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  1. My first thought for a nickname was “Animal” Chinn. Anyone who had a skateboard in the 80’s should get it.
  2. No, of course extended solitary confinement is bad, but uh, your original post tried to tie Mayorkas to the forced hysterectomies. I questioned that connection, which you couldn’t produce evidence for, so then you went with calling him a gusano, which I also pointed out didn’t really have any basis, which of course triggered your pages long poo fit. Now it’s suddenly all hinging on solitary confinement?! LOL! If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Very telling you post a completely different link on a completely different accusation from just ten hours ago, when this poo started like two days ago over you trying to tie Mayorkas to the hysterectomies, and me not buying it. You tend to do that whenever you can’t support an argument. That and try to insult people’s love of brunch. Besides, The Intercept doesn’t even directly address what became of the letter/memo she wrote, it just moves on, kind of like you do whenever the poo you fling doesn’t hit anything. Mayorkas is probably a shitty candidate, but that has nothing to do with you blaming him for poo he hasn’t done just because you don’t like him, or perhaps even worse, because some people you follow on Twitter told you not to. What a journey we’ve been on! Now it has come to an end. Keep virtually fighting the virtual good fight, in bad faith, e-leftist.
  3. I have no problem with liberals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. You’ve been arguing a made up premise this entire time. There’s no lie. You posted a jpeg of a flowchart as your ‘evidence,’ which...lol. There is no story that directly implicated Mayorkas. You seem to love digging up old posts, so go dig up the link you posted that I ignored and prove me dead wrong. You would have by now if you could have which...lol. You’re the boy who cried gusano.
  4. Eh, I get what you’re saying, but I still think he’s full of poo. He seems to think he has me pegged as pretending to be something I never claimed to be. He needed something to attack me with after I pointed out that there really isn’t any verifiable dirt on the Mayorkas guy. He still hasn’t been able to provide anything aside from retweeted opinions of other angry leftists. I know plenty of class conscious people who aren’t miserable fugs with fragile egos like him. It’s doable, so I don’t know why he gets a pass. But it’s good that he likes you right now, I guess.
  5. This thread has no track. The election is over. Now it’s just you posting all the reasons you’re mad about it.
  6. Just finished brunch. No eggs in a nest, but that’s a good idea for next weekend. Thanks! Pretending to be a radical on the internet is your thing, not mine. Good thing I had you pegged from the beginning so I wasn’t caught flat-footed when your mask slipped. GJBC madlibs are fun! In your case though, we should probably call them GJBC BIG [email protected]
  7. Oh yeah, that was the link you retweeted with the guy holding the ‘immediate decapitation’ sign at the protest. I made a lame hashtag joke and somehow you seem to have mistook it as, “Hello comrade, I would like to join your online revolution, and guillotine some cops!” Yikes! We have different views, obviously. Sometimes they intersect, but no, I’m not about actually decapitating people extrajudicially. You say you are, but let’s be honest, only if someone else was doing the dirty work. You’re more of a talker. Lucky for you, you’re never in danger of having to actually back up any of the tough talk you do in here. Time well spent searching for those receipts, huh Google? lol
  8. LOL, you’re such a dork. We both know it’s not your individual posts that eat up all that time. It obviously doesn’t take any effort because you recycle the same tired nonsense over and over again: brunch, gusano, segregationist, reee, repeat. It’s the sheer volume of junk you retweet and post daily. It doesn’t matter if it only takes you a few minutes, when you do it 50+ times per day. But by all means, keep on dunking. It’s all you’ve got. lol
  9. I haven’t called anyone else a poser, Google, just you. Thanks for the ‘final response.’ It’s basically the same thing you’ve been responding with for the last few pages, like a GJBC version of Madlibs. Quite a timesaver. I guess that’s how you’re able to post incessantly AND working tirelessly for the marginalized and oppressed IRL. lmao
  10. The person I’ve invented? No, I’m goofing on the person you’ve invented: “i have dedicated my life to work for the marginalized and oppressed. i have never received a wage greater than $12 an hour despite holding multiple professional degrees because dedicating yourself to the working class doesn’t pay.” LOfugingL. Sure you have, Google. I’m sure the workers of the world are glad to know you’ve got their backs, whenever you’re not busy posting on social media that is. Yeesh.
  11. Sure you did, in the post I quoted. So all you have is “brunch, brunch, brunch!” which as I stated earlier, doesn’t have sting you think it does. I’m more of a three squares kinda guy. It’s so silly that you’re concerned with who likes someone’s posts, like that matters at all. This is just a message board. Six or eight posters liking each other’s retweets isn’t a movement.
  12. Sure, you’re just protecting your anonymity, that’s it. “You couldn’t handle how radical I am in real life!” Lmao, poser. At least your hate is pure, I guess? You’ve got that going for you, which is nice.
  13. So you were totally unremarkable in school, but were finally able to get a job when you changed your name to something ‘whiter’ sounding? And that worked because you are in fact white, correct? And you don’t see how that’s a HUGE advantage?!
  14. Nothing funnier/sadder than a poser calling out other posers. What are YOU doing to put the screws to these shitheads? What does it matter how pure your hate is if all you do is spew it on the internet? You’re screeching to the choir.
  15. What are you doing with your time in the real world that actually advances broader socialist goals? Why not offer alternative solutions to all of these things you relentlessly criticize? Maybe if you shared some of that instead of being a cunty baby all of the time, you’d get more people on board. Perhaps you’re not smart enough to pull that off.
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