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  1. Mayor Qumiby

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    What you can't do.....a female
  2. We got this...have faith and keep pounding... Just remember we're the cardiac cats.
  3. Calm down...a pick 6 and we're back in the lead
  4. Will these new pants will be cheap, high quality? If so I'm sold.
  5. Mayor Qumiby

    Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    Prayers and well wishes to K.B for a minimal injury and speedy recovery.
  6. Mayor Qumiby

    Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread

    made them punt... Good job D
  7. Mayor Qumiby

    Buh bye Stephen Hill

    Psshh what a poor NFL player.. Has to smoke weed he's so poor. Can't even afford a coke habit.
  8. This is cool but Im more excited about us burieing Matt Ryan in there .
  9. Trashy unclassed falcons fan....isn't that just a normal falcons fan?
  10. Mayor Qumiby

    Disney/Universal Studios Pro Tips

    To me it would depend on how old the little one is. They might not really be into Epcot, although in my opinion Epcot is the best part at Disney world. I'd choose Animal Kingdom over Hollywood studios. It's an amazing park and the closest thing you can get to a real safari without crossing the Atlantic. And as Chimera said look into the park hopper and see if it fits your family's needs. It can be a cheaper way to visit multiple parks and if you get a 3 day ticket it will be way cheaper than 3 single day tickets. But yea you can technically do all of Epcot in a day and Hollywood studios is my least favorite ( although it's an awesome place) . But I'd pick Animal Kingdom over Hollywood Studios. If you have time go to typhoon lagoon. Best Waterpark in the world
  11. Mayor Qumiby

    NFL Concept Helmets

    I like it
  12. Mayor Qumiby

    What is your perfect breakfast?

    Eggs over easy, livermush, grits,bacon,hashbrowns.
  13. Those numbers are a bit exaggerated. . The last death in Nascar due to carbon dioxide was back in 1990 when ole "skidmarks" Bobby Parks was running in the Talladega 500. Skidmarks was running near the bottom when aanother car came up on his rear and hit him really hard . The other car rammed him so hard his oil pan got loose started leaking and gave him a leaky rear.skidmarks ended up with his rear end destroyed . After the race he was broke and depressed he took his car to the turn 4 infield and ran a hose from the exhaust to his window and was determined to kill himself ..Before he passed out his door opened and stood before him was a new car owner who said " if you give me an alejandro..(dude on dude bj in a Bentley while wearing a Saints visor) I will put you on my nascar team". Later that week a new driver was announced in Nascar...that drivers name was Jeff Gordon.
  14. Lol im about as casual as it gets with soccer, like hockey. I like playing the games on xbox , im sure id enjoy a match in person. Yet the only time i watch is during something big like the world cup, Stanley cup or Olympics.