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  1. Unidentified military personnel clearly acting in self defense!!!
  2. there's a pretty big difference between a statement and an actual policy position with course of actions. what are your actual issues with Biden's new proposal? just that you don't trust he will enact it?
  3. I interpret this as "not having the interests of the people of Venezuela at heart" is a claim he'll be tougher on Maduro, arguing Trump doesn't actually care about Venezuelans. Which he doesn't. Not sure Biden does either, but that doesn't mean Trump is to the left of Biden, which was the original point of this. Both of them have the policy position "I'll be tough. Real Tough." Biden did meet with Maduro in the past. He has reason to believe it isn't worthwhile to do so now. He has not ruled out *ever* meeting with him, but their last conversation did not seem fruitful. btw: your position is that Maduro's authoritarian actions (e.g. political imprisonments) are an attempt to suppress American interference, correct? Not that Maduro is not authoritarian? I want to make sure I understand your stance on the front of war monger, Biden was consistent for 8 years in pressing against military intervention and arguing against military leaders. seems unlikely to change now? or was that a long-con on his part? again, this is relative to Trump... because those are the choices we have now. As to an enforcement mechanism, elections are enforcement mechanisms. If Biden does not hold to his promises, he'll have no shot at re-election and he also won't have his legacy, since he has repeatedly stated now he wants to enact a new deal-like transformation of the country. IMO that requires he actually hold to his promises he is making, because Republicans won't ever agree to anything "new deal-like." Biden is going to care a lot about his legacy and I think that is why progressives can push him.
  4. and yet we have a democratic nominee vowing to address climate change in a way never seen in American politics. that same nominee that is proposing an option for all Americans to sign up for a medicare-administered program. because of those task forces. are they "meaningless"? or are they examples of a centrist being pulled to the left by his need for progressive backing?
  5. 1) Where did Joe Biden call Trump a "secret ally" of Maduro? 2) Biden personally meets with Maduro and argues against 'saber rattling' but clearly diplomacy is off the table? lol 3) so is closing diplomatic relations with Cuba to the right or left of reopening them. just curious, I am having trouble following your political ideology chart.
  6. fwiw I think it is extremely important for progressives to be unsatisfied and continue pushing Biden to the left, forcing him to make promises, and holding him to them. I think it is important to have skepticism and to hve people unresolved in if they can support Biden. But I think it is also important to be honest and objective on things like "is Donald Trump to the left of Joe Biden in foreign policy" because he objectively is not. that does not mean I have a problem with GJBC/Nanuq's choices in terms of voting, etc. Frankly I think it is important to have progressives that remain unsatisfied and continue to push. It is a big reason that Biden's campaign has already moved so far to the left, especially on climate change policy, where we now have a Dem nominee with an extremely progressive set of policy positions that have been widely endorsed / hailed by climate activists. my problem is that one does not need to justify "I am unsatisfied with his positions" with actual falsehoods about their equivalency with Trump positions. that's all.
  7. please do not kneel in its presence but feel free to cut it into pieces and adorn it on your body
  8. good thing it does with the Biden campaign then, given the task force has already moved Biden tremendously to the left. actually unlike you Sanders realizes that electoral politics is about moving a candidate as much as you can. if Sanders took your approach M4A would still be a rallying point of absolutely no-one. instead there is a huge progressive movement that has brought what was once a fringe-idea into the mainstream discussion.
  9. I mean fug Biden has already met with him once and that sure got a lot done. no the political prisoners Maduro held then and continues to take now weren't released, so no the sanctions didn't go away. Biden has criticized Trump's threats of military action but hasn't ruled 'em out. he currently is refusing to meet *personally* with Maduro, but why would Biden refusing to meet with Maduro mean diplomacy is off the table? don't be naive. also, fyi, your "left" candidate Donnie Trump is the one that closed ties with Cuba again. that definitely sounds like a move to the left of Joe Biden, amirite?
  10. m4a is not dead because progressives are winning where it matters, and more and more are seeing we need a robust public system. what will kill m4a is another 4 years of trump and associated scj's. even fuging biden's campaign is now supporting a medicare-run public option. that is a huge change. if he sticks to it, and implements that directly as it sounds and not as some reduced medicare, it will fuging cripple and destroy private insurance.
  11. ah yes, the massively harder line of "I won't meet with Maduro" as opposed to Trump "I will meet with Maduro and force him to leave office." biden has consistently painted Trump as an authoritarian like Maduro, yes. but... please provide evidence that Biden has made is an actual "harder line." or hell that either one of them holds actually different views on Venezuala because they don't. they both want maduro gone, afaik neither will rule out military action. more than just the talking points both have made that they, in fact, hold the harder line on all of those countries rofl you may want to consider the possibility that the natsec ghouls are lining up behind Biden because of temperament, not policy. many of those ghouls fiercely criticized Biden when he was VP, but they also recognize that he isn't intent on dismembering American alliances and what they view as a stabilizing presence of America on the world stage the way that trump is. edit: not to mention a lot of those people got seriously spooked by Trump's threat to use the military against civilians, and his absolutely piss poor response to COVID. it is no mistake those people are coming forward now. I don't give a poo about trump being "gay for putin." I care about what he's done and said and profited from. I do not think it is "to the left" to advocate adding russia back to the g7. other than that, they both advocate sanctions, claim to be hard on Russia, etc. if you take an actual objective view, the only way you come out of this thinking "trump is more left" is if you go into it being biased as all fug. edit2: biden is not a leftist btw, but that doesn't make him "more right wing than Trump" either.
  12. Is Donald Trump "to the left" of Joe Biden on American foreign policy and the military? No. I actually think in terms of *military*-related foreign and domestic policy, they are extremely similar. So, first, let's ignore humanitarian elements in a general sense, WHO involvement, international cooperation, strengthening of existing alliances, international agreements like the Paris accords or the Iran nuclear treaty in this quick and dirty breakdown of foreign policy and military intervention. The reason for that is simple: On everything I listed before there is simply no way an objective individual could describe Joe Biden's current campaign stances or (recent) past supported actions as "to the right" of Donald Trump. They are, definitively, to the left. This does not mean they are "leftist". Merely that Biden is not a hawk; as VP, he was quite a bit less militaristic than Obama, and earned the ire of much of the military officers for it. On using the military to put down protests: Ah yes, the one area where WAIT ARE YOU fuging KIDDING. Verdict: Biden by a fuging mile. Iraq War: Trump supposed it, Biden supported it, then neither supported it. Biden oversaw a largescale withdrawal in Iraq, but the end result of that was very likely ISIS. Trump would have done the same, assuredly, although like Biden criticizing Trump on Afghanistan and elsewhere, Trump is critical of that withdrawal now. Verdict: Push. Drone Strikes: Based on all records we have, Donald Trump has vastly accelerated the rate of drone strikes. Joe Biden has promised to institute some degree of accountability and scaling back the use of drones, but as Obama, supports their usage. Verdict: To the left of Donald Trump (definitely *not* leftist) On Russia: Both Biden and Trump claim they will be tough on Russia, and although his public statements suggest a fondness for the authoriatarian regime currently in control, his admin has added some new sanctions. Biden promises additional sanctions. It is unclear what "to the left" and "to the right" would be here; neither favor military action. Biden supports humanitarian activists in Russia (Trump seems not to). Verdict: Push. On Venezuala: Biden and Trump recently got into a dispute over who is tougher on Venezuala. Both have stated they support Juan Guaido, although recently Trump has said he wants to get rid of Maduro but doesn't think Guaido has what it takes to do it. Go figure. Trump supports 250M in regional aid to Central America. Joe Biden supports 4 billion. There is no evidence Biden would be more or less likely than Trump to use military force to intervene here. Verdict: To the left of Trump. On Afghanistan: Biden actually proposed the skeleton of Trump's current plan for Afghanistan while VP, but it isn't working out so well for Trump and probably wouldn't have for Biden. As VP he supported a large withdrawal of troops under Obama. Biden strongly urged caution and was frequently in disagreement with military leaders, strongly argued against the surge, and fought with the military to withdraw more and more troops as much as he could. He argued strongly against nation building and instead for a focus on counterterism. He was often unsuccessful. Verdict: Push. Okay, so let's say you want to argue that Trump's policy is actually more left wing. How?
  13. graffiti isn't terrorism. what the fug
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