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  1. McDemott has done a great job in Buffalo. Buffalo is gearing up for next year because they have a ton of cap space and a gazillion picks in the draft. Buddy of mine is a scout there.
  2. Agree and if we can get 3 - 4 more years out of Cam in his prime, I'd be thrilled. No way Cam makes it 15 years with the way he plays and I'm not willing to risk bringing in a new regime with Cam probably 75% done with his career. Folks will argue that this is why we need to bring a new regime in now, but I'm not in this camp.
  3. Whenever someone says this, I always wonder who'd they like as a replacement?
  4. A buddy of mine was a scout for the Cards when the Panthers delivered the payback and no doubt they felt the pain.
  5. I don't think the Cards have a whole lot of talent outside of a couple players and it looks like they are in rebuild mode. There are very few people in the world that can be successful NFL head coaches. When you have one of these, you better hang on to them until they start to lose their touch (see John Fox). If Tepper listened to the Huddle and fired RR, he would be snatched up immediately and the Panthers would be the laughing stock of the NFL. As an ECU fan, trust me that the grass is not always greener when it comes to coaches.
  6. I agree and great point. I don't know what is going on with our D, but it certainly looks like our DL isn't as dominant as they have been in the past. I thought Poe was going to be an upgrade over Star, but perhaps we all miscalculated just how good Star was.
  7. Agree and I'd rather see the corners play press and go for it and risk getting beat deep rather than allowing teams to dink and dunk us to death. The safety play has been pretty bad this year and I'm sure this has a lot to do with our corners not playing a lot of press coverage. Even if our corners are in press coverage, I'm not confident our DL can get pressure on the QB and this is a recipe for disaster with our safeties.
  8. I'm not blaming Washington yet. Our DTs need to start getting QB pressure up the middle because this has been a hallmark of our defense for a long time. Pressure up the middle affects everything and without elite edge rushers, our D is predicated on our DTs getting after the QB.
  9. I don't know if that was directed at me and if so, I never questioned his intelligence and said he is likely still picking up the offense. This is perfectly normal for a QB in a new system. People bash Gaulden or Reid for being out of position and how come we don't hear the "questioning someone's intelligence" rants for these players? People need to chill out when it comes to comments about Cam.
  10. Valid point but NFL games are always so close that it is rare that a team leads an entire game. When you get paid $100 million you should be able to run a two minute offense and score more often than not.
  11. I think Cam is still picking up Norv's offense. We've seen him over the years improve at going through his progressions and he seems to be locking onto one receiver more this year than in the past. Hopefully this improves as he gets more familiar with Norv's offense. I know Cam joked about Greg having to decode Norv's plays in the huddle and there is probably some truth in this statement.
  12. Us fans don't understand why we can't blow out every team, but the reality is most games in the NFL come down to one or two possessions. This year in our loses, we've been poor in those one or two possessions and this is why we lost.
  13. Really a head scratcher - I would think 1 -2 bombs to Samuel a game would be the norm. I'll even take one to Smith and maybe we'll get lucky and he'll catch it.
  14. Agree with this - back in the day every time Cam dropped back to pass I held my breath. No doubt his accuracy has improved and he doesn't have nearly as many turnovers. Unfortunately, he hasn't been throwing the deep ball nearly as much this year or last and I think this is one of his strengths.
  15. I think he trusts Cam to throw the ball and the only reason the Panthers didn't run more last week is because the Redskins jumped out to an early lead out of nowhere. Hindsight, this was probably a mistake but Norv gets paid the big bucks to make these calls and it is easy to criticize after the fact. The Panthers have run the ball a lot this year and I think folks here were complaining that he was running too much during the Giants game, so he pretty much can't make anyone here happy.