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  1. The Bills have gotten me through the past two years and are my second favorite team because they are pretty much the Panthers of the North. Williams is just depth and might not even make the team because they are returning their entire OL.
  2. This team won the NFC South three times in a row and prior to that no team had ever won it back to back. Then went 15-1 and could have won the Super Bowl. You know how hard it is to do these things and Cam doesn't have to play another down of football and his legacy is strong.
  3. How many physicals has Cam passed in the past couple of years? People seriously think Cam can play like he plays and stay healthy moving forward?
  4. I watched him a lot last year and it was kind of sad.
  5. So the Huddle is in meltdown mode over Cam leaving and it appears there is no other team in the NFL that is willing to offer anything for Cam. Everyone needs to let that sink in.
  6. I don't want any part of Gurley. I'm a fan, but something happened to him either physically or mentally two years ago and he's just a guy now. He looks like he's in pain when he plays.
  7. Why would anyone want their team to lose? I don't think tanking for draft picks ever works in any sport and is a loser mentality. I'm happy to hear the Panthers haven't mailed in the next couple of years.
  8. Other than removing the midfield nfl logo, Tepper hasn’t made one decision I liked. Literally not one decision.
  9. The best teams are shrewd and trade or release players before their tank is empty. Us fans don’t like it but NE is a master at this. Can you imagine this fan base if we released a goat like Tom Brady? Or Peyton Manning?
  10. Now everyone go check out the New England boards and see how Panthers fans should be reacting to Cam. Thinking Brady is going to resurrect his 30 year old self at age 43 is just as delusional as thinking Cam can get back to his 2015 form after all the hits he’s taken.
  11. And he refused to jump on a fumble in the biggest game of his life. Then pouted like a five year old to reporters
  12. I think Bridgewater is a better QB at the moment over Cam. Everyone here remembers 2015 Cam and has blocked out everything else. $20 million for a QB is cheap these days
  13. Winston is a better qb statistically at the moment. Patriots won despite Brady last year. He was dreadful
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