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  1. We had some reports right after the game it was an unknown ankle injury, which suggested it wasn't Achilles related.
  2. right, but it doesn't even make sense that it would be a play to audible out of. he's the one that fuged it up.
  3. I mean, I don't think "game manager" strictly refers to a style of play. It also refers to limitations a QB has, either physically or mentally, with their game that requires them to carefully manage a game because they can't be dynamic playmakers when it is necessary. It is frequently used as a way to indicate a mediocre to decent starter, but not a great talent.
  4. lol he would have audibled out of a play that had moore wide fuging open
  5. Was he a healthy benching? I thought it was because of fractures in his thumb that made them not want to play him. The start of his year seemed pretty strong.
  6. I don't know if Rhule's coordinators are awful. Teddy can't throw reliably past 20 yards and frequently has bewildering and frustrating mistakes that cost us games. Brady does seem to squander opportunities sometimes, but remember he schemed Moore wide fuging open. Snow is working with a handful of competent players and a boatload of garbage, so hard to judge him too harshly. It has been a rough few weeks though.
  7. Ah, I thought he was injured. He seemed to be doing ok... weird.
  8. I think it depends who is picking 3 and 4... Don't you think they'd want Sewell?
  9. The nice thing about the Chargers is they're unlikely to pick a QB. Same with CIN. So we've got a decent shot at one of the top 3 now. edit: Minshew seems to be playing really well - anyone watch any of his games? JAX going to move on from him? Almost looks like tehy'd be better off keeping him.
  10. he is somehow allergic to throwing to Moore.
  11. Real disappointing from him pretty much all game.
  12. I remember earlier in the year when we wanted Teddy to have a game-winning drive in the 4th quarter. I'll settle for a game-sealing drive here.
  13. In the context of the discussion, there was an argument that the reason Teddy sucks relative to other weak armed QBs with short-to-intermediate games is the lack of putting the ball in a place for YAC. That is strictly not true. Proudiddy may be right that he is not placing the ball as well as we would like, but he is doing so well overall. edit: and again yeah his arm strength blows.
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