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  1. And Peppers and Munnerlyn...so yeah it happens.
  2. Shocker


    Why? They are #4 in the nation and undefeated. Doubt they surprise anyone. Tre Jones injury hurts Duke real bad. Va has to be the favorite in the ACC.
  3. I would actually love Norman if he comes way down on this cap number but I really doubt that happens.
  4. Shocker

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    If he reveals his source he can stay. He isn’t unbearable to me. The Cam stuff is getting weird though.
  5. He would be a decent 4th or later pick up. Doesn’t have much speed but he is pretty good. If he pulls off a sub 4.5 40 he moves up. Should have stayed in school IMO.
  6. As your con states not very athletic, gotta think a better option will be there at 16
  7. Shocker

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Cup is two for two so far. Prepared to give him time as GM here.
  8. Shocker

    Devin White LSU

    He is a great player with really low bust factor. I’d be fine with it.
  9. I like your optimism...don't think Norman comes cheap at all though. Quinn is gonna want some cheddar too. Still, if we could pull that off I'd be happy. Not knocked out of the park with that draft but nice job.
  10. Losing this dude is like loosing a scab, no worries
  11. Shocker

    Should have tanked

    Yeah would absolutely like to keep Bridges and let them have Willy...especially if we give up 2 firsts PG - Kemba - Parker - Graham SG - Lamb - Bacon SF - Batum - Bridges PF - AD - Marvin C - Biz - Zeller Then we'd need to go get a few roster fillers
  12. Shocker

    Should have tanked

    Crazy trade rumor I saw... Pelicans get: MKG, Frank, Monk, Bridges (or Willy) and 2 first rounders Hornets get: Anthony Davis I would do it hoping Willy goes not Bridges but probably do it anyway.
  13. Shocker

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Hornets trying to take down the Spurs. Need this one bad. Hornets won it...wow