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  1. I remember seeing wolf because I'm a huge Vols fan. He's not the fastest guy and he's not gonna get tons of yards after contact but he has pretty good hands and is a reliable target.
  2. Charlotte United Futbol Club of the greater Carolinas minus Gastonia.
  3. I wish they would follow around one team for a few seasons . I think it would be cool to see a teams growth or regression over time and being able to watch the rise and fall of players over a few seasons would be an interesting perspective.
  4. How you feeling today?? As I was reading this I noticed how similar our situations are. The wife and I are on kid #3 , she has uid but that runs out next year. Like you I keep putting it off but I need to do something before we end up with kid #4 lol. I guess Im just weary of the snip haha.. but reading these post have helped ease the anxiety.
  5. Wtf...wow. How the hell is wearing a Patriots jersey not a bannable offense??
  6. You're reaching ,he never said raising money for als was dumb .
  7. Yeaaa and let them join Jon Beachum ,Derangleo Williams and Stephen Smith while they're there.
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