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  1. If Cam stays healthy, this team can win it all. Cam doesn’t play well when he doesn’t scramble and I don’t see how he makes it through the year if he scrambles...so I have concerns
  2. Players have been playing hurt forever and now it is a big deal in this social media day where everyone complains about everything. He was playing for a championship and this is what champions do and dont believe for a second he didn’t know the risks.
  3. Twitter has killed print media because most don't want to read long articles and just want someone to summarize.
  4. I hear you and us fans love to question draft picks after the fact and certainly nothing wrong with this. I use to research draft prospects like crazy and thought I knew a bunch until I tried to talk shop with a good bud of mine that is an NFL scout. I quickly realized how little I knew and us armchair QBs are clueless compared to the pros. I mean CLUELESS and I pretty much quit questioning draft picks unless it is something really bad.
  5. I hear you but its easy to question draft picks after the fact and no team nails every pick. As much as us fans want two stud safeties, this hasn't been a priority for the Panthers and they are all about the front seven and that's where they spend their money. Say what you want about RR, but he is one of the best when it comes to putting together a defense.
  6. No idea . . . maybe Butler or someone we don't care about? I'll defer to some of the contract junkies we have on this site. It's rare for the Panthers to go after a big name like McCoy which tells me they have a plan to bring him on. Plus, my guess is McCoy isn't happy about being let go from Tampa and would love to face them twice a year.
  7. Guy was essentially a late 3rd round pick and folks here need to cut him some slack and allow him time to acclimate because he switched positions from college. Hopefully, he can be a solid back up and it will be huge if the Panthers get a legit starting safety out of a 3rd round pick. This place bashed Tre Boston every day when he was here and now everyone has a crush on this guy and wants him back.
  8. And you'll get one, but you won't like who it is. Panthers will bring in some vet role player and will hope someone on the team steps up and is starter material. Reid was our big signing at safety and he was solid last year and that was basically going from his couch to starting in the NFL and I think he'll be a much different player this year.
  9. My gut tells me this is happening. If Baltimore let him leave without a contract, big mistake and the Panthers will go all in on a two year deal. Frankly, the Panthers will be in rebuild mode in two years anyway so go for it!!!
  10. We know nothing until the pads are on and full contact. I like Holyfield a lot because he has a well deserved chip on his shoulder coupled with production in college.
  11. We have a huge question mark at the QB position with Cam's injury and don't expect anyone to be high on Carolina this year. The good news is if Cam can stay healthy, this is a deep playoff team.
  12. Make no mistake, Grier is competition and Cam knows this. He is handling this like a true pro.
  13. What do you expect Hurney to say? He wants everyone competing and would be idiotic for someone in his position to say a player doesn’t have a chance to start. Only fans take this stuff so literally and it is May folks, not late August.
  14. Interesting: a couple years ago the stats were 75%, 50%, 25% respectively for the first three rounds. After 3rd round the numbers fell off a cliff. I’d love to know what has changed and perhaps there is deeper talent coming out now.
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