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  1. Have to say, if the light goes on for Little and he gets aggressive he could be really good. He defends pretty well now. He needs a good amount of time though. He is boom or bust but probably worth the pick considered what will likely be available. Oh, and use the 2nd rounder on Carson Edwards. Dude was retarded in the NCAAs. We need a big doe
  2. I’m sure she is so relieved to get your stamp of approval. Rest easy tonight sweet Caroline.
  3. The season was certainly hurried and it crossed my mind that everyone was ready to move on. They have been doing this grueling show for 9 years. Gotta be a grind after that long.
  4. I'm impressed...the neanderthals on this board seem pretty tame. Good stuff.
  5. I personally liked that last episode and although season 8 was in a big hurry the show as a whole was fuggin epic. Loved it.
  6. Totally agree and also agree we need a big
  7. If he stays healthy he will be awesome. Huge IF though.
  8. Hope Zion likes the swamp...no way in hell he isnt picked at 1 and they arent trading his ace.
  9. Man the NBA doesn't want us in the top slot even tanking. We can't tank forever and won't be getting the top pick anyway. Whole damn league is rigged shet Honestly, making the playoffs is about the best we can do right now. Kup needs to pick a contributor and try to resign Kemba. Looking very doubtful right now he comes back.
  10. Hate the lottery...just fuggin hate it. Wait till we are the worst team and get fugged out of it. fug the NBA.
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