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  1. Cardinals since we beat them. Need the bears and cardinals to lose 3 games each and win out.
  2. You want a QB that can make plays while under pressure Penix is your guy.
  3. Can we move to the NFC East? 6 wins may win that division.
  4. I would like to see Penix run more but they seem hesitant to do that given his injury history. I think he if he stays this year he is probably in the first round conversation next year.
  5. As probably the lone IU fan on this board I completely agree with this statement. Penix has an insanely quick release and has incredible zip on his throws. He outplayed Fields today. The only thing holding him back has been injuries his first two seasons. My guess is he comes back for one more year but if he keeps putting up numbers like today he could could decide to enter the draft.
  6. With the extra wild card this team may be good enough to make the playoffs. Just keep winning and see what happens.
  7. Any thoughts on Kyle Trask? Could he be this years Joe Burrow coming out of nowhere to become a top draft pick. He threw 6 TDs against Ole Miss this weekend.
  8. I would be just as happy with Fields. He may end up being the better QB.
  9. That's what I thought as well until I saw the note about snap counts. Teddy 2019 snap count: 408 Bradberry 2019 snap count: 1135 The difference in snap counts could very well explain why Bradberry is ranked higher even with a lower money amount.
  10. Here is the chart showing Bradberry ranked over Teddy.
  11. I did find the below methodology on the overthecap website that could explain why Bradberry is ranked higher than Teddy. Number 4 below says they are given more points depending on the snaps played. Since Teddy did not play most of the snaps last year it could explain why he is ranked lower than Bradberry. Start with the Average Per Year (APY) of the contract signed. Subtract from the APY any money that the compensatory formula does not count3. Rank these players by adjusted APY in descending order, and assign points to each player, equal to [number of leaguewide players]-[rank]. Add anywhere from 25 to 100 points for players who played a percentage of snaps on offense or defense in the range of 25% to 100%. (Kickers and punters are given a different point addition unrelated to snap counts.) Add 20 or 5 points for postseason honors as determined by the AP’s All Pro list, and the PFWA’s All NFL/All Conference list. 3 Prior to the 2020 CBA, it had been determined that workout bonuses, incentives, and salary escalators were common devices that the compensatory formula does not count. However, App. V, §2(a) of the 2020 CBA makes clear that these devices will now count if they are considered Likely To Be Earned, or are earned in the player’s first season of his new contract
  12. I went on to overthecap to see if there were any updates on next years comp picks with cuts being made. I noticed they are now showing us getting a 3rd for Bradberry and a 7th for Williams. For some reason Teddy is canceling out Addison and not Bradberry even though it is more money. Previously I had thought we would only get a 7th. Below is the link. Overthecap Comp pick update
  13. Thompson compared himself to Lavonte David. If he is we're in pretty good shape at LB.
  14. Gordon. I would be fine with Gurley or Coleman though. Just think Gordon is gonna bust.
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