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  1. One of the most undervalued stats on CBs is number of targets. Good ones cause an opposing team to shift away from them. It isn't as flashy as INTs but it can mean even more over the course of a game and/or season. Chris Gamble was the ultimate silent assassin. Opposing teams just quit trying his side of the field and he very quietly had an excellent career, but one that is criminally underappreciated.
  2. Just team performance differences between the two QBs, quickness to the line on offense, reading of the defense... These aren't exactly Cam's strengths. He does have many great, HoF-level attributes, though, like arm strength, mobility and size. He's a very smart QB and man, but sometimes his wisdom lags a bit behind. To not be able to concede that he is due some criticism, now that is the breadth of pettiness, friend. Edit to add: You only come out to bark if I criticize Cam, but never bother to agree with me when I praise him or suggest we give him time to heal up and make a comeback. Your narrow focus doesn't serve you well, you're better than that.
  3. I have no idea how this will go. The Texans are in that transition point in their season where they could go up or they could go spiraling down... this might be the game to decide it. They have good pieces, but I'm not sold on their coach making a good team --- star players don't demand trades out of good locker rooms. On our side, darn I am impressed by what we can do when we're hitting on all cylinders in all three phases of the game. I'm just going to have to see a repeat performance to be 100% here. Still, I like how the Panthers reacted on the road last week with a change-up at the most important position vs a team with its back against the wall.
  4. Our O-line is going to have to be solid and Kyle Allen is going to have to continue being Delhomme 2.0. And Watson will have to be sacked again and again. Just repeat Sunday's game.
  5. Happy as can be, man, enjoying life and getting a chuckle out of your Pavlovian response to any Cam criticism. Best of the day to ya!
  6. It has bothered me a lot since I'd heard that Olsen has to often re-translate the plays in the huddle that Cam has been given. That's probably a big part of the problem. Perhaps a bit more time with the play book and less time with GQ would be a good idea.
  7. Cam will certainly get to come back as the starter for Carolina once he has healed up, whenever that may be. He's earned the opportunity to do so and because his ceiling is so high he could even lose two to three games to start off and not be in jeopardy of losing the spot. However, it would be silly to think that he won't be evaluated heavily during that time. Kyle is going to be building up a resume during this period (for good or for bad, we've only had the two games) and there's going to be both dollars and team success figured into the discussion. Cam's contract is nearing its close and there's a lot of money hanging out there, Allen is a much less expensive option. The truth is, though, that no matter what it all rides on Cam and how he plays. There really are no factors as big as that. If he's Superman again then his future looks bright. If he is just a QB who can win and shows some mobility, then he's going to get another contract. If what we saw before was the new normal, it's going to be a sad day for us all. I hope he comes back recuperated, rejuvenated and rededicated... I'll certainly be cheering for him. If not, the guy is still going down in history as one of the greats, but let's not bury him quite yet.
  8. Nothing like having your tax coffers robbed by a guy holding a gun to your favorite team's head. Over frikkin' soccer.
  9. He's got a really good awareness of where his blockers are, too. He could have easily run into either Van Roten or Moton right there and he didn't step back into Little's redirection path. He really made the best use of the pocket and still found CMC in the heavy traffic. Honestly, in recent years, Cam would have pinballed off of 73 or 72 and into the path of the outside rusher. The kid has poise.
  10. Let's see if Little and Van Roten work better together for a game or two, just to make sure that Van Roten wasn't be covered up for by Williams or taking the blame for him. Not saying Williams is a bad O-lineman, but he's out of place at LT and I'm not sure that he hasn't lost a step or two since the injury.
  11. Honestly, I think Van Roten isn't getting the credit he deserves. The guy's game is improving and the longer the line unit stays together as a group, the better they will work together. And Van Roten's ability to pull is really important.
  12. Might just have to get a subscription after that... We fill in a lot of blanks and create conflicts between players and coaches here because we don't know how things really go on the field and in the locker room. All in all, it does seem like the team really gets along and appreciates each other. There just don't seem to be any "trade me" divas in the bunch.
  13. Shaq was everywhere on defense. He is definitely proving the doubters wrong. The guy is thriving and we're lucky to have him. Jarius Wright made a couple of key catches. Paradis did a good job calling protections and Allen always seemed to be moving in the right ways to help it. Good teamwork between the two. Ray Ray busted a big one, too bad it got called back. I like the guy and I think he's going to be good. Joey Slye is the real deal. Great story and great leg. And tempo was outstanding. We were playing like we always knew what the play was, got out of the huddles quickly and executed well. Not too shabby for a young QB in his second start ever. I think he must have Norv's system down pat.
  15. Let's see the passing chart next week. It's a bit too early to do more than lightly predict a tendency for the passer.
  16. He did yesterday and in week 17 last season. Both were wins. It could be his fault for letting the tail wag the dog, though.
  17. We saw how well it flew when Ron benched Cam against Cam's wishes. This has been Cam's team in many ways for the past few years.
  18. The kid just wins his battles. Enough guys like that and your team is nearly unstoppable.
  19. The decision between whether a player is able to play with an injury is between the player and the medical staff. The coach can't make him play. Rivera was almost handed his head for sitting Cam for one series due to a wardrobe infraction... there's no way in hell that he was going to make Cam play when Cam didn't want to or when medical staff wouldn't clear him. From what I can tell, a Liz Franc injury isn't always easy to diagnose right off the bat. Of course, many of you are quite accomplished podiatrists and surgeons.
  20. They already dug it up then found out that it only slightly, barely, in a half light with your eyes squinted just right, said anything even remotely resembling what they thought it had said. Over the years, they had just internalized it and massaged it to fit their own narratives. Self-gaslighting. It's kinda the new trend I guess.
  21. That's what the article says but that isn't what Fiz errr Electro said at all is it. There's an important distinction between the two. Electro wants you to think Rivera plays guys until they're satisfied with their careers and want to call it a day. The article, and specifically Ron's words, say that he wishes that could be true but that the realities of the game are different, as he himself saw as a player.
  22. He specifically does not say what you said. He talks about the realities of the game and how he advises players to be aware of it and to not waste chances. Nowhere does he say he coaches to make sure they get to leave the game on their own terms and timetable. It's putting words into a guy's mouth to make him say what you want and that's not right, whether you are drinking yourself into a stupor or not.
  23. I think we need an actual quote to substantiate it, otherwise it's just someone making sh!t up to make their point.
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