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  1. I would imagine some team that needs a QB will take a flyer on Cam. They’ll try to catch lightning in a bottle for one year. However they probably won’t give a long contract and run Cam into the ground just to win now. I bet he’ll run a TON until literally broken for a team that doesn’t really care about his health.
  2. Seems like I’ve heard about Cam might not be a Panther like months ago?
  3. I believe we will take a MLB also! This seems to be the Hurndog way... just depends how much the new coaching staff has say in which way they wanna go. I’d think they have a better understanding of the rookie field as they just came out of the college ranks.
  4. I seem to believe this years FA signings will be guys that aren’t “splash” names. I just keep thinking about all the talk of “development & guys that are willing to learn”. I’d lean towards guys people will be like “He didn’t work at bla bla team, why would we get him!” I’m really excited to see the coaching staff’s approach towards who’s a right fit. I think it might surprise us how no names might really fit here! Just my 2 cents.
  5. Ol Hurndog smells himself a “gem”! Say goodbye to next years 1st.... trade away, trade away!! We will be making deals to not let this one get away!!
  6. I actually really enjoy watching these games. Not having any real attachment to any team it’s kind of fun. I hope this really gives those players that didn’t work out for a team (needed more development, wasn’t right scheme for them, needed mental personal growth) A second chance to catch fire.
  7. I’m going to try to go to the Seattle game next weekend. They say all tickets are $25!! That sounds awesome to me!!
  8. I don’t understand how anyone is surprised that Cam might be traded or not with the Panthers next year.
  9. Fact or Opinion? Your statement is normally said by someone that dislikes curse words. Mainly by people that wish to look important or intelligent when lacking both. ^^^ See... that’s a GD Fu0k1ng Bu11sh1t OPINION not Fact... however for You it’s probably Fact. Your comment reminds me of another comment still said... you probably say it. ”People with Tattoos are bad people.” If You haven’t figured it out... YES, I think You are an Idiot. (Fact)
  10. Seattle sports radio today says "Carolina is a paper tiger." Then on about how we only really played "4 good teams." Of course the week 6 win was not a good measure as they are not even close to the same team. BEST PART!! For a while one radio guy was talking about how the Hawks would be able to pass all over that "Benwitwikki guy" (he never said it right so I just spelled it like he said it). Later he realized he was out. I can't wait to see us DESTROY those Seafks!
  11. Any way to record the periscope part (when you're doing it live) for playback later?
  12. I really like these guys & my mind says KEEP THEM. However I want to see them both with the 1's. If they kill it then..... Make the room to keep both of them.
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