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  1. This episode was awesome. Clegane bowl did not disappoint me. Dany going all mad queen did not surprise me either but it was something to see. I'm sure the final book will probably be better only because it would provide more context and in depth stuff, but for TV this was awesome IMO.
  2. Don't know about top 5 but top 10 definitely. A lot better outlook than a couple of days ago.
  3. Obviously UVa's style isn't fun to watch but I gotta hand it to Tony Bennett because that's the only style that would allow his team to win. I'm a UNC fan so I know how tough an out UVa has been since Bennett got there. Auburn had a good year though, nothing to be down about. But I know how hard it is to win a championship so it sucks in that respect... a final four finish is still an accomplishment to be proud of I think.
  4. I wouldn't have taken out Brooks, Maye, or Johnson for Little to start. Little has more upside but he was not definitively better than any of them. In fact he was worse. Brooks and Manley are the only players we had that could come close to defending other 5's. And if you want to argue taking Brooks out and sliding Maye over to the 5, that would've been a disaster.
  5. Knocked out UNC (my team) and UK...not a bad resume for making your first final 4. Wouldn't mind seeing them or Virginia win it all.
  6. BTW it's going to suck for Auburn if they don't get Okeke back for the next game, he was playing great.
  7. Just wasn't our game. Cam and Nassir both had a touch of the flu and we just couldn't get much going with the other guys. At the beginning of the year I thought our ceiling was the Sweet 16 but the way we were playing toward the end of the year I though a final four finish was within the realm of possibility. Now to see if both Little and White go pro.
  8. Looks like Little may not play tomorrow. Appears to have some sort of bug. He was playing pretty well in the last two games too, so this sucks. Auburn was going to be tough enough at full strength. Hopefully Brooks and Maye can step it up a little in this game.
  9. As much as I hate to say it I just have to because of my superstitious nature. In the Roy Williams era every time we won the NCAA championship, Duke won the ACC tourney. Of course part of it is that I have really come to like Zion Williamson as a player. Dude is a baller and is fun to watch. What's funny is that if he played for UNC Roy probably wouldn't have started him.
  10. Kenny Williams should really not be shooting any more three pointers this year. I wince every time he shoots this year.
  11. Should have called a timeout on that last possession. Nothing worse than putting up a rushed shot like that.
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