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  1. How the hell does the defense give up so many big plays when one of Rivera's main requirements of a defense is too avoid that? I don't think the secondary listens well.
  2. I always hope the team will win. I fear what could potentially happen if we start rebuilding the organization completely. If it doesn't work right away we could be looking at a sustained run of irrelevance. On the positive side, I would have more time for golf on Sundays.
  3. If Seattle just passed every play they would be destroying us
  4. I'm fugging tired of these 3rd down runs
  5. I imagine this will be similar to the Lions game. Both teams probably scoring in the 20's. We avoid the drops and missed kicks this time to pull out a victory. Panthers 27, Seahawks 23. I'm asking Santa for world peace, a bull market, and a waffle House gift card.
  6. I don't know what that means but I love it
  7. Joe the Show

    The issue on defense is pressure

    With the new NFL rules the only dependable way to slow teams down is with pass rush. We are depending on too much from the interior, and not getting enough from Addison and 40 yr-old peppers. Also Vernon Butler is useless
  8. Joe the Show

    Funchess vs DJ Moore stat

    Funchess will be gone soon and we can refocus the effort on a left tackle and a some pass rushers
  9. Joe the Show

    Funch and gano

    I agree that gano has been great at some points. I was more saying that this particular game should not be put on the defense or Rivera. Gano having an off day and funchess being himself cost us the win.
  10. Joe the Show

    Funch and gano

    Gano has plenty of time to line up kicks. Funchess could catch 3 out of 6 and we'd be fine. Rivera can't do it for them.
  11. Joe the Show

    Funch and gano

    I wish the defense was good enough to win a game for us on their own. But this squad just isn't dependable. We need points as often as possible. If we hold a team to 20 we should be able to win. But on that note. Bradberry needs to be replaced. His style doesn't fit in today's NFL