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  1. Tolbert's answers conveniently ignore Cam lied to the coaches and staff about his injury. There's only so much that can be done in those circumstances. But I do think that Cam did that because he felt like so much of the team & even his coach's job relied on his play. That's on the team for reaching that point.
  2. Cam may be willing to take a backup role, but it'll take the right team and situation for him to take such a position, IMO. I think he'll get an offer once injuries go down in camp.
  3. too hard to answer. but you do realize that Teddy is like... the lowest paid starting QB based on yearly average if we exclude dudes on rookie deals, right? we needed a QB that wasn't dog poo b ecause dog poo QBs don't help weapons like Curtis Samuel, DJ Moore, and CMC tap into their potential with a new OC. Teddy could develop into something great and if not he is a good stopgap.
  4. the only thing I regret about this pick is that we won't get to see him opening up holes for Luke to level some dudes through. and that isn't brown or (afaik) Hurney's fault, so I'm happy with it.
  5. yeesh, didn't last year demonstrate to us that sacks are not all that matters to a defense? who is a better pick there? A linebacker? talk about a position that doesn't have the same value it once did... also lol at HOF being the criteria of a successful draft pick.
  6. ehh, there is plenty of reason to be skeptical of giving a RB a huge contract. but otoh, I think the alternative is much, much worse. glad we signed him.
  7. yes, most of his big receiving games were in blowout losses (but look at SEA, LA, HOU, close losses and a win). if you look when his production is, though, it is not in garbage time - that is all I mean. and in our wins, his receiving was often instrumental to scoring drives... One might argue that when we were leading or in close games, we were more likely to be rushing to run out the clock than chucking him the ball (employing Rivera's patented "3 point lead shut it down run up the middle" strategy), so putting it on "garbage time defense" is unfair. The reality is his receiving yards were mostly in the 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter, followed by the 4th (least in the 1st), so even in losses, he was being productive before "garbage time" as a receiver. I agree his yards aren't the same as a WR's yards, but I don't think they are worth *less*. he had nearly as many receptions for first downs as DJ Moore. but it is silly IMO to separate CMC's receiving and rushing when talking about his contract.
  8. for reference for everyone Year Maximum team salary 2019 $188.2 million 2018 $177.2 million[15] 2017 $167.00 million 2016 $155.27 million[16] 2015 $143.28 million[17] 2014 $133 million[18] 2013 $123 million[19] 2012 $120.6 million[20] 2011 $120 million[20] 2010 Uncapped 2009 $123 million from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salary_cap#National_Football_League edit: it is worth noting that the recession was not the only thing going on then. the owners opted out of the CBA in 2008. This directly lead to the uncapped year in 2010. I am actually not sure how the current CBA is tied to league revenue, but that matters a lot. it is worth noting that *all* of the increase from 2009 to 2014 came from 2013 -> 2014, too.
  9. ehh, the best RBs still get paid. https://overthecap.com/position/running-back/ ... and if you look at when those contracts were inked this isn't really as huge a leap as it currently is being made to sound because of how the salary cap is projected to shift. now it is 100% true not every team would have been able to pay CMC - or have wanted to. But plenty of teams have made huge investments in RBs, not all of it having been wasted IMO.
  10. can I just say that Ekeler did not have 1000 receiving yards last year? yeah he got close. but he didn't hit it. not according to PFR anyway. He also accounted for >800 yards less from scrimmage, and 8 less TDs than CMC. and hell CMC did something similar in 2018 too - remember, this wasn't like CMC busted onto the scene out of nowhere this year.
  11. a ton of garbage time yards? are you defining the entire season as garbage time, because that's the only way to justify that comment. I mean, he got a ton of yards, period. and if you look at his splits, CMC was overall most productive with the score within 7 points. not garbage time. And if you look at his splits by quarter it is even more telling - take a look yourself: Given CMC's highest level of production was in the 3rd quarter, which really is crunch time, I'd say he had the opposite of garbage time stats, no? hell the 4th was overall his worst.
  12. the whole not wanting to say anything negative about him when injury comes up makes me think there is something more there in some form.
  13. right. so, Tedd Ginn, famous for his drops, had the same number of drops last season as Samuel. But he had fewer balls thrown his way. OTOH, Sameul is in the top 20% of the league in number of drops... that is not good. All that said, Samuel is not worth giving up unless some team wants to give you a 2nd or 3rd, which no team would. So he's much more valuable to us on his current contract. IMO he can really be much better than he has been. Unfortunately I don't see Teddy as the "deep ball machine" that some posters predict Samuel needs to succeed. However, I think Samuel can excel in space, we just didn't use him that way.
  14. sources disagree on the exact number - many I've seen put it at 7. For comparison, Ted Ginn also had 7 drops last season. Samuel was also ranked 33rd out of 155 in highest drop percentage (lower ranking = more drops). That's.... not good. We'll see how he does with a different QB.
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