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  1. Zod

    Corona Virus

    Good to hear. Hopefully that is the extent of it and you get taste back before Thanksgiving.
  2. Zod

    Corona Virus

    Sucks man. Best wished for them.
  3. Zod

    Corona Virus

    YOU WON'T HEAR ABOUT NO CORONA VIRUS AFTER NOVEMBER [email protected]!!(U#$O*@[email protected]
  4. Panthers would have scored 30+ with Teddy yesterday
  5. I'm shocked he lasted this far into the season. Was absolutely worth it for him to cash in several more million for 11 games. Look forward to his broadcasting career and Panthers retirement.
  6. Whitehead did appear as questionable on the injury report, but was listed as active on gameday. He did not play a single snap against the Lions. So, is this because of his rib injury or has he been benched?
  7. At 4-7 the Carolina Panthers would be in first place in the NFC East this morning.
  8. For sure. Solid rotational player now.
  9. Panthers sit at 4-7 leaving 5 games to be played. @Vikings Broncos @Packers @Washington Saints How many wins are left? Where does that put us in the draft?
  10. Weird but not shocking. Looked like Marty, Tepper, and Rhule were all in on the decision. Too many chefs in the kitchen.
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