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  1. stankowalski

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    I think he probably is too but I remember people blaming the wasted timeouts on Shula and using that in their arguments as to why he should be fired...only to still have the same problem this year. I don't think Shula was as bad as he's made out to be and I don't think Rivera is as bad as he's made out to be. And to be clear I do think Rivera sometimes makes bad decisions...but so do a lot of other coaches. I think that people on this board tend to overstate the talent level on this team and their expectations are based on that flawed evaluation. Other than Cam and Luke we don't have elite talent on this team, IMO.
  2. stankowalski

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    I honestly think once Samuel and Moore get up to speed and implemented more in the offense we're going to score a lot of points. At least that's what I'm hoping for because we can't expect the defense to bail us out this year.
  3. stankowalski

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Has Norv been an upgrade so far? The results seem about the same to me offensively. Granted it's a small sample size but I hope the offense gets better than it has been this far.
  4. And that brings another issue up. If other teams are able to get the ball out that fast against us then maybe we need to change up our scheme.
  5. stankowalski


    I'd really like to know why Samuel doesn't get more snaps. Has there ever been a legitimate answer? I know we have had guys that looked all world in preseason before but he had some nice catches in the regular season last year before he got hurt. It seems like everybody can see the potential in Samuel but nobody can explain why his snaps go down and not up.
  6. Nah. I love watching football. It's even better now with all the options you have to watch. This year I've gotten gamepass and I don't watch any games live. Except for the very few that are shown here locally. I think what helps is managing your expectations. Honestly coming into this year I thought our ceiling was getting a wild card spot. Anything over that will be gravy to me.
  7. stankowalski


    Well they don't call him Riverboat Ron for nothing.
  8. And yet Gruden went for it on their side of the 50...and went on to score a TD I think on that drive. Gruden was coaching to win (and won) and Ron was coaching not to lose (and lost)
  9. Typically we've been better against backs like Peterson for years. It was the small backs that generally gave us trouble. Now we can't stop anybody.
  10. Honestly I don't think it matters who our 2nd TE is going to be. Greg is the only one that matters. Besides Ian had a couple of fug ups in the last game. I don't think those interceptions were on Cam.
  11. stankowalski

    Rewatching the final sequence

    LOL. Thought the same thing. And then when Gruden went for it on 4th down (and got it) it told me all I needed to know about who wanted to win this game more.
  12. Yep I was thinking the same thing. Said as much earlier in the year. It's good to be a running team if your defense is good. Ours is not. I believe the best we're looking at this year with the way we're playing is a wild card. We can't outscore New Orleans. We couldn't outscore Atlanta. And I'm iffy on whether we could outscore Tampa Bay at this point.
  13. stankowalski

    Monday notes

    I'll have to go back and look but I thought that Ian stopped running and Cam was throwing to where he should have been. I thought both of the int's were on Thomas.
  14. stankowalski

    Khabib, Conor

    Yeah Lewis is funny as hell.