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  1. Thanks for the clarification, I for some reason thought it led to 7 points and I'm clearly mistaken. This makes me feel better because the bad call kind of worked itself out in a way.
  2. I'm not one to criticize officiating because this is generally an eye roll when a team blames officiating for a loss. However, that roughing the passer call on McCoy was the difference in this game. In a game that you knew was going to be tight, that was huge and led to 7 points. Not sure what happened on the FG and whether or not that was a legit call or mistake, but you can't make those types of mistakes and expect to win at this level.
  3. He showed me something in this game and I think he actually has potential to be a solid starter. Some of those throws he made at the end were special and especially so considering the conditions. He needs to work on the fumbles, but what rookie is perfect and yes, Allen is essentially a rookie.
  4. Yes, I expect a veteran that is paid a top tier salary to perform like a top tier player. If you can get the same production out of a player that is on a rookie deal, I'm not sure why you'd keep paying the veteran that is clearly under performing his contract. This is pretty basic stuff.
  5. Addison doesn’t get much love but he’s solid and a big part of our D. I bet the Panthers rotate and keep the heat on Rodgers big time. I’m excited to watch
  6. Neither is great but Slye makes a couple hundred grand a year and Gano makes over $4 million. I’ll cut the cheap rookie a little more slack
  7. I think the lifetime healthcare request is ridiculous and I doubt this will ever happen. Back in the day NFL players didn't know the risks and didn't make a lot of money. Now everyone knows the risks and they get paid accordingly. I believe the minimum salary is $480k which is a lot of money and this is the minimum. Also, this salary is for only 4-5 months of the year. There are tons of jobs that are much more dangerous than playing in the NFL and those people pay their own healthcare after they retire and don't make anything close to an NFL salary.
  8. Zero percent chance he goes to Buffalo. Bills think the world of Allen.
  9. The Bears makes the most sense if Cam doesn't retire. He doesn't strike me as someone that is going to go somewhere that is not in "win now" mode.
  10. Olsen was done after this season anyway. If it wasn't for the big paycheck he was due this year, he probably would have retired last year and been in the broadcast booth. One of my all time favorite Panthers.
  11. I sure hope there is a way to trade Cam and get something for him rather than just releasing him. I could see the Bears going hard after Cam or perhaps the Dolphins just to put fans in the seats. Desperate teams will do desperate things and if I'm the Bears, I'm on the phone with Carolina now.
  12. Agree but I still think it is going to happen. Overseas teams would likely have practice facilities in both London and US to minimize travel time. I haven't thought about Mexico and that probably makes more sense than Canada. Wherever they put a team outside the US, it will probably be a huge success locally.
  13. As much as I hate the idea, make no mistake London will have a team in the next couple of years. NFL is all about $ and they clearly want to expand the brand overseas. It wouldn't surprise me if they added two new expansion teams and put one in London and the other in Canada.
  14. Moncrief is just depth and will likely be 5th string once Hogan is back. I don't have any issue with this move. Panthers under this regime like "clean" players and Gordon is far from this. He's probably a good guy, but his history is what it is and the fact that the Pats moved on speaks volumes.
  15. The Panthers are built for cold weather football. Best RB in football and D can take over a game.
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