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  1. jtm

    Beason on Rivera

    I don't believe for a second that any ex player knows what is going to happen to RR or anyone for that matter once the season is over. I honestly think Tepper will sit down with a bunch of brilliant people and analyze the whole organization from top to bottom and keep who he and his group of geniuses think give the Panthers the best chance to win. So refreshing from the JR days . . . .
  2. The Panthers defensive philosophy has never put a high importance on the safety position. Maybe this is a mistake, but they've always invested early draft picks and money into the front 7. When the front 7 can't get pressure, our defense suffers. Plug an elite pass rusher into our defense and you'd see a big difference over night.
  3. Samuel played well and didn't have any drops. Samuel, Moore, CMC, and Thomas are the future and they look really good.
  4. jtm

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    I've watched just about every game the Panthers have ever played. In 2016, the Panthers told Cam not to run and stay in the pocket and his completion percentage was 52.9%. I hope Cam comes back healthy and has another MVP year, but he won't accomplish this without using his legs.
  5. jtm

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    This team is not in rebuild mode. Draft or trade for an elite pass rusher and maybe a LT and this is a playoff team next year. Cam is not done, but the end is nearer than many of us thought. People that blame RR for Cams injuries need to stop. RR tried Cam the pocket passer to preserve his health and we all saw that this didn’t work. Even Cam publicly said that he needed to be Cam and run the ball.
  6. If I’m the Panthers I draft a QB and let Cam get the surgery now and begin recovering. Next year, I would have one last hooray with Cam and run the hell out of him and see if the Panthers can make one last run. With our talent on offense, he doesn’t have to throw the ball very far
  7. jtm

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    A lot of these reporters wear out coaches and players after a loss and some times coaches/players get irritated w the questions. This sounds like “I’m sick of answering these type of questions” kind of answer.
  8. It could be worse...we could be the Cowboys and getting ready to pay an average to below average QB $30 million a year. I personally think the Cam era is coming to an end but it isn’t the end yet. Draft a QB a let them learn for a year. This team is still very talented.
  9. jtm

    Cam Newton lost this game

    I don’t think the team should give up on Cam yet, but I think the writing is on the wall that they need to draft a potential replacement this year and there are some good QBs in this draft.
  10. jtm

    Devin Funchess

    Fun fun looks bad and almost like he is pouting bc of his demotion. I’m surprised at his regression bc he seemed to be a good teammate and a hard worker
  11. Cam has sadly become so predictable in game winning drives
  12. Prob 90% of the NFL is injured at this point if the year