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  1. Have you forgotten what Cam looked like in the 2nd half of the season? Guy could be out of the NFL in a couple years if his shoulder doesn’t heal
  2. Shocking to me that this would even be a story. I know many people that target hog because they enjoy the meat and claim it tastes better than anything you can get in the store.
  3. If KK doesn’t have a big year our D is in serious trouble. Panthers spent big on him and he’s not getting much pressure and pressure up the middle is critical for our D.
  4. With all the technology it is pretty ridiculous that something could happen like it did to the Saints. There needs to be a team of officials that review every call or non call with the ability to step in and pause the game to allow the right call to be made. Too many games every year are determined by bad calls and while it is impossible to prevent this entirely, technology could minimize bad calls without impacting the flow of the game. If TV timeouts are acceptable and don't impact the flow, an occasional pause to make sure the right call is made is the right move. I think it is ridiculous that this has been put on the coaches/teams to legislate bad calls with a singular challenge flag. The fact there is actually a strategy to challenging a missed call is ridiculous. Like the Saints or not, they won that game and should have been in the Super Bowl.
  5. Agree but I meant this from the standpoint that Irvin will be a situational player.
  6. DE bc Irvin will only fill Peppers role. If KK returns to his old self, I agree with you and back up QB.
  7. This. Saints are going all in until Brees retires and then they'll be stuck with bad contracts like we were in 2010 and will start rebuilding.
  8. We HAVE to get some pass rushers and hope KK is back to his old self. If we have this, everything else on D will take care of itself.
  9. Boston did an interview a couple years ago when he was a free agent and Carolina needed a safety and he responded that the Panthers didn't put a high value on the safety position with the defensive scheme they run. I don't see a player coming back to a team where he feels it is a low value position, especially considering the Panthers will be looking for a cheaper safety with the Reid contract.
  10. We have three key players on offense coming back after major injuries - Cam, Williams, and Paradis. This is a bit of a risk and Larsen has looked good at center but I don't know that I'd want him as our starting center for the entire year.
  11. Barner plays for 2-3 different teams a year it seems
  12. Everything depends on Cam's health next year and how well he plays. If he is healthy and has a big year, he'll get a record QB contract in Carolina or for another team. The NFL is a brutal business and I'd invest an early round pick this year or next as an insurance policy for Cam. The position is too important to not have a back up plan.
  13. Is anyone not okay with Moore, Samuel, CMC, Wright, and Olsen/Thomas? Smith is a 5th option in this offense and if they want to overpay him to be a player/coach, who cares
  14. I’d love to see Brown here assuming Cam is healthy next season. This roster has a couple years left to make another super bowl run and Brown makes any team instantly better.
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