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  1. We don’t want to find what is in Area 51. Ignorance is bliss.
  2. Agree...disturbing you are procreating
  3. The day when no one can live there anymore is fast approaching. It'll be underwater permanently soon.
  4. Putting some numbers to the current situation...we just need to draft well the next few years. Get a few good players high in the draft... After this year Bimbo - 17 m Marvin - 15 m MKG - 13 m Total after this year - 45 m off da books After 2 yrs Batum - 25 m Monk - 4 m Zeller - 14 m After 2 yrs: 43 m Total after 2 yrs - 88 m off da books So in summation don't give out stupid contracts for 2 yrs And yeah, Rozier was way too costly but he will drop off in 3 yrs Now...can Kup and Mike build a good team within 3 years? Have to draft well. Period.
  5. I really wanted this kid when he came out in the draft...but you just never know what’s upstairs.
  6. The summer league is totally meaningless but if you are looking for a good Hornets team you will be looking for a while.
  7. Ya...that’s him. Damn...starting to hate the pessimist I’ve become with this team. They make be want to me a lesser man.
  8. Give the kid some run, why not
  9. I don’t mind laying my cards on the table on this teams drafts. I liked the Zeller pick at the time. I also liked the Monk pick...at the time. I have disagreed with all the rest first rounders back to Okafor...but he was definitely my #2 pick in that draft. Wasn’t sold on Kemba to be honest but he worked his way to greatness. I must add...these players overall are not as skilled as they used to be, not close. Fundamentally. Does anyone else see this?
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