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  1. Isaiah Jackson for Kentucky looks like a future star IMO.
  2. LOL... @WOW!! is Webbers bestest friend in life. Happy? BTW: Pretty sure TikTOK is another Chuck alt.
  3. I would like to see Ball, Monk, Hayward, PJ and Carey on the floor together early on. That lineup has some juice.
  4. Cant wait to see this team...it has been a while since I could say that.
  5. They cant help it man. They are living out their personal problems on this forum which is sad actually.
  6. Damn, terrible news for Burrow. I really hate to see that. Hope he recovers quickly.
  7. The long term answer isn't on the roster IMO.
  8. That is my thought as well. We can have all the cap in the world but a top 10 player in the NBA isn't signing here in FA as it stand now, if ever. That said...we needed a wing scorer and Hayward could be great in that role. This dude has to stay healthy or we are screwed. I wouldn’t have done this but the folks saying we barely make the playoffs is premature IMO. Miami just played for the ship and they were far from a juggernaut
  9. This really should have been at least 27-0. Defense was stellar today.
  10. Dude better be ultra cheap
  11. Seriously I don’t see any reason to keep him around. He needs to be cut tomorrow
  12. You just can’t give the Panthers credit. Just can’t.
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