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  1. Maul Claw still hasn't actually provided that horrible antisemitism that apparently is clear to everyone He also isn't willing to acknowledge the klan rally that Trump inspired and basked in last night The right are trolls and cowards who change the subject to protect fascists and can't even call out racism without a ton of bullshit qualifiers for why even though they disagree with the word choice they agree with hating the brown women for no reason other than brown The right deserves no civility, only ass whoopings from antifa.
  2. The Maul Claw and the troll have derailed the thread calling out the actual racism to complain about the countries Omar was told to go back to. It doesn't make sense and that's the point.
  3. Maul Claw, shut the fug up you're literally wrong about anything
  4. Of course the fascist Trump troll gets pie from the islamophobe who isn't racist because he likes black girls and really doesn't wanna call racism racism Lol
  5. Everyone who supports the guy literally makes a clown of themselves to do so, then he backs off and throws them under the bus or fires them for not sabotaging an investigation. These people are useless to anyone except white supremacy
  6. This dude thinks being turned on by black girls counteracts his racism As if slave owners and Strom Thurmond didn't rape black women and have black children out of wedlock. Go fug yourself, Maul Claw
  7. Maul Claw No they aren't. This is a lie. You tried to present yourself as this moderate who sees both sides but you are really a right winger in disguise with disgusting views towards Muslim women lol Your type is easy to spot. Hit dogs holler, and you nazi apologists and fascists always complain about the race card and being called a nazi and don't wanna call racism what it is. We see you.
  8. "Durrr I wouldn't ride on a plane with Omar"
  9. This thread has gone from racists pretending bigotry doesn't exist to those same racists saying "bigotry makes sense, actually, here's why"
  10. Y'all notice how only a select few black people are trustworthy to speak on race to right wingers. Ben Carson, because he actively supports policies which harm black people and the poor and whom educated black people can't stand, Diamond and Silk who will say anything you want for a dime, Candace Parker who will lie about slavery and black history for money, and Sheriff Clarke who literally kills black people in his jails and bashes black people on Fox News for a fee. All these other black people with PhDs who say "yes, Trump is a racist" and go to great lenghts to explain why? They don't count to white people like Stoney or retired or bull The only black opinions that count to these people are the ones that line up with theirs. They literally pay black grifters like Candace Owens to provide cover for racist statements who've made a career out of it.
  11. He was flinging feces and knows he can't back up that claim He's ignoring you because he's dug a pretty big hole and is doubling down in certain fuged up statements while saying other statements that are just plain weird. He's literally trying to rationalize Islamophobia now lol
  12. Yes, so bigotry IS the foundation of your views and you have been lying this entire time about not being able to see Trump's racism for what it is because you agree with him Eat poo
  13. You're making up reasons to dislike her because she's muslim. We understand now, you dug a hole and explained you're an islamophobe who's creeped out by women like Omar Eat poo
  14. You can't even quote what she says, how do you disagree with her? You can't even tell us what she says that makes her antisemitic. You're a fuging joke
  15. It hurts watching you deflect and flail like this No, your token favorite blacks don't count
  16. Nothing you say makes sense and you're flailing and doubling down when your weak argument gets holes poked in it. But you also just admitted Muslim women make you nervous and it isn't about being black it's about being muslim, so maybe we're just mislabeling your Islamophobia (which you think is understandable) Either way, you can fug yourself
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