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  1. stankowalski

    NCAA Basketball Discussion

    Duke doesn't even play a true road game until early January.
  2. stankowalski

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    I'm totally indifferent about this situation.
  3. stankowalski

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    Was the deer 3 star? Did you shoot it in the "vital" area? It's easier once you get your dead eye level up because the vital areas are highlighted.
  4. stankowalski

    How about them Falcons?

    Cleveland's not a horrible team anymore. They could conceivably beat us too.
  5. stankowalski

    NCAA Basketball Discussion

    Wasn't Kentucky ranked in the top 5 a few years ago preseason...only to fall out of the top 25 altogether? They're up 3 now against SIU but really haven't looked all that good. A lot of turnovers and shooting hasn't been that great. Quickley is the only guy doing much.
  6. stankowalski

    NCAA Basketball Discussion

    Kentucky losing by one to Southern illinois right now with 12 minutes left.
  7. stankowalski

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    BTW...this would make a great movie with the right actors/director.
  8. stankowalski

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    Finished the main story. Don't want to spoil but this was probably a more emotional ending than Red Dead I. Rockstar really upped their game.
  9. Yeah I was a little surprised myself. He seemed to be a little agitated. Whether it was the game or the questions I don't know...probably a little of both. Ron's going to be on the sideline next game with a "poo Happens" sweatshirt.
  10. Can't wait for the post game interviews.
  11. Wow the Steelers are a very disciplined team. No penalty for the first 44 minutes of the game.
  12. LOL Moore had to beg for that flag.
  13. I could see that happening. Pittsburgh is a good team but you can't be beaten this badly, especially when the owner probably wants to win this game more than almost any other on the schedule.
  14. stankowalski

    The game is over , who stays and fights?

    Games like this can make or break a team. Guess we'll see. Honestly I don't think our team is as talented as some people think it is. I've always thought our ceiling this year was a wild card. We've got some pieces but there are glaring deficiencies that sometimes can be covered up with some good gameplanning/scheming. I think Washington might be a little overwhelmed and when we play good offenses with good offensive coordinators it's going to show.
  15. Well Pittsburgh seems to do OK on thursday. We just got our asses kicked...it happens.