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  1. Not trolling with respect to Twenty One Pilots...best band in the last 20 years. Oh and Eminem is the best rapper of all time, no debate there really.
  2. You know I can't honestly believe that I'm telling you retards that I'm trolling you and you still get trolled. How dumb are you?
  3. LOL...I've NEVER voted republican. You guys are fuging stupid.
  4. You're really super bad at reading. Try again...you missed the point and made a point based off of your own stupid reasoning.
  5. Imaginarykev...I troll you too, don't feel bad for those libtards, or the trumptards...both groups have heads full of rocks IMO. BTW...don't own guns, never will.
  6. That's all I got. This team sucks right now. Apathy is all they deserve. I was going to make a long drawn out post, but honestly I'm too apathetic to do it.
  7. Eminem is the best rapper of all time. Sorry you're too simple to understand it yo.
  8. No, I'm good. If you could see what I'm banging, you'd probably vote republican next election.
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