise you're going to have a miserable wife and a kid that wants to go home halfway through the first quarter and everyone is going to hate each other on the drive out, if you don't end up getting heatstroke for the wife...
  23. Whatever happens, at least five working days during the next CBA agreement meetings will deal purely with handling this kind of BS in the future.
  24. I remember back in the day when the Chargers said he was washed up and time to move on to new things. Yeah, I'm not betting on his demise until I see the retirement ceremony myself.
  25. It never hurts to have an emergency fund on hand. That's enough to snag a top end candidate before trade deadlines in a position of emergency need and it's a fairly handy amount to roll over for next year. I don't think there's much to see or speculate on here.
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