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  1. Disappointing end to a great year, but I love this team and everyone. Gettleman will obviously work his magic in April and we'll be back here again next season. Chin up, ya'll.
  2. Exactly. He's allowing Denver to take him out of his game. Keep doing what you do best.
  3. U2 (2002) and Prince (2007) halftime shows were the best.
  4. I know we won 17 games, but the Benjamin loss is looming large.
  5. No kidding. The pros and cons of the super bowl. this is the latter.
  6. Boomer is happier than a pig in poo. Our run game is very concerning.
  7. CBS is an AFC network, so it's understandable.
  8. Boomer bitching about Cam's MVP shoes. Just start the game already.
  9. JHC, do they really need to interview the president every year ?