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  1. Big Jalen Hurd fan, he's quicker and more physical than Henry. Really think his stock is going to explode this year.
  2. Yeah something like our 1 and 3 for their 1 and 5 works out pretty close as well.
  3. My concern with this would be what it would cost us to trade up in the second because we don't have a lot of fire power to move up. If we traded our 2,3,4,5,7 we could get around the 10th pick in the second. If we traded our 2,3 we could get to around the 16th pick in the second. Trading our 2,4,5,7 would get us to around the 23 pick in the second. May as well just stick around and see if someone else we like falls.
  4. They'll both be second rounders unless we take one in the first. If we like them both like we could probably get them both.
  5. I'm astounded, I never thought anyone would be able to compare Biz to Kobe. May want to remove him from that list, he has been selected to the NBA all-defense team 12 times which would be second all time.
  6. One thing to add is teams can offer different amounts of garaunteed money. If a few teams are willing the garauntee the whole 3 years of the contract that will seperate them from the pack.
  7. I found a pretty good article on his options as an UDFA now http://overthecap.com/what-can-lael-collins-earn-as-an-undrafted-free-agent/. While he will sacrifice the bonus that a drafted player gets, he gains a lot of flexibility in being able to chose a team, renegotiating his contract, and what year he hits free agency. Also he can get his entire salary guaranteed if i'm reading correctly and he won't be making that much less than a player drafted on day 3. All in all I think his agents made the best decision they could in the limited amount of time they had.
  8. With him threatening to not sign a contract and re-enter the draft next year if drafted on day 3, it could be argued that we had a better shot of him playing for us this year with him going undrafted.
  9. Thank you! I took a picture of that earlier and I'm pretty terrible at formatting posts on my phone.
  10. this part of this article http://blackandbluereview.com/panthers-eyeing-lsu-offensive-tackle-lael-collins/ makes me think this could be very possible.
  11. Russ Lande is clueless. I always thought he was pretty bad at his job until one fateful day in March in 2009 when he posted this article http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2009-03-04/mock-draft-everette-brown-climbs-top. After that I ignore about everything he ever says. I'd be shocked if the Falcons took Ray at 8 and especially if he is taken by them at 7.
  12. If we are being honest the only one that isn't massively overrated on this board that you have listed is Jennings and that solely because he likes playing games on twitter too much.
  13. My problem with the sabatoge Cam theory is the end game. In a league where Andy Dalton can get the contract he did and with Cam's natural talents someone (well probably the majority of the league) will be willing to pay him top QB money. Not only is holding off on putting appropriate talent around Cam risking his career, but it also risks Gettleman's career who will look like absolute garbage in two years down the line after holding out on signing talent with a losing record and a Franchise QB demanding to get out. There really is no winner in this senario. I think the arguement that Hurney knew his time was coming to the end and overpaid a plethora of players to handicap the team holds up just as well as the Gettleman theory personally.
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