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  1. Fair point but when you become an adult you learn that perception and being sensitive to what is occurring around you is important. Like if your buddy just lost his job, don’t show up to his house and talk about the vacation home you are buying.
  2. The Cam I’ve seen the first two weeks of this year and the second half of last year does not give this team any chance to win. You play the hot hand, whoever it may be until Cam can show he’s ready.
  3. Could be his shoulder and the team doesn’t want to go there. We as fans will never know but Cam is definitely not 100%. I’d shut him down and IR to give him time to heal.
  4. I told everyone in preseason that our OL was a problem according to my friend that is a nfl scout and I got flamed for this
  5. It’s been a concern for most fans ever since DA actually played in a game and everyone realized he couldn’t play any more. Panthers should have gone after Hoyer or another legit back up.
  6. $100 million in a contract year and lots of people have their jobs on the line and many of these people were key to Cam getting drafted. Cam sits out for tweaking an ankle sprain???
  7. I played collegiate sports on a scholarship and so did a lot of my friends. I’ve never sat for a sprain unless it was a high ankle and I wasn’t getting paid $100 million. Suck it up Cam
  8. If Allen and Grier aren’t competent back-ups, I’d clean house immediately because Cam’s health was the team’s biggest concern in the off season
  9. Unless it is a high ankle sprain, suck it up Cam and get on the field. Athletes don’t sit for sprains if they love the game.
  10. From the 2nd quarter on, the Bucs stacked the box to stop CMC and blitzed Cam like crazy and dared him to beat them throwing the ball. Cam couldn't do this and he was exposed just like he was last year when everyone figured out he couldn't throw deep. Expect every team to do the same thing until Cam can prove he can throw the ball accurately. OL didn't play bad last night, but Williams didn't have a great game. This wasn't the reason we lost. In the second half the Bucs weren't even disguising what they were doing and most NFL QBs would have had a field day with WR that were regularly in single coverage.
  11. Not sure what you were watching last night, but the Cam I saw couldn't fit in any NFL offense. He looked lost.
  12. 8 years is a long time to play in this league the way Cam plays. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he retired and I wouldn't blame him.
  13. Goodness . . . CMC is the only bright spot we've had on offense for the past year and it was a crappy call, not his fault. We going to blame Luke for dropping an INT that lead to the Bucs score as well? No of course not, because Luke is a stud and without him our defense would be garbage. I feel the same way about CMC on offense.
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