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  1. I don't think every draft choice should be made only with consideration for how they can immediately contribute... We also had need of a decent option at backup QB given the uncertainty in Cam's recovery from the shoulder issues. This may not be as big a need as some other positions given we are all planning to see Cam make it completely back from his injury, but it was still a need that we were able to address while still addressing larger needs with earlier picks. I was afraid we would see a classic Hurney 1.0 reach for Grier, but I really don't think we did. 100 is a fine position to take a quality depth player IMO. and as to the topic at hand, I wouldn't be surprised if some teams did have a late 1st round grade on him. But that doesn't mean much.
  2. This argument is dumb... right this second the canes are more relevant than the hornets since one team made the playoffs. But I lived in New England my entire life before last August. I saw Hornets gear and met Hornets fans there. I never saw a single piece of Canes gear, let alone knew anyone that followed them. Could that change over time? Sure, I suppose. But even in Raleigh, I saw more Hornets gear until a couple weeks ago...
  3. I live in Raleigh and right up until last week or so, I saw more Hornets than Canes gear around... the Hornets have a bigger brand where i frequent anyway... Not like it matters... great for the Canes right now.
  4. I was worried we were going to take him in the 2nd based on some reports. I don't mind him at 100. Coaches see something more than I do but I'm no professional.
  5. did that stuff ever get resolved? there was a whole dispute on if he did actually lie at one point, because the records he / his lawyer had of the tests did not match up with what was given to the NFL PA, and some of the dates from the NFL PA were drug tests that never even happened or something weird.
  6. Still time but the defense needs a big stop here... So painful to watch this.
  7. Offense not only failing to take advantage of opportunities, it's created them for Denver... One score game tho, feel like it shod be more...
  8. Cam gets hit in the head in the pocket, cotch gets hit early... looks like its gonna be thst kind of game
  9. hahaha it's a feast, everybody gets a pick! you get a pick! you get a pick! you dropped a pick! now you get a pick! you get a pick! you get a pick!
  10. man dunno how I missed that but fug him. eat poo and die, haters
  11. wait he said that on live TV? how the fug did I miss that
  12. can someone link me to arians comment about us being worst team in the nfl in 2nd half
  13. lol, what the fug was the point of that 2 pt conversion
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