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  1. Watching Arsenal vs LCity right now. Go Gunners, Chelsea could use the help.
  2. Washington Black Panthers...wait thats taken
  3. Haha...West Ham has 3 shots on target and gets 3 goals. Kepa has to go and the Chelsea defense was a comedy of errors today. Totally hapless.
  4. I realize no one probably cares but fug Youtube TV and that company in general. Yet another price hike this time +15 dollars a month for total shet channel adds. Hulu TV will get my biz. Fuggin greed man.
  5. Good luck Cam...hope he turns things around.
  6. Chelsea with a massive win vs City. Amazing victory but 2 things are glaring problems. Arrizabalaga is terrible...like worst in the EPL bad. Lampards hard headedness with keep Mason Mount out there is concerning. Dude sucks.
  7. Alcohol and Porn? So is 99% of the huddle.
  8. Great to see the EPL back up and running again. Pulisic was the difference for Chelsea today. He needs to be out there with the starters IMO. With the schedule remaining that win today was mandatory
  9. Great news, glad to see he has a shred of decency left
  10. 4Corners called for this yesterday and it comes down today?
  11. Chelsea has needed a lead striker for a while now. I do agree it will be interesting to see if he is the answer. EPL is a big step up. Actually Abraham put the ball in the net at a good rate so I hope he still gets time to develop
  12. Chelsea has apparently agree to terms with Timo Werner from Leipzig. Hell yes on that news. More work needed though especially in defense
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