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  1. You're the only one still preoccupied with this Go whine about something that matters
  2. You guys just aren't mature enough to respect my whining over your valid criticisms of my absurd positions
  3. "I'm smarter than y'all because i hate taxes and think people aren't equal"
  4. So he's an idiot, that's all you had to say
  5. Remember when twylght pretending to ask me my opinion on my experience as a black voter then disagreed with everything i told him? Lol I wish i were as cocksure as a mediocre white man on the internet
  6. CRA you don't still think Trump is a criminal genius too do you? Because according to the Mueller report....
  7. No they're exactly the same, just saying the quiet parts out loud and not bothering with pretense pretending to care about the American people. He's giving them everything they want. No True Scotsman fallacy.
  8. Twylght, you just hold some awful positions on things huh?
  9. He's executing the Republican strategy to a tee, giving them everything they want and providing them cover for abhorrent policy and behavior. No True Scotsman fallacy.
  10. Trump is conservative to the core, just check out the tax cuts, racism, immigration stance, and SC
  11. I mean that's some shitty logic and that's saying something bc this is a board where bull123 regularly posts
  12. This is the same guy who needed people on this board to explain why Russian meddling in our election was a bad thing. Enabler.
  13. Lol at marquis in the other thread bending over backwards to downplay this trainwreck of a criminal presidency and trying to frame it as reasonable
  14. Impeach. His supreme court appointments should be removed, too, but that's the deal with the devil the religious right made to take people's rights away and uphold white supremacy.
  15. Another reminder this dude is a criminal to the core and has everything to hide
  16. Pete is the mom friend that would rat you out for cutting class
  17. Biggest terrorist threat to American citizens is domestic and from right wing white males indoctrinated by the alt right and Fox news. Trump cut the funding for that. Bull123 is full of poo as usual. Your parents should've valued education more.
  18. Literally everyone who didn't eat paste as a child realizes he's a criminal and should be removed and put in a corner and forgotten, folks like retired are just imbeciles
  19. Lolol at Trident douche with his no true scotsman fallacies whenever a right wing Trump supporter gets caught committing the actual terror they claim muslims and mexicans commit on everyone else. They're a "lone wolf" who isn't actually a Republican even though the attempted maga bomber guy was totally a R and basically lived in a Fox News bubble (and the terrorist from Canada loved Ben Shapiro and treated his twitter page like his life manual) And very on brand to leave the thread before it's exposed that those militants are white supremacists in disguise, assuring everyone once and for all that this immigration debate is about racism, period You trolls follow the script to a tee
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