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  1. Yeah, i mainly posted that tweet to point out how bad Trump is even considering all the US us guilty of
  2. Lol at you completely confirming the OP and being too damned dumb to realize it
  3. fug every last one of them. For the sake of humanity.
  4. Poorly trained cops kill all races and get iff for it and black folks are trying to save us all from them with our efforts. But a lot of white folks are so loathe to talk about race create crap like Blue Lives Matter just to spite black people, as if that is at all in your best interests. Cops shoot white people and the mentally ill with regularity too. Get over yourselves.
  5. I'm not gonna spam the forum like i did yesterday (sorry) but this lady called it all from day one
  6. I'm glad everyone has the right idea here and calls it for what it is
  7. It's just I wanna like you and give you the benefit of the doubt And feel like i reached across the aisle It just always seems like you're making excuses dude. That's me being totally transparent.
  8. I feel like this is a sociopath
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