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  1. I quit worrying about or trying to figure out the cap years ago. Teams can simply "refinance" their existing contracts to free up cap space. I've seen too many teams too many times sign big free agents when they didn't have any cap space according to the so called experts. In summary, it appears the Panthers will on paper have some cash once they make some cuts or trades. The good news is this regime appears to like making free agent moves so expect a lot of activity.
  2. I don't think Tepper or the team can be any clearer - they will deal with Cam and his future with the team once he is healthy. Another scenario everyone needs to consider - perhaps Tepper isn't that fond of a healthy Cam Newton. Outside of 2015, you could make strong arguments for or against Cam's play.
  3. Take your shots all you want and let's see how everyone feels about our powerhouse college coaching staff this time next year. Ron and his family are as classy as they come.
  4. These new seats better be heated and air conditioned with plush distressed leather and foot rests. A reclining feature would be nice for the occasional siesta as well.
  5. I’m not a fan of any of these hires, but if you are going all in with unproven college coaches, you have to give them time to do their thing.
  6. Three, but we aren’t talking about me. Loyalty is important too.
  7. I’ll let this play out and try to be optimistic. I just don’t see how a bunch of college coaches take on the NFL with success. Plus these guys don’t even have any sustained success in college and appear to have good years and then move on.
  8. I'm so mad that this thread title isn't, "Getting to know Wade Phillips."
  9. It would be idiotic to just let Cam walk. Trade him for something or keep him on the roster. I'd be shocked if Cam held out of training camp or did any shenanigans like that.
  10. Odell is the jerk of all jerks and I can't imagine even the most selfish person doing something as selfish as Odell did. Let the LSU players have their moment for gods sake.
  11. Tepper is blowing everything up and everyone needs to accept this. Assuming Cam is healthy, he has to know his time is limited in this league and why on earth would he want to stay in Carolina for a rebuild. He'll want to play for a contender and several teams would likely give up a first round pick to get a healthy Cam Newton. Maybe someone desperate like Chicago will give up more than a 1st rounder.
  12. I'd tank and enter the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Trade every player that isn't under a rookie contract for draft picks. Trade back in this year's draft for as many picks as possible. Hire someone other than Hurney to draft after the first round. Hope to be loaded in 3-4 years. This is essentially what the Rams did. Sadly, I'd probably trade CMC if you can get two first round picks.
  13. I’m sure he’ll get a large portion of that out of respect.
  14. I’m happy for him and he’ll continue to make impacts on people off the field with whatever he decides to do next.
  15. Panthers have officially declared for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.
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