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  1. mav1234

    Check this chart out

    I agree with your sentiment in general, but due to this being a post about Cam specifically, I think you are taking this out of context. This ia, after all, a thread about how amazing cam is and how he often doesnt get the credit he deserves for his play... When it comes to rating QBs, some fans and pundits care only about super bowls... but that, to me, is short sighted because of the nature of what it takes to win a super bowl. That doesnt mean I would rather have cam win mvp but lose the super bowl. It just means I recognize he isnt solely responsible for this teams success or failure in that regard. As a fan I care most about super bowls.. but I also enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of the players. In this case, Cam is practically in a league of his own. He certainly seems likely to reach the HoF some day, SB or not... especially if his play continues at this level with Norv.
  2. mav1234

    Check this chart out

    Because individual players don't win super bowls, teams do. So, that shouldn't be a major factor in if a qb is excellent or not. Still plenty of time left in his career for Cam to check that box too.
  3. mav1234


    Donte had what looked like one absolutely awful drive. redeemed himself the rest of the 4th tho
  4. Anyone else concerned our defense isn't getting enough rest?? ;)
  5. also true, team as a whole seems more aggressive.
  6. it really seems like something just started clicking... loving the energy from our playmakers. crazy to think we have 4 rushing TDs and none are from Cam (not that he hasn't been involved lol)
  7. feels like turner and rivera had a heart to heart... very weird seeing this team attacking when up by 2 TDs and not just grinding it into the ground.
  8. just the way TB defenders looked to be tripping over themselves, hahaha... Samuel is incredible
  9. that was one of the most ridiculous plays to watch in a long time, lol.
  10. he was talking about the Bucs and how they keep getting behind early in games - the same time they were talking about that they showed that teams have something like an 88% chance of scoring a TD on Tampa in the red zone.
  11. mav1234

    Raiders just cut Bruce Irvin's ass

    If the Raiders weren't leaving the city I wonder if the coach would be less willing to put total garbage on the field - I mean, he clearly doesn't give a poo about providing something for the fans to watch...
  12. Let's leave the Ravens with a parting QB controversy ;)
  13. who is our coach and what did he do with ron also can he please leave ron wherever he left him, I like this.
  14. Feels so rare to get just one offensive PI... but two... :O