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  1. Seattle sports radio today says "Carolina is a paper tiger." Then on about how we only really played "4 good teams." Of course the week 6 win was not a good measure as they are not even close to the same team. BEST PART!! For a while one radio guy was talking about how the Hawks would be able to pass all over that "Benwitwikki guy" (he never said it right so I just spelled it like he said it). Later he realized he was out. I can't wait to see us DESTROY those Seafks!
  2. Any way to record the periscope part (when you're doing it live) for playback later?
  3. I really like these guys & my mind says KEEP THEM. However I want to see them both with the 1's. If they kill it then..... Make the room to keep both of them.
  4. Good for her. Hope she does a great job. Maybe it will boost the "NFL Referee Swimsuit Calendar" sales
  5. It seems as some on here read too much into each article written as "gospel". I looked at it more like... If (I believe he will) makes good decisions on future draft picks & contracts we are sitting in a good position moving forward. Sometimes just relax a little... Not every article or Carolina Panthers news piece needs to be broken down by "Couch Gm's" that don't know all the inter working moving parts going on in the Organization.
  6. Brings a tear to my eye knowing we are actually setting nice going forward. That's what happens when we have a GREAT GM!!
  7. Thanks Jeremy! I by no means wanted to post their name. I figured it was crap but thought I'd just make sure.
  8. I delete the question so people don't fall into "click bait" Thanks for the answer!
  9. I'm out on the Pacific Ocean listen to the game via XM & following the comments here. Besides Cam looking rough the first half the D sounds great!
  10. I have not seen you in a while. I have been on every other day just to catch up on Panthers news, but still not posting much as the topics have been very lame. Hope you have been doing good. I'm getting ready to Move to San Fran in the next few weeks. Wish it was back home in the Carolinas, but SF is where they are sending me.

  11. Ron Paul's Ready, Ames, Fire moneybomb is today! donate at www.ronpaul2012.com

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