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  1. I received my 4k copy of Alien and damn...amazing upgrade, really crazy. The Ritual on Netflix is good Tumbadd on Prime Video blew me away...really damn good
  2. Go through the process and pick the best player. There will be options but fit the offense to the QB. Hard to pick one right now. I kinda like Jacob Eason but he has to stay healthy to play consistently well this season.
  3. If this happens, just have to rally around Kyle. The offense is fairly vanilla already. Hope he does well.
  4. Tua - Small with suspect arm strength and not a great runner either. Smart as hell though and has amazing accuracy. As someone else mentioned he is surrounded by incredible playmakers at Bama. His wideouts are ridiculously good not to mention the rest of that offense
  5. Thanks for the post...wish he would give up personnel decisions completely
  6. Not sure you get the meaning of Wine and Cheese crowd. More like Jack Daniels and beer crowd.
  7. People make mistakes...jeez everyone is such a jerk these days
  8. Well you can pull for the Patriots...they always win...10 straight division titles and only 1 time since 2003 they didn’t win the division
  9. Luke had a monster game the other night...Donte was abysmal
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