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  1. did that stuff ever get resolved? there was a whole dispute on if he did actually lie at one point, because the records he / his lawyer had of the tests did not match up with what was given to the NFL PA, and some of the dates from the NFL PA were drug tests that never even happened or something weird.
  2. mav1234

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    amazing thread would read again 10/10
  3. Have there been any reports claiming he was toxic in the lockerroom? Didn't Rivera even say the opposite?
  4. This thread sure tells you a lot about some of the posters around here, heh. Doesn't make sense that Reid would lie about this... He has a lot to lose. My suspicion is the nfl source stating that reid was inaccurate is referring to Reid combining mandatory and random drug tests when he declared 7 tests on social media... Reid did differentiate these things at other times clearly but seven is what has stuck... We will see.
  5. I get that a loss here would have helped draft position, but I am still glad to see the W. Really excited for our offense next year with a fully healthy Cam and a chance to retool the OL and DL.
  6. mav1234

    Ok, let's talk Atlanta Falcons

    In no way are the two games/losses comparable... Not in terms of what was at stake, why the two games are embarrassing, etc...
  7. I'm pretty sure he could have a mediocre game and as long as we in a substantial portion of the fanbase will be demanding we cut Cam immediately :p Regardless, two games is not a large enough sample size to make a decision on his future long term, but a couple decent games will certainly go a long way to ensuring he's on the roster next year - at least into preseason.
  8. Still time but the defense needs a big stop here... So painful to watch this.
  9. Offense not only failing to take advantage of opportunities, it's created them for Denver... One score game tho, feel like it shod be more...
  10. Cam gets hit in the head in the pocket, cotch gets hit early... looks like its gonna be thst kind of game
  11. hahaha it's a feast, everybody gets a pick! you get a pick! you get a pick! you dropped a pick! now you get a pick! you get a pick! you get a pick!
  12. man dunno how I missed that but fug him. eat poo and die, haters
  13. wait he said that on live TV? how the fug did I miss that
  14. can someone link me to arians comment about us being worst team in the nfl in 2nd half