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  1. Rarely do I delight in seeing a team playing so poorly consistently, but man, Jones makes it easy to dislike the Cowboys. Also lol at the fact they probably get in the playoffs.
  2. It will be an attractive job, although the roster needs some major work, there are some incredible pieces to build from on both sides of the ball.
  3. not at all... at least when we lose by a TD we lose on a 4th and goal from the 1!!!
  4. I don't understand Prescott's target choice this last series... didn't push the ball down the field and give them a chance
  5. absolutely insane that they look like this with the skill players they have... and they used to have a good OL... haven't paid enough attention this year
  6. If you want a QB that can come in and win you multiple games over a long stretch, you are basically wanting a st starting QB as a backup... you have to gamble and get lucky for that... or spend quite a bit of money... Bridgewater is a good example of such a QB, as, apparently, is Tannehill. But what would you have thought of a Tannehill acquisition in the offseason? There are plenty of fans here that 100% would have revolted at how dumb it would have been. the reason guys are backups is either: 1) they are young and developing, 2) they can't cut it as a starter, and don't win games when it matters. Allen's turnovers are pretty much typical for such a young QB... Cam's first season starting he threw a higher percentage of INTs and had 5 fumbles (and he had 10 his second year too... so fumbles are something Cam struggled with early too). Allen's current rate of INTs is the exact same as Cam's career rate, and nobody considers Cam to be particularly turnover prone. But Allen is hugely inconsistent and not someone I want to build around. My problem with Allen is much less turnovers and more more inability to be consistent in keeping the offense moving. As we have had to lean on him more, he has struggled with consistency more. His cost is why I think he'll be on the team next year, but that might not be the case, especially if we end up in a weird situation where we draft a QB very early but also keep Cam. I don't think that will happen but at this point...
  7. if we consider what it would take to win out... namely, beating Seattle and NO, both of whom will be playing for seeding... hell I'll take winning out. It will mean that our offense likely took a step forward, our defense took a fuging huge step forward, and our team likely has a boatload of young players contributing more than they have so far. so I'll take it, because we would have something real solid to build on for next year.
  8. He is a decent backup, and probably the cheapest player on the team - I would be surprised if he wasn't on the team next year. But hopefully he won't be starting.
  9. There is absolutely no good reason to start Grier against the Falcons. Our line is fuging awful and Grier hasn't had much practice with the 1s, if any, all year. If we're going to make the change we need to do it heading into a week, and not the week we lose our HC.
  10. if you were Cam, why would you risk playing for a new coach on a rebuilding team on a 1 year contract? If the Panthers aren't extending him he won't be on the team next year I don't think. Unless he feels a huge loyalty to the team, which I kind of doubt (no knock on Cam here, he has given the team everything, but we just fired his coach...)
  11. With Rivera gone, I think the likelihood of Cam playing on a one year deal diminishes substantially.
  12. Few of us keep track of posters thoughts and feelings on players. So I did think you held negative opinions of Cam.
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