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  1. He worked intelligence for Kroll Industries in Russia? Holy crap that's a huge red flag!
  2. Oh I know what you were trying to do, and like I said, no one in here buys your concern-trolling.
  3. Wait, you're curious as to why the media hasn't really jumped on this, but it was on CNN's front page? It's been all over the news for the last day or so. It took weeks and months for the other victims of police murder to get heavy coverage. Your post history is too prominent for you to think you can get away with this concern-trolling nonsense. Knock it off.
  4. Yes. I'm not buying anything today; especially your bullsh!t.
  5. I'd be willing to bet that Frederick Douglass would agree that it's a small price to pay in order to see all of those Confederate monuments come crashing down. The difference is, his statue will go back up.
  6. Did @Rogue Panther get sent to time out, or did he simply delete his stupid Dave Rubin post? LOL
  7. Sure, because people like you refuse to take your sweet, sweet Southeast package deal and leave. Thanks a lot, Ben!
  8. It's not hard to comprehend at all. There are absolutely some Americans that don't want to be citizens of the US. They'd prefer to be citizens of the failed Confederacy. And for all of you, I say, go ahead, take GA and FL and GTFO. Black Americans, whose forced labor drove the early development of the U.S. that would later allow it to become what it is today, want what should have been paid to them centuries ago, with interest, from their country, the United States. As a fellow U.S. citizen, and as a white man, I agree with them.
  9. WE are all citizens of the United States. Anyone with half a brain knows your 'deal' is horseshit. I want my black friends, and minorities in general to remain here, and you and your fellow racist dipshits can have Florida and Georgia, if they're so great. You can take those lizard people elites that you alluded to earlier with you.
  10. If this is such a desirable package, you should encourage like-minded(read: stupid, racist) whites to follow you there, and leave the rest of the U.S. to minorities as reparations. If it's such a desirable package, that is.
  11. lol at you floating out a stupid, racist scheme like this, as if you were doing so in good faith.
  12. This is the 2020 alt-right galaxy brain version of "Go Back to Africa!" or "They should put all of you on an island." Get a brain, moran!
  13. Good, brief editorial on this: https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a32973114/tom-cotton-dc-state-speech/
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