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  1. Damn my brain ain't working I guess...I thought he got his ring with the Bucs.
  2. You want to get 90% of the board banned? Good luck with that.
  3. I don't think anyone could dispute you know your poo as far as football goes. Except maybe if you went against Cam.
  4. Of course I do, because I must be a racist not conforming to your POV.
  5. LOL you've been saying this for a while now. How great would that be if he came here and won a Super Bowl.
  6. Look guy. Your team was clearly superior today. We have clueless homes just like you did back in 2014. Just accept that and go away.
  7. And you're one of those leftist loonies. Surprise nigga.
  8. Yeah and I've rooted for the Panther since 1995. So what? The reason I bump poo is to show you how you guys are not fans of the team, you're a fan of a player. fug that, and fug you and everyone that feels that way. I'll never be apologetic to pussies like you.
  9. I LOVE theory 2 btw. It's usually the leftist loonies that bring it up but it's still butter to me.
  10. Why edit this and still fug it up? Are you Cam's QB coach?
  11. You know Mr Scot I think you're the most level headed fan in existence. Especially for this shithole franchise.
  12. Me? You won't find one negative comment by me about Cam until maybe the Super Bowl in 2015...go ahead and search mongoloid. Difference between me and you is I want my team to win.
  13. What a bunch of fuging sheeples. No wonder this franchise sucks with fans accepting mediocre/heartless play.
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