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  1. I know KK when I see him. KK got that cross-eyed thing going on. I think that's why he's so hard to block. Can't tell where he's going
  2. I'm gonna kick off the preseason with some armadillo grill. The real ones know
  3. So from the feedback so far, I'm thinking the correct approach is cautious optimism, with a dash of hope for greatness.
  4. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of his camp performance so far. We know he has moves. We know he has speed. We also know he has had some injury problems in the past. I really want to believe he can take a huge step this season and become an elite weapon. But right now I'm at about a 50% confidence level that this camp performance will translate to regular season success. So what are your thoughts? Buying or selling the hype?
  5. I loved watching DA lob it up all game long. Gave the WRs chances to make plays without worrying about his own reputation. I hope these young guys don't play tight.
  6. It all starts with taking back the division. We need this 3-4 defense to give the saints and falcons trouble. If that happens, the sky is the limit.
  7. This post went from clean to dirty at the last possible moment. Nice work
  8. Long snapper is pretty thin. I'd like to see some competition added.
  9. I just don't believe Boston helps our defense at all. But then again I don't trust any UNC football player not named peppers.
  10. Sick mash-up bro. Maybe work some Taylor swift in there to make it more lit.
  11. I can't wait for the live stream tomorrow when we can all dissect the motion in excruciating detail
  12. We double-dipped at two positions, so I'd like to know if the early round picks really stand out from the later picks in any way.
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