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  1. mav1234

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    amazing thread would read again 10/10
  2. Have there been any reports claiming he was toxic in the lockerroom? Didn't Rivera even say the opposite?
  3. This thread sure tells you a lot about some of the posters around here, heh. Doesn't make sense that Reid would lie about this... He has a lot to lose. My suspicion is the nfl source stating that reid was inaccurate is referring to Reid combining mandatory and random drug tests when he declared 7 tests on social media... Reid did differentiate these things at other times clearly but seven is what has stuck... We will see.
  4. I get that a loss here would have helped draft position, but I am still glad to see the W. Really excited for our offense next year with a fully healthy Cam and a chance to retool the OL and DL.
  5. mav1234

    Ok, let's talk Atlanta Falcons

    In no way are the two games/losses comparable... Not in terms of what was at stake, why the two games are embarrassing, etc...
  6. I'm pretty sure he could have a mediocre game and as long as we in a substantial portion of the fanbase will be demanding we cut Cam immediately :p Regardless, two games is not a large enough sample size to make a decision on his future long term, but a couple decent games will certainly go a long way to ensuring he's on the roster next year - at least into preseason.
  7. Matt Kalil seems far more like a Richardson signing than a Gettleman. Family connection etc... Regardless, it clearly didn't work out.
  8. mav1234

    Newton's longevity

    Grier does not suck. Don't think he is going to be a Panther, but he doesn't suck. Without knowing the true status of his shoulder, hard to say. Assuming the injury just requires rest and he comes back from it completely, I think he still has several more years of top level play and a few after that of playing well too. No quarterback is going to look better behind this line...
  9. I could see Moore being better some day... and I think CMC is better right now, but if we could give Cam time to throw, Samuel would be lighting it up out there
  10. mav1234

    Long Shot Idea for QB

    If Cam's shoulder requires surgery that would sideline him for some significant portion of next year, hell yeah I'd be up for them bringing in Kaepernick as long as he realizes that he's a backup keeping Cam's seat warm. Cam is simply a better QB, but Kaepernick is a better backup option than anything available right now.
  11. Please present the full birthday of each player so we can accurately evaluate if they we should round up and consider them 27 or not.
  12. There is no advantage at all to holding on to Rivera just to fire him at the end of the season. He's not going to suddenly turn it around - this was the game he had to do that in, and the team fell flat. Firing Rivera now could provide a spark... it is unlikely, but leaving him in place sure as hell isn't.
  13. mav1234

    Check this chart out

    I agree with your sentiment in general, but due to this being a post about Cam specifically, I think you are taking this out of context. This ia, after all, a thread about how amazing cam is and how he often doesnt get the credit he deserves for his play... When it comes to rating QBs, some fans and pundits care only about super bowls... but that, to me, is short sighted because of the nature of what it takes to win a super bowl. That doesnt mean I would rather have cam win mvp but lose the super bowl. It just means I recognize he isnt solely responsible for this teams success or failure in that regard. As a fan I care most about super bowls.. but I also enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of the players. In this case, Cam is practically in a league of his own. He certainly seems likely to reach the HoF some day, SB or not... especially if his play continues at this level with Norv.
  14. mav1234

    Check this chart out

    Because individual players don't win super bowls, teams do. So, that shouldn't be a major factor in if a qb is excellent or not. Still plenty of time left in his career for Cam to check that box too.
  15. mav1234


    Donte had what looked like one absolutely awful drive. redeemed himself the rest of the 4th tho