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  1. The Patriots are using Cam the same way the Panthers' did and the only way Cam knows how to play football and the only way he is a starter in the league. We'll see if he holds up and I don't think he can for a full season but I'm pulling for him.
  2. Good grief, can we stop making conclusions on players after a couple games.
  3. I'm sure our elite defensive coordinator that coached so many incredible defenses in college will get this turned around in no time. (insert sarcasm)
  4. Might as well give him a couple games to “get right.” However, I foresee him getting cut by week 4. He is a problem and can’t make the easy kicks.
  5. The season is never over with Tom Brady at the helm.
  6. Other than the last call of the game, any true Panthers fan that watched that game should have been pleased with the performance. The team is in full rebuild mode and they looked much better than I expected. The Panthers will be competitive this year and who knows how many wins they will get and who cares as long as they continue to improve and play hard every game, every down.
  7. Federal gov't has said fans are okay, but various states have said otherwise, like NC.
  8. I have very low expectations and just look forward to seeing improvement from week to week. We should have some stars in the making on defense and it will be fun to watch their development. Our offense should score points and if they don't, we have huge problems because the front office has invested in offensive players and coaches that pride themselves in scoring points.
  9. I think this helps teams with new coaches and schemes (like the Panthers) for at least the first couple games. I expect CMC to get a lot of work in game 1.
  10. This isn't the first "dream team" and historically these teams don't fare as well as people think. Dream teams seem to only work in the NBA and soccer where there is no cap.
  11. I'm just pointing out that this is the narrative every time a coach leaves. Historically, teams that change every year based on personnel do not fare as well as teams that have an approach and stick to it. Also, claiming that RR was some sort of neanderthal that didn't change schemes to fit players is far from accurate. No need to digress to the past, but RR literally designed the entire defense around Luke and brought people in to cater an offense for Cam. Comparing anything to NE is not fair. They have arguably the greatest coach, greatest QB, and greatest owner of all time combined. So yes, NE does do things different just like the 85 Bears did.
  12. Since when do we care what Will Grier thinks. We aren't even sure this guy can be a NFL QB, just less a starter.
  13. Time will tell and it is easy to pile on the previous regime at the moment and especially before a down of football has been played.
  14. Coleman just got owned...that is so bad. Cam is killing us...game should be tied.
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