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  1. In today's NFL with the salary cap every single team has holes in their roster. This team has three of the most dynamic players in the NFL with Luke, CMC, and Cam. If all three can stay healthy, anything is possible (although the D could use an edge rusher).
  2. Guy is a beast when healthy, but this place would go nuts over his questionable hands
  3. Lol at the number of people here that think they know these people or have any idea about their personal lives
  4. This signing has RR's hands all over it and think what you want about RR, but the guy knows how to put together a defense. Reid got off his sofa and instantly made an impact on defense. The deal is only $10 million guaranteed.
  5. Would like to hear the "Cam only takes hits in the pocket" crowd respond to this.
  6. Agree and no issue with this but I hope they get a higher tier DE in free agency rather than someone that is on the decline.
  7. If a player can't injure themselves anymore by playing and they want to play and doctors sign off, what is the big deal? Only dig I see against Ron is he thought his back up was better than what he actually was. This place lobbied for years to cut Anderson under the idea that he was awful and if Cam got hurt our season was pretty much over anyway . . . well Ron listened and the Huddle still complains.
  8. Seems like every year there are a couple solid free agent DEs that come available and they usually have an impact their first year with their new team. Our D is built around getting pressure with the front 4 and I personally don't think they can trust a rookie DE to have an impact in year 1.
  9. Given how unreliable pass rushers have been in the draft, I'm all for going after one of the top free agents. I'm generally not a fan of going after big free agents, but DE is such a critical position and I'd love to see Clowney or another top free agent in a Panther's uniform. Trey Flowers would be another great addition.
  10. For what it costs to attend an NFL game or concert, I'm all for a comfortable, shaded seat in a climate controlled dome. Even better, just build a new stadium and make Charlotte pay for it with higher taxes. It is the least you can do for making us South Carolinians drive to Charlotte for a game...ha ha.
  11. jtm

    The case for BPA all day

    I'd add WR to this and agree that WR or RB are the only two positions that I can safely say the Panthers will not draft in the early rounds. In their defense, I think you could say the same thing about most of the teams in the NFL.
  12. I think the Panthers go into this year with the understanding that they can't rely on Olsen and anything he provides is a bonus. I'd fine moving on from him but I can't imagine there being much of a market for him. Hopefully they limit his snap count because Thomas looked really good at the end of the season last year.
  13. I'm not a Cam fan but this is a bit of a stretch and Cam is still the face of the franchise. CMC is no doubt a stud and I'm happy to see him getting all the well deserved attention.
  14. Agree, if nothing more comes out this is a non story.